Best Kush Strains: Top 10 Cannabis Strains of Kush in 2021

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Landraces are some of the oldest cannabis strains available today. They originally grew in the Hindu Kush mountain ranges in modern-day Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. Landraces still grow wild in the region and have been doing so for more than 1,000 years. They’ve now been bred into different strains known as “Kush.” The top strains of kush are often regarded as the “best of the best” by marijuana enthusiasts.  

The most potent strains of kush are praised for their stability and powerful effects, which is why they’re one of the most loved strains from the Indian subcontinent. Some would even call these strains “the best kush in the world.” Landraces are loved by breeders, marijuana growers, and people who smoke marijuana for recreational purposes because of the plant’s adaptive characteristics and its thick layer of trichomes.

Most Indica strains come from the Indian subcontinent. The high altitude of the valley of Kush mountains and the weather is what makes landraces highly adaptive and sensitive to the light, which makes growing them outdoors easy for breeders. These strains also have larger leaves and strong leafstalks, making them even more adaptive. Overall, low maintenance, quick flowering, and high THC and CBD levels are what make landraces the top kush strains available on the market. 

To help you discover the best kush strains, we have listed the top 10 kush strains below. This list will not only help you find the best og strain for your needs, but it will also show you where to find the best kush seeds so you can grow your own marijuana.

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So, let’s dive in and learn more about this THC gift from the kush mountains.

Top 10 Kush Strains and Links for the Best Kush Strains With Easily Accessible Seed Banks


OG Kush is truly the best og strain for many marijuana lovers. This Indica dominant strain contains a higher level of THC and offers greater growing yields for marijuana growers. The flavor is strong, it has an earthy and pungent smell, and it gives users a substantial-high.

The plant of the strain is short but dense and is easy to cultivate indoors and outdoors. It grows best indoors in a hot and humid setup and can survive well outdoors if the environment is similar. 

The strain also has a higher concentration of medicinal properties, including CBD, sedative properties, and THC.


Critical Kush is a bit higher on the THC side of things and comes in second place on our list of top kush strains. It is widely known for its musty and citrus tones and its potent THC content. Its high psychoactive content makes it an ideal pain-reliever, and it also helps people fall asleep easier.

Critical Kush’s strain is cultivated from two very famous and loved strains: OG kush and Critical mass. Both of these top strains of kush are from the land of Afghanistan. The resulting plant produces dense crystals and is easy to cultivate indoors with an average flowering time. However, the plant is also prone to mold and mildew, which needs extra care.


Another good kush strain that marijuana enthusiasts love is Purple Kush. Cultivated in California, Purple Kush is the result of crossing Purple Afghani with Hindu Kush, which creates another potent and earthly kind of kush.

Also known as Purple Hindu Kush, this strain offers a slightly sweet, earthy kush aroma that most Kush lovers enjoy. The Indica strain that it is crossed with allows the Purple Kush to grow wide. The plant can also grow to a moderate height with an average flowering time of 6 to 8 weeks as long as the seed is properly cared for and given enough light.

This strain’s potency is also on the higher side, and its THC content can max out at 27%. Once ingested, it gives users a relaxed feeling that lasts. Like other strains, this kush also has multiple ways to be consumed and is easy to grow indoors with the help of a grow tent.


Hindu Kush, or as we like to call it, the best og strain, is a landrace strain from the Hindu Kush mountain range of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The strain is responsible for the top strains of kush that we see around today.

Thanks to its low maintenance, moderate to high yield, and intense flavor, it’s regarded as one of the best kush strains out there. The landrace strain from the Afghan mountain is super adaptive and very easy to grow. All together, it’s a win-win offer.

Loved by most hash lovers, Hindu Kush offers a thick layer of crystals with a high THC content and an earthy sandalwood tone. It is widely used for its recreational and medicinal properties, pain relief elements, and mood regulation chemicals for mood disorders.


Bubba Kush is one of the best Kush strains for growers. The plant grows sturdy and buds huge, resulting in large yields. This strain from the Kush family is notably distinctive because its buds grow to a tremendous size. That’s why Bubba Kush seeds are so prized and seen as some of the best kush seeds on the market.

Bubba Kush is crossed with an Indica strain and an OG kush of Afghani descent. The plant is easy to grow and maintain due to its adaptability, size, and stature. The effects of the strain help users feel relaxed, happy, sleepy, and even hungry. Be warned: you might find yourself locked onto the couch. That’s why it’s known as one of the top kush strains for anxiety relief.


Master Kush is a trendsetter amongst the top 10 kush strains. It’s a combination of two landraces kush strains and is an incredibly potent strain. Master Kush was bred by Amsterdam breeders who took two landraces from two different parts of the Kush mountain range and bred them in the cannabis capital of the world: Amsterdam.

The strain has a distinct scent with hints of citrus and incense flavor. It provides users with a powerful body relaxing effect. The strain also offers uplifting and euphoric effects in many users and does not create mental numbness despite the body high that users cite. The Master Kush plant grows small and is not too hard to grow and maintain from a seed. The flowering time is also moderate and offers a high yield.


As the name suggests, Afghan Kush is a classic Kush strain, but it is also crossed with an Afghan strain. This makes it a good kush strain for hashish lovers. The plant of the Afghan Kush, like other Kush strains, yields buds full of wax for traditional hashish. 

The THC content of the strain is on the higher side, about 22%. Using it leads to a total-body relaxing sensation. The strain’s effects have a variety of other impacts, however, including body locking, sleepiness, hunger, and more. The potent strain has a strong body locking effect but doesn’t create brain numbness like other top kush strains.

Surprisingly, Afghan Kush’s CBD content is also on the higher side, going up to 6%. For this reason, it’s prized for its medicinal uses combined with its high THC content. The plant of the Afghan Kush is sturdy like any other good kush strain, and it thrives better outdoors. The flowering time is shorter, which is terrific for the breeders, and the yield of the plant is generous. After the seed has sprouted correctly and been left to grow, the buds will fill with resins and orange hairs, giving it its distinctive look.


Two excellent strains coming together to form this popular kush strain. Amnesia Kush, also called Amnesia Haze, is the best og strain for those who love the smell of weed. It has a refreshing citrus tone. Just a few seeds can give you a plant that will yield plenty for you to enjoy. 

Amnesia Kush plants grow tall and healthy outdoors. However, they also have a moderately longer flowering time, unlike some of the other top strains of kush. Bred by Dinafem, the strain is a Sativa dominant strain because it is crossed with Amnesia Haze. It has a moderately high THC level and very little CBD content.

Non-professionals growers or breeders might face little to moderate difficulty growing Amnesia Kush, especially indoors due to its longer flowering cycle.

However, this strain still earns its place in our list of top 10 kush strains because of its effects. The strain’s effect is slightly different from user to user but offers immensely soothing, full-body relaxation along with couch locking. The plant is a perfect match for lovers of Sativa plants and Kush.


Skunk Kush is another good Kush strain. As the name suggests, it is a cross between Skunk #1 the beloved Hindu Kush. The Indica dominant strain of Skunk Kush offers the best of both worlds. Funny enough, the strain also smells like skunk and has an earthy and musky smell.

This Skunk and Hindu Kush combination strain offers high yields for weed growers, making it one of the best Kush strains for breeders and growers. It also grows very quickly from the moment you plant the seed. Other features loved by breeders and growers include the plant’s average height and its short flowering time. This makes the budding period relatively quick and easy.

The Skunk Kush strain requires a sunny set up to thrive with plenty of light. However, the strain can grow both indoors and outdoors because it adapts quickly. The effects of using this stain vary greatly from user to user. For most users, however, the plant produces a strong, relaxing, and also body-locking effect. Users also experience heavy stoning effects and substantial  mood elevations.


Finally, one of the notoriously famous kush strains, Bubble Kush, is also on the list and is one of the best Kush strains you can find. This cross between Bubble Gum and OG Kush gave us the sweet-tasting yet potent strain Bubble Kush. The strain tastes like mint and sweet bubble gum and has hints of an earthy and pungent kush smell.

Bubble Kush’s yield is on the higher side, with an average flowering time of 6 to 8 weeks. It does well both indoors and outdoors and grows to a decently tall size. The buds are of significant size and hold loads of crystals of resin thanks to the plant’s genetics. The potency of the strain is moderately high and contains about 19% of THC, which is a little lower than our other top strains of kush. However, the potency is still more than enough.

The effects of ingesting this strain includes relaxation and stoning. This good kush strain also has also proven effective in helping with conditions like pain, insomnia, and depression with mood-elevating and body relaxing effects. It is also known for its couch-locking sensation.

That wraps it up for our top 10 best kush strains from around the world! Bred at different places with different strains and at different times, we’ve addressed the similarities and differences in these top strains of kush. These top kush strains are the most loved, popular, and recommended, and many users would cite at least one of these as “the best og strain.” They offer a variety of effects, tastes, smells, and–perhaps most importantly–they have varying levels of potency. 

We hope the information we presented on these top 10 kush strains and the links we placed for the best kush seeds will help our readers find their new favorite. We wish our readers happy growing and happy times.

Crop King Seeds (COM)Shop New Strains World Class Cannabis Seeds 728x90
Crop King Seeds (COM)Shop New Strains World Class Cannabis Seeds 728x90


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