What Do You Need to Grow Marijuana?

What Do You Need to Grow Marijuana

When it comes to growing marijuana, it is something which has been happening for thousands of years. Ancient texts from the Indian and Chinese civilizations point at the fact that the cannabis plant was being used for medicinal purposes for …

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Coco Coir vs Soil: Which is Better for Growing Cannabis?

Coco Coir vs Soil

If you’re interested in growing marijuana, you’ll want to know that there are dozens of different types of growers and styles, preferences, and tastes. Whereas one weed grower may enjoy cultivating their crop outdoors, another may prefer having as much …

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How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors: Grow Marijuana Like a Pro

How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors

There’s never a common consensus among marijuana growers about any aspect of growing weed. Be it about growing indoors vs growing outdoors, which fertilizers are the best for your cannabis plant’s growth, which kind of lighting setup should you be …

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