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Smoking the weed that you have grown by yourself is quite a feeling! There are many ways in which you can get weed – with legalization getting major support, dispensaries around the US have begun to offer weed for medicinal and recreational purposes. However, stoners know deep inside that true joy indeed lies in smoking a bud which you have grown yourself as it is the labour of your love. Growing your own weed is almost therapeutic because you can see the plant grow and bloom and you know you have provided it the best possible care. When you grow your own marijuana, there are many elements that it needs – light being one of the most important of them. In this article we shall be talking about grow lights, specifically the Roleadro Grow lights.

We will begin by first talking about the role of light in growing marijuana and then take a look at what grow lights are. We shall then proceed to look at some of the best roleadro grow lights in 2020 and provide you a detailed review of their performance. Followed by that we have a buyer’s guide for you which will act as a checklist of sorts where you can tick off all the things that your grow light must have. Lastly, we shall follow that up with the answers to some frequently asked questions. 

Why Do Marijuana Plants Need Sunlight?

Sunlight is a very important element for growing marijuana. In fact, it is essential to grow practically any plant – regardless of their need for water and nutrients, plants always need sunlight. Some need it in a little amount and some need it in larger amounts. The marijuana plant needs it in larger amounts when it is young and in lesser amounts when it has matured. Plants need sunlight because that is the general direction in which they grow. Sunlight helps them with various processes, most important of them all being the process of photosynthesis where the sunlight is converted into energy. 

Sunlight ‘charges’ up the plants and they get all the energy they need to break down the sugars and provide ‘food’ to various parts of their body. Thus sunlight essentially spurs growth and helps the plants grow bigger and grow faster. Marijuana plants also need sunlight because sunlight also helps spur the growth of THC and CBD in them which are the two primary compounds due to which these plants are in demand! Sunlight also plays an important role because decreasing sunlight basically signals winter and that is when the marijuana plants bloom (more on that in the section below).

What Are Grow Lights? How Do They Help Grow Marijuana Indoors?

While we have clearly established that marijuana plants require sunlight in order to grow properly, more and more growers are now moving their plants indoors. When you grow indoors, you do not have access to natural sunlight and hence have to depend upon grow lights as a replacement. Most grow lights offer you a complete spectrum of lighting – which makes them very similar to natural sunlight, which is composed of the warm and the cool (red and blue) spectrums. The cooler blue lights in grow lights are important during the growth and vegetative phase of the marijuana plant while the warm red lights are important when it comes to the flowering phase. 

Grow lights have several advantages – they can be moved closer to the plant or farther away from it to ensure optimum growth. They can be kept on for longer than the usual sunlit hours providing the plants with an optimum lighting condition (more during the early stages and lesser during the later stages). When you switch off the grow light earlier and for longer periods, the plants are basically tricked into believing that it is wintertime as days are getting shorter and will hence be triggered to bloom when the time is right. These are some of the reasons as to why grow lights are very important when it comes to growing marijuana indoors. 

Understanding Brand Roleadro

Understanding a brand is important before you buy it. Does this brand offer products that are meant for you? Who are their products targeted at, what kind of a credibility does a brand hold, etc. are some of the questions that every buyer wonders about. Roleadro, when it comes to this, is quite a sketchy brand. While it has been around since 2008 and has 12 years of solid research and development behind it. There are no proper contact details and not even a website. Social media presence of the company hasn’t really been quite active either. Hence, when it comes to the trust and credibility factor, they don’t really rank that high – but their Amazon page does give quite an insight into the brand and all the products that it offers.

Best Roleadro Grow Lights Review (2024)

Now that you have understood what grow lights are and the role that they play, as well as have a decent understanding of the Roleadro brand and who are these grow lights meant for, let us take a detailed look at some of the best Roleadro grow lights and review them along with their pros, cons and standout features. With so many grow lights out there, we hope that this list helps you make a better buying decision:

1. Roleadro 600W LED Grow Light

  • Dimensions: 12.17* 8.44* 2.87 inch
  • Power Consumed: 165W±5%
  • Wattage: 600W

Roleadro’s 600W LED grow light panel is a great option for growers who are looking forward to buying lights for their plants but do not want something that is very bright. This grow light comes with 84 full-spectrum lights and 12 dedicated blue lights. This makes sure that your plants are growing tall and strong and the flowers are blooming well and getting all the proper lights they need. There are sixty degree reflector cups which make sure that the light hits your plants in just the right angles. Another major benefit of getting this grow light from Roleadro is that it comes with a flame retardant design which makes it quite safe to use. 

Roleadro 600W LED grow light also supports daisy chaining, which means you can hook one grow light on to the other instead of plugging each individually to power outlets. The panel also has high-quality fans attached to it, which make sure that all the heat is dissipated properly and does not damage the plants as well as the light itself. The fans do not make a lot of noise either. These grow lights are a good fit for grow tents, grow rooms, as well as greenhouses and are just a great option for all the growers who are looking forward to buying a low-cost lighting solution. Lastly, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee on the product and you can return it and get the full refund if you are not happy with the performance. Besides that, there’s a 12 month warranty period as well.

2. Roleadro 1000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

  • Dimensions:16inch * 8.4inch*2.5inch
  • Power Consumed:185w±5%
  • Wattage: 1000W

If a 600W light doesn’t do it for you, but you don’t want something as bright as a 2000W light, a 1000W LED light hits just the sweet spot. This is a full-spectrum light which ensures that your plants get a good balance of red and blue lighting which is great for the flowering as well as the vegetative stages of their growth. All in all, your plants are going to love the kind of light that comes from this one as it is very near to what natural sunlight feels like. All the lights function on a spectrum ranging from 420nm-780nm. Similar to the 600W light, this one also supports daisy chaining where two grow lights can be hooked on to each other.

Instead of making use of the traditional reflector LED design, this grow light makes use of LED bead and Zener design which uses a combination of 90-degree and 120-degree lenses that together provide a focused lighting experience for your plants. Cooling this device is also an easy task – which is achieved largely due to the super fast and quiet fans. Roleadro is certified safe to use with the certifications obtained from ETL, CSA, CE, ROHS, FCC. The company has branded this grow light as “sun in a box”. The grow light consumes 185w±5% of power from the wall socket. The total lifespan of the device is between 50,000 to 100,000 hours and comes with a 2 year warranty period.

3. Roleadro 2000W LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

  • Dimensions:19.7 x 14.2 x 5.5 inches
  • Power Consumed:300W
  • Wattage: 2000W

If 600W and 1000W lights are not your thing and you need a bigger and a brighter setup, you will perhaps need a 2000W light. A 2000W light is very bright and intense and is usually used by growers who have a very large setup. There are 200 pieces of LED lights which operate at 10W each. The light is great to make use for indoor growth, as well as greenhouse operations. Growers who are growing their plants in very large grow tents might also prefer it. Similar to other Roleadro grow lights, this one also supports daisy chaining but we recommend you don’t plug in more than two lights at a time. 

The maximum coverage that the Roleadro 2000W LED grow light offers is that of 4×4 ft during the vegetative phase and 3x3ft during the flowering phase. Using this grow light properly would give you about 30 to 50% boost when it comes to growing your plants when compared to other similar forms of lighting, as per the manufacturer. The PAR scores are also pretty impressive even when the light is hung quite high. There are two cooling fans attached to the back of the panel which ensure that the heat gets dissipated well. Lastly, this grow light also offers 2 years of warranty.

4. 75W RoleAdro LED Grow Light

  • Product Dimensions: 276*276*14mm
  • Power Consumed: 25.2±5% watt
  • Wattage: 75W

After you’ve seen the three big guns above, it is now time to look at a lightweight option – but something that punches way above its weight. This is a cheap $30 option which can be used for the seedling stage of your marijuana plant where you need lights but they don’t need to be too intense. This is also a great option for those growers who grow succulents as they need gentler lighting. There are two variants – a red and blue variant as well as a yellow-light variant. The former is the one that we are talking about and it carries the 460-465nm, 620-740nm, 6000-6500k wave bands. 

There’s an aluminum cooling plate attached on the back of the grow light which helps keep it cool by dissipating all the heat away. This is a setup that is very easy to install and even beginners and first-time growers can benefit from it. Apart from marijuana growers, people who grow tomatoes, chillies, lettuce, etc. in their kitchen gardens can also benefit from these grow lights. This product comes with a 30-month warranty.

5. Roleadro 1500W Large LED Grow Light 3500K Sunlike Lighting

  • Product Dimensions: 14.96 x 2.68 x 11.81 inches
  • Power Consumed: 135W±3%
  • Wattage: 1500W 

Roleadro’s 1500W LED grow light has been one of their bestselling models. This grow light consumes only 135W of power from the wall socket and offers quite a large coverage area. This is a full spectrum LED light from the company and functions at the 420nm-780nm wavelength. The grow light supports daisy chaining – allowing you to plug one light on to another but does not support separate VEG and BLOOM switches. Thanks to the two cooling fans attached to the back of this grow light, the light ensures that all the heat gets thrown out of the system and it does not damage the plants. Heat sinks also help release the heat off from the light. The light can last you for about 50,000 hours and comes with a 1 year warranty, along with a 30-day money-back promise if you are not happy with the light’s performance.

Buyer’s Guide for Grow Lights 

Before you buy a grow light, you need to check out if it has some of these features which are quite essential for most growers. You can use this as a checklist of sorts to ensure you are getting the right product for your plants.

1. Coverage Area

This is very important for all growers. You must know the exact coverage area before you buy your light. Put all your plants together and see how much area do they occupy. Now while buying a grow light, look for how much area does the light coming out of these panels cover. For instance, if your plants occupy a 3×3 area, look for a grow light which covers at least that much of an area. Also worth noting is that you must make sure you are buying a light which covers the plants during flowering as well as vegetative stage. Usually a light which covers 3×3 area during vegetative stage will cover somewhere between 2×2 to 2.5×2.5 during the flowering stage because it has to be moved up and away from the plants. Hence, this is a strong consideration that growers must take care of. 

2. Power Consumption

Power consumption is another aspect of grow lights that growers need to read carefully. If your grow light is named 1000W LED Grow Light, it does not mean that it consumes 1000 watts of electricity from the wall socket. It simply means that the output that you get while you are using this grow light is comparable to a 1000W HPS grow light. The actual power consumption is usually far lesser and is written in the product details so do read them before you buy a grow light.

3. Spectrum

One more thing that you must know about your grow light is the exact spectrum that it operates at. The broader the spectrum and the more the kind of lights the better it is for you. While this is common knowledge, sometimes people overlook two factors – first off – can you control the reds and blues using two different switches. This is important as some lights do not allow you to control the red and blue lights and there’s only one on/off switch. The second thing you need to check for is dimmers. These dimmers are also important as you can program the light to reduce its intensity matching the outdoor lighting pattern giving your plants a more ‘natural’ lighting setup.

4. Heat Dissipation

Heat dissipation is another critical feature as all lights emit heat. The system which powers your grow light must have a setup in which heat can be properly dissipated. This can be achieved either by having good quality heat sinks on the board, or it can be achieved by getting a grow light which has multiple fans on it. Heat dissipation is critical else the heat might end up damaging your plants.

5. Daisy Chaining

Daisy chaining is basically the feature which allows growers to hook one grow light on to another instead of having them all plugged into individual wall sockets. This is a good system but not all grow lights have it. Do check out if the grow light you are buying supports this. Also, if it does, make sure it is safe to operate and never create a chain of more than 3 grow lights as it might otherwise lead to an overloading.

6. Warranty and Cost

Finally, while this need not be said, but warranty and cost are two additional factors which make or break the purchase. Make sure you are checking the warranty details before you buy a grow light. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Grow Lights

Here are the answers to some of the most common and frequently asked questions about grow lights:

1. What are the different kinds of grow lights?

While LED grow lights are the most popular of the lot, there are older forms of lighting such as HID grow lights which include Metal Halides and High Pressure Sodium lights. Then there are fluorescent lights as well as older tungsten bulbs. LED lights too can come in different forms such as strips, COBs, etc but the most common form is the form of panels. Another interesting form of LED lights which is getting popular of late is the Quantum Board lighting systems.

2. Can we use grow lights outdoors?

Yes, especially if you are growing in an outdoor greenhouse then you would need to make use of LED grow lights outdoors as they can help extend the sunlit hours by providing additional lighting to your plants. Moreover some growers tend to use lights outdoors by adding them as additional sources of lights for the lower portions of the plants which might not get proper light because of a bushy top.

3. How much do grow lights cost?

The cost varies from $30 to $3000 depending on what kind of grow light you are buying and which company you are buying them from. Roleadro grow lights usually tend to be on the cheaper side of the cost spectrum.

4. Where can I buy grow lights?

You can buy grow lights in most gardening stores but Amazon has emerged as another great source of buying grow lights online.


We hope that by the time you have reached the end of this article, not only do you have a good idea about Roleadro as a brand and the different options that you have from them, but you also know the basics of LED lighting and how to choose the best grow light for your marijuana plants. Do let us know in the comments or drop us an email if there’s anything more that you want to know about growing marijuana plants using LED lights. Till then…\

…..Happy Growing! 🙂


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