Best Stealth Marijuana Grow Boxes and Cabinets of 2024: Reviews & FAQ’s

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For you to grow your marijuana and that too like a ninja, you definitely need the best-suited equipment for the job. And, for you to get them, we are here to help. Our list of best marijuana grow boxes below will get you started and well, most importantly, get you started real good. They are amongst the best and picked by experts for specific jobs, and you can get hands-on best-selected products without much of a fuss.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump to the list, and the detailed review of every grow box, grow tent or a grow cabinet, what so ever you call them.

Best Stealth Marijuana Grow boxes & Grow cabinets of 2024 – Review

1. VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

  • Sizes:- Six available
  • Dimension:- 48″x48″x80″
  • Fabric:- 600D canvas with mylar lining
  • Weight:- 35 Pounds
  • Warranty:- Manufacturer’s warranty

Vivosun is probably the most trusted name when it comes to buying a grow tent for the hydroponic setup. They have been around, and their products are trusted for superior quality and desirable results. And, therefore, we have first grow tent on the list of Vivosun to review. The grow tent is offered in six different sizes in the same vertical single size for different sizes of your grows.

The grow tent is a medium-size vertical build, which allows your plants to grow high and also allows multiple plants to grow at the same time. It is made from tough 600D canvas, which is sturdy, lightproof, and also not very heavy. It keeps the light inside your grow setup from escaping and also provides a structure with stability and sturdiness. The canvas is lined with Mylar, which enhances the light through reflection for the better growth of your plants.

The best part of the grow tent is that it is equipped with steel frames, unlike flimsy plastic frames, which are unreliable and weak. The steel frames are also great hanging bars to hang equipment like grow lights and more. The tent also has an observational window and two sleeves for duct pipes and more. Also, the tray of the grow tent is removable and washable for easy management. So, go for the preferable size and get one for your weed.

  • Waterproof and highly reflective mylar lining
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • 600D thick and sturdy canvas
  • Available in various sizes


  • Poor quality control from the brand


2. Oppolite 2-in-1 Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent Room

  • Size:- Seven available
  • Dimension:- 108″x48″x80″
  • Fabric:- 600D Canvas
  • Weight:- Unavailable
  • Warranty:- Manufacturer’s warranty

Oppolite 2 in 1 is a smart two-tier grow tent with a substantial grow area and also the separate space for different grows. The 108 x 48 x 80 inch long is a massive tent with a partition. It has an extensive section for your normal plant growth, and the other part is made into two sections, which is two-tiered to help you germinate seeds and also allow little growth before shifting it in the regular grow area. The sections are separate and feature their vents and openings.

The tent is made up of high-quality 600D canvas, which stands sturdy and is light proof for your grow setup. The frame consists of heavy-duty steel frames, which are painted white for long life. The tent has multiple doors to open the tent, ventilation mesh vents, and duct pipe sleeves for various installations. The floor tray is removable and washable for easy cleaning and maintenance. The zipper is also sturdy and heavy-duty for long life. The light leaks are also minimum with zipper and thick canvas along with reflective lining for amplified lighting.

The grow tent is versatile and easy to set up and ideal for customers looking for better solutions for growing their cannabis. They are also available in various sizes for different requirements. 

  • Two-tiered grow tent for germination and seedling
  • Versatile with heavy-duty make
  • Paint coated metal poles
  • Reflective lining and removable floor tray


  • Difficult to set up


3. TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent

  • Size:- Three available
  • Dimension:- 48”x36”x72.”
  • Fabric:- 600D Oxford Cloth
  • Weight:- 30 Pounds
  • Warranty:- Manufacturer’s warranty

Another two-tiered grow tent on our list is from The TopoGrow. This 2 in 1 indoor grow tent consists of two sections, one for average growth of plants and other with two-tiers. The two-tiered section partitions of the tent provide two separate small spaces for germination and seedling within the same tent. Managing different stages of plant growth becomes easy with this tent.

The build quality of the tent is impressive with 600D oxford cloth, which is the best option for a grow tent. It is light proof and is lined with diamond Mylar, which is super reflective. The Mylar lining and the oxford cloth together make the tent light proof and leak proof with high-quality zippers. The other findings of the tent include heavy-duty metal bars for sturdiness and also for the installation of equipment like lights.

Also, the tent features separate doors for both the sections along with mesh-lined windows and ventilation socks. The tent can be purchased in three different sizes and weighs 30 pounds; also, the installation is pretty simple.


  • 2 in 1 tiered grow tent
  • Made from high-quality oxford cloth
  • Heavy-duty metal bars
  • Easy to install


  • None

4. CoolGrows Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

  • Size:- Six available
  • Dimension:- 96”x48”x80.”
  • Fabric:- 600D Canvas
  • Weight:- 47 Pounds
  • Warranty:- One-year manufacturer warranty

The grow tent from CoolGrows is a feature-rich offering with availability in six different sizes. The grow tent is of high quality and is PVC free, making it environment friendly. The tent with dimension 96”x48”x80” is ideal for plantation of numerous plants at a time. The tent has two portions given to its massive size and has two opening doors for the same.

The build quality is impressive with 600D canvas with Mylar lining inside. The lining is 95% reflective, making it well-suited with a grow light. It has observational windows, which makes checking on plants possible without opening the tent. It also has plenty of ventilation socks for ventilation and installation of equipment. The best part is the steel frame of the tent, which is painted. It offers sturdiness to the tent and also eases installation lights and other equipment.

The floor tray of the tent is removable for easy cleaning. Also, the availability of various sizes offers plenty of options to customers growing on different scales. The tent is easy to install and weighs 47 pounds. Customers buying from CoolGrows will also enjoy a one-year hassle-free warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Environmental-friendly PVC-free material
  • Available in six different sizes
  • Sturdy 600D canvas used
  • Features steel frame
  • Double-layer ventilation socks


  • None


5. Apollo Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

  • Size:- One available
  • Dimension:- 48”x 24”x 60”
  • Fabric:- Tent material
  • Weight:- 21 Pounds
  • Warranty:- 90-day manufacturer’s warranty

Apollo Horticulture is another trusted name for growing equipment and especially for grow tents. They can be seen everywhere and are on the list for the very reason. The 48”x 24”x 60” grow tent from Apollo is an excellent choice for a variety of growing and grow sizes. The size is neither small nor large and is great for your indoor growing of cannabis. The tent is made from heavy-duty materials and is made to last long and perform better.

The tent is made up of thick tent material, which is lined with highly reflective Mylar. The materials are double stitched for durability. The tent is also equipped with steel frames for sturdiness and to facilitate hanging and installation of equipment. The frames are white painted and are easy to assemble.

The tent has easy access to the zipper door, mesh windows for ventilation, and ventilation socks for installation of various sizes. The removable floor tray of the tent is also lined with Mylar and is comfortable to remove and clean. On top of it, the tent is tear-resistant and light proof for your great growth. The tent also comes with a 90-days warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Double-stitched
  • High-reflective Mylar lined
  • Multiple mesh windows and ventilation socks


  • Not available in multiple sizes


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the best marijuana grow boxes of 2020

1. What is the best grow box?

We have a list of best grow boxes in the above article for you to discover the best one for you. Head over to the list and find one for yourself out of many options and decide on your own.

2. What is a grow box system?

Grow boxes are enclosed systems, which allows you to grow plants and more indoors. They are tents, boxes, and cabinets, which have a regulated environment with help of equipment to grow plants indoors. The box with other equipment provides plants with light, nutrients, and other things needed to help them grow inside.

3. How does a grow box work?

A grow box, a grow tent, or a grow cabinet work together with other equipment to create a regulated environment to grow plants. They have soil or hydroponic systems to grow plants along with lights, fans, humidity control, nutrition, and more to provide seeds and plants to grow. These things altogether mimic natural conditions to help plants grow indoors.

4. How do you make a grow box?

A grow box is not just a box; it is a favorable environment to grow your plants, which requires pieces of equipment and setups. A box, a tent, or a cabinet enclosed and fitted with several grow equipment, and that’s how you make a grow box. 

5. Which grow box is currently the best on the market?

We have the best grow boxes listed in the above article for you to discover. Amongst them, the best ones are from Vivosun, Oppolite, TopoGrow, and Apollo.

6. How do I buy a stealth grow box?

A few checkpoints, and you can easily buy your grow box without much a fuss. A soundproof, lightproof, and not a fancy box are the characteristics of stealth grow boxes. You can find such in our article above, so head to the links and buy one for you.

The cumulation

So, these were some of the best grow boxes, tents, and cabinets, and we picked them up for you to review, to help you buy one best for you. These are definitely the best ones and stand the test of time, performance, and also functioning. These products are best suited for your needs of an indoor grow and are very less likely to make you unhappy. So, go to the links and discover the best products for your use and bring them in to grow your cannabis in your home and space. Happy growing and happy shopping.


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