Best Grow Tent Ventilation Kits (2022): Reviews & FAQ’s

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For a perfect hydroponic grow setup indoors, you require various installations to establish a favorable environment for your plants. A grow tent, grow lights, hydroponic installation, and the ventilation kit to keep the environment clean inside and outside of the tent is required along with other monitoring tools to complete the setup. And, we here are discussing tent ventilation kits to help you acquire one best for your use or many as you require.

This ventilation equipment is essential as they keep the environment inside clean and fresh for the plants. And, smell-proof outside to help you keep your marijuana cultivation discreet. The ventilation also helps the environment inside with airflow. Therefore, buying a grow tent ventilation kit is a good idea and better than purchasing components separately for better compatibility and efficiency.

These kits are equipped with every component needed to establish a perfect ventilation system, and we have a list of the best grow tent ventilation kits below to help you with the shopping. So, let’s get to the list and pick one best for your ideal for your requirement.

Best Grow Tent Ventilation Kits in 2022: Reviews

1. iPower GLFANXINL4FILT4MD8CTR Grow Tent Ventilation

  • Size:- 4-Inches
  • Kit includes:- Inline fan, variable speed controller carbon filter, ducting, rope hangers, and metal clamps
  • Weight:- 18.11 Pounds

One of the most bought ventilation kits for grow tents and grow area is probably the iPower grow tent ventilation in various sizes. This kit includes high-quality and high performing components, which justifies the most bought tag attached to the kit. The kit comprises of a 4-inch inline fan, carbon filter, eight feet long ducting, and a variable speed controller for the fan. The package also includes high-quality rope hangers for installation.

The components of this kit are not regular like others, which you find common in various kits from different brands and are effective and well-performing. The fan is a 190 CFM inline fan blower with composite fan blades and center hub. The operation of the fan is mostly quiet, and paired with a variable speed controller offers more liberty to the user.

The carbon filter of the ventilation kit is impressive with 1050+ IAV Australia charcoal, which is one of the finest and most absorbent carbon available. Also, the canister of the filter has reversible flang for extensive use and life and also pre-filter for the added filtration. The ducting of the kit is also as amazing as other components and is made flame-retardant, and corrosion resistant for use in the grow tent. The ducting is also super long with 8-inches of size and comes with metal clamps for installation.

Users can use this kit for intake filter as well as exhaust filter as they wish too and also as both for a great grow setup. 


  • High quality ventilation kit
  • The carbon filter with one of the finest 1050+ IAV Australia charcoal
  • Flame-retardant and corrosion-resistant ducting
  • Comes with variable speed controller


  • None

2. VIVOSUN Air Filtration Kit

  • Size:- 4 inch / 6 inch / 8 inch
  • Kit includes:- Inline fan, carbon filter, duct pipe, and installation essentials
  • Weight:- 25.7 Pounds

Vivosun filtration kit for your grow tent setup includes an inline fan, a carbon filter, duct pipe along with things for installation like metal clamps, and more. The kit can be installed in two ways that include installing it as an intake filter or exhaust filter. The installation of the kit is also versatile with quality products and sufficient ducting and products to allow users to install them the way they like and need.

The inline fan of the kit operates at 68 watts, and the speed of the fan is 2500 rpm, which is quite fast and very efficient for the ventilation. The make of the fan is ideal for grow room, grow tents, and other such environments. The carbon filter is also of superior quality with a 53% open area with inner and outer mesh for better airflow, which again helps in better ventilation and filtration. The filter has reversible flang and base, which offer more life and, most importantly, activated carbon.

The kit includes a high-quality duct pipe, which is made from quality aluminum, making it temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, and also durable for installation and long life. It is three-layer thick and coated with a flame-retardant coating. It is also flexible to adjust the length and has an inbuilt steel wire for stability.

The kit also includes two circular metal clamps for duct pipe installation and two belts for other installation. The filtration kit also comes in two other different sizes that are 6 inches and 8 inches. It is one of the best selling ventilation kits across various platforms.


  • High-quality components
  • Versatile installation possible
  • An activated carbon filter with reversible flank and base
  • Available in three different sizes


  • Fan faces corrosion due to humidity

3. VIVOSUN 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Duct Fan with 6 Inch Carbon Filter

  • Size:- 6-Inch
  • Kit includes:- Inline fan, carbon filter, pre-filter, and two belts
  • Weight:- 20.4 Pounds

Another product on the list is a combo rather than a kit but ideal for efficient ventilation. The Vivosun 390 CFM inline duct fan with the 6-inch carbon filter is a great combo for your ventilation needs, and all you need is a ducting to complete the setup. The efficient combo is the result of the high-performing fan and extra efficient carbon filter. The fan is a 390 CFM inline duct fan with durable fan housing and blades for faster and quieter operation. It also has a fan speed of 2550 rpm with only 37 dB of the noise level.

The carbon filter is equipped with a 1050+ RC 48 Australian virgin charcoal bed, which is one of the most absorbent charcoal. The virgin charcoal is accompanied by inner and outer mesh along with a pre-filter for effective filtration. The life of the carbon filter is also prolonged due to the switchable filter flang and sturdier outer.

The combo comes with a pre-filter for the carbon filter and two belts for installation. The product is also available in two other sizes for different size grow setup. Also, users can use the combo for different setups like an intake or as an exhaust filter and in various combinations of setups as preferred.


  • Easily distinguishable superior quality
  • Efficient fan with faster and quieter operation
  • A high-quality carbon filter with Australian virgin charcoal


  • None

4. PrimeGarden 4″ Hydroponic Grow Tent Ventilation System

  • Size:- 4-inch
  • Kit includes:- Inline fan, speed controller, carbon filter, flex ducting, digital thermometer Hygrometer, mechanical 24-hour timer for lights, elastic ropes, and clamps
  • Weight:- 20.6 Pounds

Another grow tent ventilation system on the list is from PrimeGarden. The 4-inch kit is also available in various sizes for your needs of bigger grow tents and grow areas. The kit consists of a total of six items along with metal clamps for installation. It includes a carbon filter, inline fan, a fan speed controller, flex ducting, digital Thermometer Hygrometer, and a mechanical 24-hour timer for the lights of your setup. The kit is ventilation compatible and also extensive with other equipment.

The carbon filter of the kit contains a 1.5 inches thick activated carbon filter, which also comes with additional pre-filter for effective filtration of odor and other pollutants. The fan of the kit is an inline duct fan, which sits perfectly with the flex ducting of the kit, which is sizable and durable and comes with clamps for easy installation. The best part is the fan speed controller that comes along and gives users the liberty to regulate the ventilation with the speed of the fan. Users can set the speed to three settings of the low, medium, and high with the controller.

Other components of the kit are non-filtration ones and can be used in the grow system for additional assistance. The digital thermometer and hygrometer will be of great help to monitor the temperature, and the humidity of the growing system and the mechanical 24-hour timer will help you set up lights efficiently. The kit also includes elastic ropes and metal clamps for installation. The kit from PrimeGarden can also be purchased in 6-inches and 8-inches and even various components separately if you require so.


  • Extensive ventilation and growing kit
  • Comes with fan speed controller
  • An activated carbon filter with 1.5 inches thick carbon and pre-filter
  • Available in total three different sizes


  • Carbon filter needs frequent replacements

5. BloomGrow 4″ Ventilation System for Grow Tent Kit

  • Size:- 4-Inches
  • Kit includes:- Inline fan, speed controller, carbon filter, duct pipe, thermometer hygrometer, timer, ropes, and metal clamps
  • Weight:- 20.7 Pounds

BloomGrow 4″ ventilation system grow tent kit is another extensive kit like one above just a little pricier and probably performs a bit better. This kit also includes an inline fan with speed controller, carbon filter, flex ducting, digital thermometer hygrometer, 24-hour timer, and ropes, and clamps for installation. The kit is available in 4-inches and 6-inches size variants to match the size of your grow system.

The kit can be installed for intake filtration or exhaust filter as the filter, and the fan is ideal for both kinds of setups. The fan is a 4-inch 190 CFM inline duct ventilation fan, which can be controlled with the speed controller that comes along with the kit. The carbon fiber is also of superior quality, which involved virgin activated charcoal with 1.5-inches of thick filling making filtration effective. A pre-filter also accompanies the filter for added filtration.

For installation, the flex ducting is of adjustable length and eases the task of installing. The kit also includes rope hangers and metal clamps for installation. The other kit components are useful for the growth setup for temperature and humidity monitoring and lighting controls. 


  • Virgin activated carbon filter with pre-filter
  • Fan with speed controller
  • Other growth equipment includes in the list
  • Sizes available


  • Little pricier than peers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the best grow tent ventilation kits

1. Do Grow Tents need ventilation?

A grow tent needs ventilation for airflow for plants and for the fresher environment of the setup. Ventilation is also required in order to maintain a pollutant-free environment and even temperature control. Due to the closed nature of a grow tent, effective ventilation can be achieved through a ventilation kit without letting the environment within the tent escape. These ventilation kits filter air and ventilate outside and also ventilates filter air inside the tent.

2. How do I set up ventilation grow tent?

Ventilation in a grow tent can be easily set up through ventilation kits, and we have the best of them listed above in our article. These kits consist of a carbon filter, a fan, and a duct. The filter is attached to the fan, which sucks in air through the carbon filter and exhausts it out through the tube. In the proper pollutants are absorbed by the filter. The same way ventilation can also be set up to ventilate the air inside the tent with a carbon filter, fan, and duct ventilation fresh air inside the grow tent.

3. Where can I exhaust a grow tent?

A grow tent can be easily and efficiently exhausted via a ventilation system or kit. The kit consists of a filter, fan, and duct. The filter takes in air through the suction of the fan and filters pollutants before the duct exhausts the air outside the tent. This way, you can exhaust your tent without polluting or making your space outside the tent smelly or like the environment inside the tent.

4. What size fan do I need for my grow tent?

Various fan sizes are available for different sizes of grow tent like 4-inch, 6-inch, and also 8-inch. A 4-inch fan is ideal for a small grow setup of upto six plants, a 6-inch for upto 10 to 12 plants, and 8-inch or multiple ones for more than 12 plants. Stinkier plants and a hot and humid environment of grow tents sometimes needs more ventilation, which is also why you will need a bigger fan.

5. Which is the best grow tent ventilation kit?

We have the best grow tent ventilation kits listed in our article above, which are carefully picked and reviewed for you. The best ones amongst them are iPower GLFANXINL4FILT4MD8CTR Grow Tent Ventilation, VIVOSUN 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Duct Fan with 6 Inch Carbon Filter, and VIVOSUN Air Filtration Kit.

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The Cumulation:-

So, with the end of this article, we have a list of best grow tent ventilation kits picked and reviewed for you to bring the best one home for your use. These ventilation kits are a must-have for a grow setup. They keep the environment inside your tent clean, ventilated, and free from pollutants. They also keep your outside environment under check by filtering the odor of the grow setup before exhausting. These kits can also be used to ventilate fresh air in just like exhausting it out, and you will set up a great setup by using these kits for both intake and exhaust.

The products above are value for money and time you invest in your grows, and they keep you delighted through their performance. We have everything listed you need to order like size, components, and weight. So, hit links above and order one or more for your grow setups and ventilate good in and bad out of your grows for healthy growth. We wish you happy growing!