How To Grow Feminized Seeds Indoors

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Are you a marijuana lover? Do you want to grow your weed indoors? If yes, you are in the right place.

Growing marijuana indoors has become a trend these days. Many people are trying their hands at growing feminized seeds. The idea of cultivating marijuana indoors can sound exciting, but the process is not as easy as you assume it to be.

If you are curious to know the steps to grow feminized seeds, we can help you. In this post, we have included a detailed guide following which you can grow your cannabis plants at home.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Before moving on the steps, let us get to know a bit about feminized seeds.

Most growers planning to grow weed plants indoors opt for feminized seeds. That’s because when you use regular seeds, it leads to the growth of male plants as well. Since you have limited space indoors, it is better to use feminized seeds, so you know that all the plants are female. This will be beneficial for you to grow more cannabis plants.

The good thing is that feminized seeds can be bought online. You can buy dolato strain online or look for any other strain that you prefer. Feminized seeds always grow into female plants. This will double your profits if you have plans to sell them.

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Steps To Grow Feminized Seeds Indoors

Now that you know the logic behind feminized seeds, let’s take a look at the steps to grow these seeds. You should be informed that growing cannabis needs patience and time. Also, you need to follow all the steps correctly.

1. Choosing the right quality of feminized seeds

You can now buy feminized seeds online. No matter, where you are buying it from making sure that you are getting the top-quality seeds. All the cannabis shops in the market are not equal. There are very limited shops that are committed to providing quality stuff to customers. This is why you are advised to go to only reputable shops.

Other than that you also need to choose the right strain to grow. For this, you need to do your research and find what strains are good for growing indoors. 

2. Light set-up 

To grow and develop feminized seeds indoors, you need to create an ideal environment. This includes the lighting as well. For this, you need to get high-quality lights with timers. 

Just like any other plants, they will need the right amount of light to grow. You need to take good care of the plants in the vegetation stage. Cannabis plants need at least twelve hours of light to develop and grow healthy.

3. Select the right growing medium

You also need to choose the right growing medium for the strain that you want to grow. By growing medium, we don’t just mean soil, but also coconut coir, perlite, rock wool, and vermiculite. 

Some growers also use aeroponics or hydroponics. You can also opt for a deep water culture. The main advantage of this method is that it doesn’t require any medium at all.

4. Maintain right air & temperature

The next important thing you need to do is regulate the air and temperature for your plants to grow.

The plants need to exchange gases. This is why you need to provide them with fresh air. For indoor plants, you need to use an exhaust that will allow fresh air to flow in and stale air to flow out. This will prevent molds to grow. 

At the same time, you also need to maintain the right temperature. The environment shouldn’t be too hot or cold. The recommended temperature is 27 degrees Celsius.

5. Provide water and nutrients

You also need to provide the right amount of water and nutrients to your plants. However, don’t overwater your plants, or else they may die. Also, get a pH meter, so you can keep a check on the pH level of the soil.

For your indoor plants to grow big and healthy, you need to supply them with minerals and vitamins. For this, you can mix organic materials or compost tea. Molasses and feather meals are also great options. This will help you to improve the quality of your crops.

6. Germinating phase

Growers need to create an ideal environment for their cannabis plants to grow. This is why choosing the right location is very important. You should select a place where your plants can get enough air and light.

At the same time, you also need to monitor the humidity levels and temperature continuously. All this may sound too much, but to get better yields, it is worth the efforts.

7. Vegetative phase

This is the most interesting stage of growing cannabis plants. When your plants enter the vegetative phase, they will start to grow green leaves.

During the vegetative phase, you need to provide 18 hours of light to your plants every day. To keep track of time, you are advised to use a timer. Your plants must get 6 hours of light during the night as well. Also, this is the best time to give them carbon dioxide.

8. Flowering phase

After the vegetation, phase comes to the flowering stage and you need to be prepared for it. 

Just because your plants have started to produce flowers doesn’t mean they don’t need any more care. Make sure they are getting enough lighting and nutrients to produce greater yields. 

9. Harvest time

The last phase is the harvest period when you get to enjoy your yields. Harvest your plants carefully. Also, learn the right way of drying and curing the plants.

At this stage, your marijuana should have enough trichomes and pistils. The color of the plant depends on the strain you have harvested.

Well, you can see growing feminized cannabis plants is a lengthy process. Unless you are ready to put in the efforts, it’s better to buy your supply online. With the help of this guide, you can get started with your marijuana harvesting indoors.

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