Growing Marijuana in an AeroGarden

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AeroGarden and AeroGarden weed is the talk of the town and for very valid reasons. You can now easily grow your salad ingredients and any other herbs you need fresh on your kitchen counters. These gardens are a complete grow system to help users to grow their herbs, flowers, small plants, and also various other fruits and vegetables in their home efficiently. You can even learn how to grow weed in AeroGarden.

AeroGardens are hydroponic systems used to grow plants indoors with other facilities required for growing. They are widely used to grow herbs, small vegetables, and more. They grow healthy plants free from harmful insecticides and pesticides. With the right technique, growers can master growing cannabis in AeroGarden regularly.

Well, before you get to aerogarden systems for cannabis, you need to get the right seeds. These are the best cannabis seeds currently on the market.

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AeroGarden is not just a hydroponic grow system; it is undoubtedly more than that. Growing marijuana in AeroGarden is quite convenient. To help you get started, we’ve created this detailed blog for you to discover the possibilities of growing marijuana in an AeroGarden. Let’s dive into the details.


AeroGarden, as the name suggests, is a grow system for indoor use that works based on hydroponic principles. These countertop grow systems come with everything a plant needs, from nutrition, to support, to grow lights. You can buy them for various purposes, like growing marijuana in an aerogarden, and in various styles.

These hydroponic stations consist of a reservoir, which is filled with a nutrient solution, a pump to send the solution to different pods of plants, a grow light, and a control panel. The seed pods of the system are filled with innovative grow media, which the cup holds. The cup also has hollow cuts to let roots grow. The pods support the initial germination of seeds and later growth, just like outdoor soil does but a little different.

The system is self-sustaining and doesn’t require frequent care like outdoor soil plantation. This makes AeroGarden pots much easier to grow for some people than outdoor pots.

The working principle of these gardens is simple, but it may take time for people who are new to the process to adjust, especially if they want to increase their Aerogarden weed yield. The system uses a solution instead of soil to provide nutrients to the plants, and it also uses a structure, solid balls, or grow media to provide support to Aero Garden weed. The grow lights offer the full spectrum of light required for the growth and flowering of certain plants, which can also easily increase someone’s Aeorgarden cannabis yield. The grow lights consist of every spectrum of sunlight and are also customizable according to your needs.

The support and environment required from the stages of germination, seedling, and growth are carefully supported by the design of the AeroGarden, which comes with the required accessories.

Popular Strains for AeroGarden

AK-47 strain

The AK-47 strain is a popular hybrid that’s well-known for its high THC content, typically around 20%. This strain is a mix of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties, resulting in a potent and balanced high. Users often describe AK-47 as uplifting and euphoric, with a subtle calming effect. Its aroma is earthy and skunky, with hints of floral and sour notes. Due to its versatile effects, AK-47 is favored by many for both daytime and evening use.

Amnesia Haze Strain

The Amnesia Haze strain is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid known for its uplifting and energetic effects. Users report feeling happy and creative after consuming this strain, making it a popular choice for daytime use. With a distinct citrus and earthy flavor profile, Amnesia Haze is beloved by many cannabis enthusiasts for its long-lasting cerebral high. This strain is also recognized for its dense, sticky buds that are covered in a layer of crystal trichomes. Overall, Amnesia Haze is a favorite among those seeking a boost in mood and productivity without the sedative effects often associated with indicas.

Blackberry Kush strain

Blackberry Kush strain is a potent indica-dominant hybrid known for its strong relaxation effects and sweet berry flavor. It’s a cross between Afghani and Blackberry genetics, resulting in a high THC content that can reach up to 20%. Users report feeling euphoric and sleepy, making it ideal for evening use. The buds are dense and covered in orange hairs, with a distinct berry aroma. Blackberry Kush is popular among cannabis enthusiasts for its calming properties and ability to relieve stress and insomnia.

Shopping List for Marijuana Aerogarden

Growing marijuana in an AeroGarden can be a rewarding experience, but it’s essential to have the right shopping list to ensure successful growth. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned grower, having a detailed list of items is crucial for a thriving indoor garden. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive shopping list for your marijuana AeroGarden setup, including optional products to enhance the growth of your plants.

Essential Items for Your Marijuana AeroGarden

  1. AeroGarden System: The first item you’ll need is, of course, the AeroGarden system itself. Choose a model that suits the size of your grow space and the number of plants you want to cultivate.
  2. Marijuana Seeds: Select high-quality marijuana seeds from a reputable source. Consider factors like THC content, growth characteristics, and desired effects when choosing your seeds.
  3. Grow Lights: Since AeroGardens come with built-in lights, ensure they are suitable for the different growth stages of your marijuana plants, including seedling, vegetative, and flowering phases.
  4. Growing Medium: Opt for a suitable growing medium such as rockwool cubes, perlite, or a soilless mix to provide your plants with adequate support and drainage.
  5. Nutrients: Marijuana plants require specific nutrients at each growth stage. Invest in a balanced nutrient solution formulated for hydroponic systems to promote healthy growth and maximize yields.
  6. pH Testing Kit: Monitoring and adjusting the pH level of your water and nutrient solution is crucial for nutrient uptake. A pH testing kit will help you maintain the ideal pH range for your plants.
  7. Trimming and Pruning Tools: Keep your plants healthy and productive by investing in sharp scissors or pruning shears for trimming leaves and branches as needed.

Optional Products for Enhanced Growth

  1. Hydroponic Accessories: Consider adding hydroponic accessories like air stones, air pumps, and water pumps to improve oxygenation and nutrient circulation in your AeroGarden.
  2. Temperature and Humidity Monitor: Maintain optimal growing conditions by monitoring the temperature and humidity levels in your grow space. Adjust as necessary to create a comfortable environment for your plants.
  3. Plant Support: As your marijuana plants grow, they may need support to prevent bending or breaking. Use plant cages or trellises to help your plants stay upright and healthy.
  4. Pest Control Products: Protect your plants from common pests like spider mites or aphids by having insecticidal soap or neem oil on hand for effective pest control.

In conclusion, having a well-planned shopping list for your marijuana AeroGarden is key to a successful indoor growing experience. By ensuring you have all the essential items and optional products for enhanced growth, you can create an optimal environment for your marijuana plants to thrive. Happy growing!


AeroGarden and other hydroponic systems often face the question of efficiency when they’re compared to the natural way of growing. They do not use soil and natural light and are placed indoors, so how can we know how practical and efficient they are?

AeroGardens are definitively effective in growing plants and, most importantly, you can grow pot in AeroGarden five times faster than in soil. This is possible thanks to the direct supply of nutrients to the plants, which they are supposed to absorb from the soil and water. The nutrient solution provides plants with the required amount of nutrition, fertilizer, and water.

When you’re looking to turn your AeroGarden into a weed AeroGarden, you should know that your weed will not be dependent on the sun for sunlight. Your plants will be provided with the required amount of light through adjustable, customizable grow lights. These lights can be customized for the specific needs of your plants, which helps them grow faster and healthier. This contributes to the effectiveness of the growth system.

The system also doesn’t require you to use pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and other such chemicals used for the growing plants. The nutrient solution is organic according to the FDA standards and also non-GMO. Therefore, the veggies and AeroGarden cannabis you grow in an AeroGarden are ideal for consumption and healthier than what you get from outside.

Using an AeroGarden and understanding how to grow weed in AeroGarden may seem complicated, but it is certainly not impossible to master. You won’t have to spend hours reading an AeroGarden weed guide to understand what to do. The system needs to be plugged into an electric connection and is ready to grow after you fill the reservoir with the nutrient solution. Once everything is in place and you manage a few settings through the control panel, you are good to go. You’ll only need to wait for your Aerogarden pot and veggies to grow. The system also does not need heavy maintenance. Just cleaning it every few weeks and monitoring and refilling the nutrients is required for fully grown AeroGrow marijuana.

Can it Be Used for Growing Marijuana?

AeroGardens are for any plant as long as it can properly fit its height and weight. The system also allows for replantation outdoors after the maximum height the system supports has been reached. Since AeroGarden is all about growing indoors, marijuana is becoming a popular option. The system has all the attributes to support the cultivation of marijuana, and we have seen many examples of successful cultivation too.

The system is efficient with seed germination and maintains any seedling with ease. Iit is also equipped with lights and nutrients, which makes it the complete package. The lights can be controlled, and the system has collective controls to provide favorable conditions with just the press of a button.

The horticulture of AeroGrow marijuana is pretty sophisticated, with various degrees of care that need to be addressed for the desired yield. That’s why AeroGraden is equipped with modern solutions, including technically advanced features, to assist with the production of AeroGarden weed. In a nutshell, it can be clearly stated that “AeroGarden can be used in growing marijuana” and there are even ways to make your AeroGarden weed grow bigger and better.

We have found these cannabis seeds to be suitable for AeroGarden:

Medical Grow Kit
Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds
Medical Grow Kit
Runtz Feminized Seeds
Medical Grow Kit
Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

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How Effective Is AeroGarden in Growing Marijuana and How Can I Make AeroGarden Weed Grow Bigger?

Growing marijuana in AeroGarden is not an impossible nor a difficult task. The indoor cultivation of AeroGarden Marijuana is often done in a hydroponic setup and then transferred to the soil when needed. The germination and growth of cannabis seeds can happen in a similar setup, which involves grow lights and grow tents with other environment regulating features that make up a grow setup. Growing Weed in AeroGarden is not an alien concept; it’s a complete setup.

AeroGarden marijuana can be grown like any other plant. These gardens are ideal for growing almost anything, so why not use them to grow weed? However, growing weed in AeroGarden does have some drawbacks, and you need an ideal model to support your cannabis growth, so let’s discuss the details further.

Cannabis plants require extra care for the desired growth and yield and, therefore, proper care takes an extra toll on the cultivator. Successful marijuana cultivation and learning how to grow weed in Aerogarden requires proper germination and ideal light and temperature during flowering time. In the ideal growing condition, not many factors are capable of affecting the final product. However, creating the ideal environment to grow pot in AeroGarden is the reason why it becomes difficult, regardless of the type of method for growing marijuana. Care and knowledge are essential to grow weed in AeroGarden.

You need to choose a model of AeroGarden that is ideal for the height of your cannabis plant. This is how you wind up with amazing products like Miracle Gro AeroGarden weed. Models as tall as 36-inches are available with AeroGarden for you to choose. You can also browse the AeroGarden FAQ section to learn more about the types of AeroGardens and their specifications. Later you can purchase a Grow Anything Kit to place your weed seeds in them.  These do not come with grow kits from AeroGarden like the herb kits. By plugging and placing the seed pods, you are ready to germinate in very little time.

After germination is taken care of, you can focus on the grow lights that your strain requires for other stages of growth, like vegetation and flowering. During the flowering stage, your AeroGarden weed yield will grow substantially in the form of buds. This will happen in less time compared to outdoor cultivation and other similar indoor cultivation methods.

How to Care For Growing Marijuana in AeroGardens to Get the Best AeroGarden Weed

  1. Choose feminized or auto-flowering seeds to get early growth and a bigger AeroGarden weed yield. Make sure to separate male plants after flowering.
  2. Take care of light during the vegetative and flowering stage. You can trigger flowering through the light setup after the vegetative stage.
  3. Choose AeroGarden pot strains that fit the height of your AeroGarden.
  4. Ensure there is an oxygen supply for the roots of your AeroGarden weed plants and to connect the nutrient pump and external air pump with an air stone.
  5. Always ensure you have a closed environment for the germination of the cannabis seed by covering the seeds and providing them with moisture and proper temperature control.
  6. You also need to ensure you have the right water level, pH level, and the right amount of nutrients in the solution
  7. Pruning leaves is also required to allow light to spread through the plant for ideal growth.

What Options Are Available in AeroGarden Systems?

AeroGarden offers plenty of options in different sizes, capacities, different grow lights, and choices for different stages of growth of your plants. The grow kits and accessories of these gardens are equipped with everything your plant may require. Let’s discover what options are available for you and what they offer.

1. AeroGarden Farm

The AeroGarden Farm variant of the AeroGarden is designed for maximum capacity and for tall plants, which is quite ideal for cannabis plantation. This model is available in three sizes:

  • Farm – Capacity to grow 24 plants and up till 12-inches of height
  • Farm Plus – Capacity to grow 24 plants and up till 24-inches of height
  • Farm XL – Capacity to grow 24 plants and up till 36-inches of height

The system is equipped with high-performance 60-watts LED grow lights which emit full-spectrum light to mimic sunlight for ideal growth. This AeroGarden comes in two sections with a 12-plant capacity in each section. The controls of the sections are also separate for different types of plants in the sections. This setting provides two gardens in one setup. The garden also features WI-Fi connectivity to check status and control settings remotely through your phone.

The grow lights are hung from the ceiling of the structure with adjustable suspendable cords. The cords can be adjusted to the growth of the plants so you can make your AeroGrow weed grow taller. The garden has a solid structure supported by beams and frames. The controls are on a touchscreen panel and are interactive with every detail possible. You can check the timing of the lights, the water level, and the nutrition level along with alerts for refills. You can raise and lower lights with the press of a button and check the number of days that have passed since plantation.

2. AeroGarden Bounty

AeroGarden Bounty is another option provided by AeroGarden. It is a hydroponic garden system with a capacity for nine plants to be grown at the same time. The system is equipped with 45-Watts worth of grow lights, which has an adjustable length from 4.5-inches to 24-inches to allow plants to grow.

It has touchscreen control panels like other AeroGardens. It allows users to check the status of the light, water, and nutrition and also alerts users when the water and nutrition need to be refilled. The Bounty variant is an ideal countertop AeroGarden with a dimension of 17.5 x 11.5 x 34 inches.

The Bounty can be used to grow AeroGarden weed but will require replantation at later stages with more light and space. You can buy AeroGarden Bounty in nine different models with variations in Wi-Fi models and color options.

3. AeroGarden Harvest

Another AeroGarden is the Harvest variant. AeroGarden Harvest can hold six seed pods and works on the same hydroponic principle as other AeroGardens. It is equipped with 20-Watts grow lights and indicators that alert users to when they need to add water, food, or change the status of lights.

Harvest is a simple AeroGarden without elaborate and fancy controls like others and can be used to grow various plants at home indoors. You can quickly germinate cannabis seed and handle seedlings in Harvest. Still, the grow lights are not ideal for later stages of plant growth and need to be replanted in other hydroponic systems, such as different AeroGardens.

Harvest is ideal for growing herbs, flowers, veggies, and more.

4. AeroGarden Sprout

AeroGarden Sprout is the basic model available with AeroGarden. It has a capacity of three pods, which means you can plant three seeds at a time in the AeroGarden Sprout. The system is equipped with 10-watts of grow light, which is ideal for various herbs and also the germination and seedlings of various plants, including AeroGarden marijuana.

The AeroGarden Sprout has automatic lights that turn on and off on their own as needed by the plants. It also alerts users when the level of nutrients is low. The level can also be seen through the see-through compartment. You can grow herbs, flowers, and other plants quickly in AeroGarden sprout.

However, keep in mind this model cannot support a cannabis plant after the seedling stage due to its low watt grow light.

A good hydroponic setup requires either distilled water or bottled water for the plants so that you properly mix it with the nutrients. This product will help you water the system easily so you can increase your AeroGarden weed yield. The AeroGarden No-Spill Watering Jug is an ideal tool to water your AeroGarden hydroponic system conveniently without any spills.

All other supplies you need for your growing needs are available with AeroGardens and single products from grow kits, including grow media, labels, and more.


AeroGarden FAQ Resources For Growing Weed in AeroGarden


AeroGardens have standard electricity consumption and don’t cause drastic changes in your power bill. The cost of running an AeroGarden also includes the cost of supplies like plant food, distilled water, and others, which may cost you a few hundred dollars for a whole season all together. The amount you use it and the cost vary from model to model and from user to user.


Yes, AeroGarden is safe to use with no mechanical or chemical hazards. The system uses electricity to operate, along with water and plant food, which are not harmful. However, the supplies you get should never be ingested.


AeroGarden pods are single-use, but they last for an average of 6 months and can last longer with care and maintenance. The life of the pods is also affected by the type of plant the pod holds.


Yes. You can use your own seeds in an AeroGarden and purchase seed pods and germination kits separately. AeroGarden allows you to grow your plants, herbs, veggies, and more whenever and however you want, irrespective of season, climate, and conditions outside.


The Final Verdict on AeroGarden Weed:

We hope this AeroGarden weed guide about growing marijuana in an AeroGarden was simple and effective. The Aerogarden is an indoor solution that can be used to grow almost anything, including Aerogarden marijiauna. In fact, we can conclude that the AeroGarden is extremely effective in growing marijuana, as long as you grow it in an ideal model that supports different marijuana growing stages. You can use the Sprout variant just for germination, or you can choose the Harvest and Bounty variants to grow weed up to its vegetative stage. You can also go with the Farm variant to grow marijuna from scratch to get a bigger Aerogarden weed yield. The AeroGarden is a technical advanced hydroponic system that doesn’t require different grow tools and comes as a complete package so you can start growing AeroGarden weed right away.

So, if you find AeroGarden interesting, and it seems like a package deal, give it a shot. You can visit the links above to help you shop for anything else you need. We hope you enjoy growing marijuana for you indoors.



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