Top 7 Best Bud Trimming Scissors For Marijuana Plants (2021): Reviews & Buying Guide

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Growing a marijuana plant isn’t all about just getting the equipment such as grow tents and grow lights and setting them up together. However, there’s a big difference between just growing a plant and maintaining the plant’s growth. Growing a plant requires a lot of time, effort and patience – and growers need to be observant enough to know that their plant needs maintenance from time to time. Trimming is one such process which helps the plants grow better.

While it does not directly add on to the growth or the yield of the plant, trimming is something that needs to be done from time to time for the overall welfare of the marijuana plant that you are growing. Over the course of this article, we shall be reviewing the 7 best bud trimming scissors for marijuana plants. We shall also be giving a detailed look at what trimming is, what are the different ways in which it can be done, as well as a look at things that you need to consider before you buy scissors for trimming weed. Towards the end, we shall also be answering some frequently asked questions about trimming marijuana plants before we conclude! By the time you reach the conclusion, we hope that you would have a much better idea about what trimming scissors are and why you need to trim your marijuana plants regularly!

What is Trimming and Why Should You Trim Your Marijuana Plants?

Trimming is the process of cutting off some portions of your marijuana plants, especially those which are getting a little too dense. In the simplest of terms, think of it as a manicure for your marijuana plant and it is something that should be done from time to time. Many growers think that trimming is a one-and-done process, which is to be done a couple of weeks before the harvest. However, you need to trim your plant regularly in order to ensure an even growth. There are a number of benefits of trimming your plant. Here’s a look at them in detail:

  • First off, it improves the overall visual appeal. It’s a small thing but for many growers, how their plants look matters a lot. Trimming your plants will ensure that you are getting a good-looking plant at the end of the season. 
  • Trimming also ensures that any excess weight is removed off the stems and the branches and that the plant is not over-burdened under its own weight! 
  • Trimming also helps in the proper allocation of resources. If you trim off the portions which you feel are not needed such as those which are getting dry or those which are infected/etc, you can ensure that the rest of the plant will be getting more resources because the nutrients won’t be going to the trimmed off portions anymore. 
  • Trimming also makes sure that the growers are able to see the entire plant properly, especially during late-vegetative stages when the growth tends to get very dense. This allows the growers to inspect closely for any infections or diseases that the plants might have acquired. 
  • In addition to these benefits, trimming your plant is also great to ensure that the lower portions of your plants are getting adequate light. If the upper or the middle portions get thicker, they block the lower portions from getting access to light, thereby leading to a slower growth in these areas.

This is one of the primary reasons as to why you should be trimming your marijuana plants.

7 Best Bud Trimming Scissors for Trimming Marijuana Plants in 2021

1. VIVOSUN 2-Pack Gardening Hand Pruner

Perhaps the most popular brand on this list, growers know Vivosun to be among the finest names in the world of growing weed. The company makes grow tents, grow lights, and a number of other growing equipment which helps the growers grow good weed indoors. The company also makes a pretty decent pair of scissors for trimming your buds and it comes in a pack of two so that growers can be assured that they will last them for quite some time. These scissors feature curved blades which are useful for trimming off some thicker portions as well. There’s a spring-loaded in it in the center which ensures that the hands don’t go through a lot of stress while trying to trim the buds.

The blades are made out of stainless steel and are pretty sharp. Growers are advised to touch them with caution and hold the scissors via the handles only as the blades might hurt them! The blades of these scissors are also coated with titanium to give them that extra bit of strength.  All in all, this is just the perfect package, priced at under $10 for two scissors. There’s also a lock in the center which makes sure that the scissors are clamped shut while not in use. The handle is also pretty ergonomic and comes with a no-slip design, giving the growers a good grip.

2. Fiskars 399241-1002 Micro-Tip Pruning Snips

For those who are looking for one of the best bud trimming scissors for marijuana plants, this product from Fiskars is something that you should totally consider! The company has a number of other similar products too, but these are the ones which really stand out, primarily due to the design! The orange and black colour combination stands out and gives it a rather classy look. These scissors are quite comfortable to use and have even been certified by the Arthritis Foundation for their ease of use – even those with a limited hand strength can operate the scissors with ease. 

There’s a non-stick coating on the blades which makes sure that they don’t jam up. This is particularly useful while cutting and pruning marijuana plants and buds because there tend to be many sticky portions! These blades are also pretty sharp and help you cut through the stems and branches with ease and with no stress on your hands! The company also promises a ‘full lifetime warranty’. You get all of this at less than $20, which is quite a great deal for growers who want to buy the best bud trimming scissors for their marijuana plants and buds.

3. Fiskars Steel Bypass Pruning Shears (91095935J)

We are back at Fiskars once again! The company makes some really good scissors and these are another example of the same. These pruning shears from Fiskars are just the perfect tool that you need to snip out branches and stems off your marijuana plant. They come with an easy-open lock which help ensure that the blade remains closed when not in use and doesn’t accidentally hurt people. This is a fully hardened precision-ground blade which ensures that it remains strong even during heavy use. These pruning shears are pretty comfortable to hold and come with a good grip as well.

Another great thing about this pruning shear is that it comes with a low-friction coating which allows it to just glide through the stems and branches with relative ease. Furthermore, it helps ensure that the gum doesn’t stick on to the body of the blades and cause them to function slowly or stick together. There’s a lifetime warranty on this pruning shear from Fiskars. The manufacturer claims that the maximum cutting capacity it can offer is a diameter of ⅝ inches which is pretty impressive and quite helpful for those who are looking forward to pruning their marijuana plants and trimming their buds 

4. gonicc 8″ Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears

If you are a grower who is looking forward to buying a good pair of pruning shears for trimming the buds of your marijuana plant, you might want to consider these pruning shears from Gonicc. These are 8-inch shears which come with a drop forged body and handles, giving you a smooth finish along with a pretty good grip. The thing that is the most noticeable about these shears are that they feature a blade made out of premium titanium steel, using an ‘ultra-polished technology’ which ensures that they remain sharp for long.

The handles of this pruning shear are pretty strong and feature a non-slip technology which makes them lightweight as well as comfortable to hold. Coming back to the blades, they feature a sap groove design which helps ensure that the shears can channel off any sap that has stuck on to the blades which often leads to them jamming or losing effectiveness. The manufacturer claims that these pruners can help you cut through a diameter of ¾ inches but this figure may vary from branch to branch and how thick and strong they are. Nonetheless, this is one of the best bud trimming scissors for those who are looking forward to trim marijuana plants that they are growing!

5. GROW1 Titanium Coated Curved Blade Trimming Scissors

For anyone who is looking for a very basic pruning shear, yet one which is very effective when it comes to chopping off the branches and stems, this trimming scissors from GROW1 is just the right choice. It features curved trimming blades which ensure that the force is higher and even harder branches and stems are cut off with relative ease, as well as prevent some sap that might have stuck on the blades to fall off. The micro-blades here are made out of titanium and stainless steel, which is a combination which makes them really strong and empowers them to snip through even some really hard branches or sticky buds with relative ease.

Talking of ease, the overall body of the scissors is pretty standard and growers will easily be able to operate it without stressing their hands too much. There’s a spring in the center which helps take some pressure off your hands. These scissors also have a lock in the center which will help make sure that the scissors remain snapped shut when not in use and can easily be carried around without damaging anyone or anything. Pretty standard pair of scissors for a price that is under $10 – a good option for those who want to get hold of the best bud trimming scissors for trimming their marijuana plants!

6. Happy Hydro – Trimming Scissors – Straight Tip – Titanium Coated Blades

Happy Hydro’s trimming scissors are another good option for growers who want to buy a strong, well-performing and easy to use pair of scissors. You can buy them in a pack of 1, 2 or 4 depending on your needs. Buying a single scissor would cost you under $7. These are titanium-coated blades but growers can also get teflon-coated blades if they want. The titanium coating adds to the overall strength of the blades and helps make sure that they are able to trim even some pretty thick branches of marijuana plants with ease. 

These Happy Hydro scissors are also equipped with a comfort grip handle which will make sure you are able to hold them well and chop through the branches with relative ease. The blades are straight (not curved) and are very sharp, which is a good quality to have in pruning scissors but you must be careful around them! Titanium also has another advantage as it is naturally resistant to corrosion. The spring in this scissors helps the blades open and close smoothly while there’s also a lock in the center for added safety.

7. Greenthumbpro Hydroponic 60mm/40mm 2 Pack Pruning Shears

Last but not the least, Greenthumbpro’s hydroponic 2-pack pruning shears are a good option for those growers who want to get some basic and old-fashioned scissors in two different sizes. There’s no spring in between and it leads to reduced stress on the hands. The are pretty much a day-to-day scissor that you use in everyday life and not specialized pruning equipment, making it a perfect option for those people who prefer using some good old-fashioned equipment for chopping off their stems and branches. 

Buyer’s Guide: What to look for before you buy Scissors? 

  • Size – The size of the scissors that you are going to use needs to be just right. Getting a small scissor for a big plant and a big scissor for a small plant might be uncomfortable to work with and you might end up cutting up something other than what you were originally planning to! Some scissors even offer a combo pack of different sizes!
  • Grip: The scissors that you are buying need to provide you with a proper grip as well. There are many which come with springs fit in them to give you a proper gripping experience as well as a smoother cut.
  • Sharpness: Scissors need to be sharp, especially when cutting branches and stems. Sometimes if the branch is too thick you might need to use an electric shear to cut it. However, even for general marijuana plant trimming, you do require a pair of scissors which is sharp enough to cut through it.
  • Blade Type: The type of blade that you are using also matters a lot! Some blades are curved, others are straight-up and pointy, there are others which have different metal alloys upon them to add to the strength, etc. Just check for the type of blade you’re getting in the scissors you’re buying.
  • Price: Last but not the least, price might not always be the concern, but electric shears do cost quite a bit so you might just want to check out the price before you buy scissors for trimming marijuana price

How to Trim Marijuana Buds? Best Tips for Trimming Marijuana:

Here are some of the best and most useful tips when it comes to trimming the buds of the marijuana plants which every grower must know about!

  • Always trim using the tips of the scissors and never the sides. This will ensure that a majority of the body of your scissors remains clean. Moreover, trimming using the tips also gives you a fairly better accuracy than compared to trimming using other portions as they are broader.
  • Make sure you’re looking out for trichrome content – as that is the part you want to save. Trichrome content is where the real magic is at and the parts you are trimming out are low on that. Parts such as pistils, which do not carry any trichrome content, should also be trimmed out (unless you want to keep them for better aesthetics).
  • After you’ve trimmed off the portions you do not require, do not straightaway throw them because they might carry some amount of cannabinoid (CBD) content which is useful for preparing edibles and tinctures! Make use of the trimmed portion wisely to get the most out of it.
  • Once your buds are trimmed, store them in an airtight container or a pop top jar to ensure that they remain fresh for a long time. Air and moisture are two reasons as to why buds lose their freshness. This way you will be able to use them for a really long time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Trimming Marijuana Plants

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to trimming marijuana plants. Many of you, too, might be having similar questions so we request you to go through the list in order to get further clarity on the process of trimming. 

1. What are the different types of trimming styles?

Growers can trim their marijuana buds in two ways once they are ready – 

  • Wet trimming: This is a technique of trimming your marijuana plants which is great for new growers as it is simpler. Here, you can trim your plant while it is still wet. This can be done using ordinary scissors and requires less effort on the part of the growers as the plant is still quite supple because of the water.
  • Dry trimming: Dry trimming is done when the plant is dried and hung. Compared to wet trimming, this is a process which is slower and requires slightly more effort. Some growers use electric trimmers for this process. Here, leaves might be stuck on to the flowers which makes it a little more complex compared to wet trimming and hence it is for advanced growers only.

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What is fimming?

Fimming is basically a type of pruning technique where some parts of a shoot are removed in a strategic manner in order to get multiple buds splitting off that branch. Basically, for every one portion that you are ‘fimming’ off, you will be getting four new buds. This process leads to a better growth and increases the overall yield of the plant. This is a high-stress trimming technique for marijuana plants. 

What is topping?

Topping, too, is a technique of pruning your plants where you cut off the plant from the top portion between the nodes. Topping ensures that more branches stem out of the main shoot off the top and also helps make sure that the entire plant is getting more access to light. It is a low-stress technique and even beginners can try and attempt this to get better yields and for a better growth of the plant.

2. What happens if you don’t trim your marijuana plant?

You will still be able to grow and harvest your plant if you don’t trim it at all. However, you also need to know that when you are trimming it, you are improving the overall condition of the plant. Not trimming your weed could lead to consequences such as lower portions of the plant having a poor access to light and thereby not being able to grow to their full potential. Furthermore, not trimming your plants could also lead to certain infections or rots in the body of the plant without you realizing it has happened. Another disadvantage of not trimming your plant is that it will not look good and would be quite droopy or overburdened. Hence, trimming your plant is important, though not compulsory. 


We hope that this article has helped provide you with a detailed insight on what trimming is and what are some of the things that you need to keep in mind before you start trimming your plant. However, chances are that you came across this article while looking for the best bud trimming scissors or for scissors for marijuana. Here, we have reviewed and given a detailed insight into seven of the best options that you have when it comes to buying the best bud trimming scissors. We hope that this helps you make a better and well-informed decision while buying scissors! Do let us know in the comments below or drop us a mail if there’s something we might have missed out on or if there’s something more that you would like to know about! 

Happy Growing! 🙂