Tightvac Review (2021): To Store Your Weed & FAQ’s

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Tightvac, the name is pretty much self-explanatory, and we are here to review it for you. It is tight and its vacuum, ideal for keeping edibles and consumable items fresh and safe. These vacuum storage jars are utility and also multi-purpose. They are just everywhere, and you can easily spot them in various kitchens and around you. So are they up to the hype?

And, if these containers are vacuum pack, reliable than are these also ideal for you to carry and store your weed? Let’s find more in the detailed review down below.

Tightvac Review (2021) – To store your weed

About Tightvac

Tightvac is manufactured by Tightvac American Inc, which manufactures and sells innovative vacuum containers around the world. They have two unique vacuum system patents under their belt, which were invented by them and used in production since 2005. Their products are certified by NSF international. Also, the products offered by them are innovative, thoughtful, multi-purpose, and multi-climate, making them an absolute choice, and therefore the sale numbers are over several million.

So, after the insight, let’s discover that the Tightvacs are ideal for your weed or not?

The build and variety

The Tightvac containers are made with durable plastic to safely store food items, herbs, tea, coffee, and more. They are available in more than twelve different sizes and three different styles. The sizes accommodate commodities ranging from 20 grams of weight to 2.5 kilograms across different styles. The three different styles include solid, tint, and clear containers for different uses.

The different weight category entertains the storage of different food items and can be identified from their names and style. The categories are Vitavac, Minivac, Spicevac, and small options in Tightvac are ideal for small storage of spices, verbs, small quantities for travel, and also medications. For storage of food items and substantial quantity Tightvac offers Pastavac, Kilovac, Breadvac, and Pawvac for pet food storage.

The best offering includes the Coffeevacs and Teavacs, which are ideal for the aromatic freshly ground coffee and also tea. The various styles of these containers are available in different sizes, and all the styles and sizes come with their famous patented vacuum seal.

The famous vacuum seal

The vacuum seal of the Tightvac makes it an outstanding product, and we are here reviewing it for you for the very same reason. The famous vacuum seal of the product has two patents registered with the United States Patent Office and is used across all the products Tightvac offers. These patent vacuum valves make the products all full-proof vacuum for the freshness of stored products and also no trace of aroma, smell, and odor.

The vacuum seal of the product is simple yet innovative. The seal consists of two-valves and a push-button. The valve-system creates a vacuum upon closure of the lid, which pushes out extra air in the container and thus vacuum locking it. The lid of the container, along with the valves, traps a little air inside and prevents air, oxygen, and moisture from entering the container after that.

To open the container vacuum needs to be eliminated after it is vacuum locked. The valve system here needs to be used. The push-button lets the air trapped inside out, thus relieving the vacuum and gives access to your storage. The system keeps your food fresh with little air and no oxygen and moisture, which keeps the food item fresh for up to a year. It also prevents smell aroma, smell, and odor from escaping, but there is small ventilation in the system which may leak smell a little, but it is for the freshness of your storage.

The system keeps your storage away from extra oxygen and moisture and keeps it fresh with little air trapped in and also ventilation.

How does it work for your weed storage?

Well, the vacuum seal of the Tightvac works wonders for weed storage. The weed storage concerns are mainly the freshness of the buds and stealth storage, which doesn’t let the smell escape the container in which your weed gets stored. The Tightvac boxes take care of the concerns mentioned above and allow them to store your weed discreetly.

The unique vacuum design of these containers retains the moisture and freshness of your weed buds by keeping them away from oxygen, moisture, and other conditions. It locks your precious cannabis inside with little air, which keeps them fresh and ventilated. The vacuum pack works best for the concealed carry as it doesn’t let the strong smell of your marijuana escape, just like they are meant to store coffee, which also has a strong smell. Also, the solid black color of the containers is ideal for discreet storage.

However, there can be a little smell due to the ventilation, and the strong smell of certain strains can leak, which needs a little care. Also, the air which leaves the container upon opening can alarm the possession, which is also a concern.

Yet, you can still help the storage of stinkier strains of marijuana in a Tightvac by keeping them in plastic bags before storing them. You can also use another container to store the Tightvac or place the Tightvac in an odor-proof bag available for marijuana storage to eliminate the slightest chance of the smell escaping. However, the chances are minimal, and you can keep your weed fresh despite all, which is the primary concern. So, tackle the little smell and enjoy fresh weed anytime.

Also, the storage of dry items and marijuana may clog the vents and create a build-up around the threads of the lid leading to ineffective closure and sometimes malfunctioning of the lid. Therefore, it is advised to clean the lid and the containers very often if you store weed and also wet buds with plenty of resin, which can also create clogs and debris inside the box.

Options you got for your weed storage:

1. Tightvac – 1 oz to 6 ounce

2. Tightvac – 1/2 oz to 3 ounce

3. Minivac – 10g to 30 grams

4. Tightvac – 5oz to 24 Ounce

5. Tightvac Nested Set of 4

Care to take while storing your marijuana in Tightvac

  • Ensure seal tight packaging of strong-smelling strains in a plastic bag before storing them in a Tightvac
  • Take special care storing buds with resin which may lead to moisture build-up and clogs in the container due to the residue
  • Clean the container and especially the lid regularly to prevent build-ups to ensure proper functioning that is comfortable opening and closing along with airtightness
  • You can also opt for moisture-absorbers meant for herbal storage to keep your weed extra fresh in the containers
  • Always go for the black or the opaque containers for weed storage


  • Innovative, practical, and effective vacuum storage
  • Ideal for keeping your weed fresh and discreet with no smell leaking
  • Keeps moisture, oxygen, and other contaminating debris away
  • Available in various sizes according to need and use


  • Needs frequent cleaning with storage of dry marijuana and wet resin buds
  • Might leak smell of strong strains due to small valve ventilation which keeps things fresh inside

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the Tightvac for storing marijuana

1. Anyone have a Tightvac, how are they?

Reviews about the Tightvac are mostly positive and are ideal for marijuana storage with a tight lid and vacuum storage, which keeps the smell from getting outside. They also keep the weed inside fresh and away from extra moisture and contamination from outside debris and moisture. However, they tend to get clogged with extensive use, and the lid eventually breaks.

2. Are Tightvac smell proof?

Yes, Tightvac containers are smell proof and are ideal for storing herbs, coffee, tea, and even weed. The vacuum locks prevent smell, odor, and aroma from escaping. However, the strong smell of coffee and potent strains of marijuana might sometimes leak due to the ventilation.

3. Is it ideal for storing less quantity in a Tightvac than its capacity?

Yes, it is ideal for storing less quantity than the capacity of a Tightvac. The quantity doesn’t affect the vacuum nor the efficiency.

4. Are the loose caps of the Tightvac a problem?

No, the loose caps of the Tightvac are not a problem, nor are they defective or inefficient. The loose cap gets fit with time and use and doesn’t affect the vacuum seal of the product and is not a thing to worry.


The cumulation:

So, we are here at the end of the review of the Tightvac for your weed storage, and our cumulation for the full review will be that the Tightvac is an effective, innovative, and discreet solution to store your weed keeping it fresh and safe at the same time. These containers are safe and ideal for storage and make the storage of weed easy and simple, which is not otherwise.

So, if you are planning to buy a Tightvac and thinking of giving it a shot for your marijuana storage, then think no more. Head to the links above and get one or many for you with the availability of plenty of options. Shop and enjoy fresh weed with no loss in smell, texture, and quality.