Rockwool Grow Cubes & Fertilizers Near Me (2024) – Where Can I Buy Rockwool Cubes?

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“Where can I buy rockwool cubes near me”? This is a question commonly posed by cannabis growers because it can be difficult to find the right products. It can be frustrating to locate specific items needed for growing weed, especially ones that are necessary for hydroponic methods. Rockwool cubes, in particular, play a crucial role in cultivating cannabis plants.

In this article, we’ll talk a bit about hydroponic growth, its impact on your cannabis grow operation, the benefits of using rockwool cubes, and some information on the best cubes and fertilizers available in 2024. Specifically, we’ll cover the GRODAN 1″ X 1″ Starter Plug Rockwool Hydroponic Grow Media, Rockwool Starter Cubes 2.0″ For Seedling Propagation, 1.5″ Rockwool Starter Plugs Bulk Case, Advanced Nutrients 2320-14 Bud Candy Fertilizer, and the Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow.

Additionally, we’ll delve into hydroponic growth and explore the effects it has on your marijuana plants, specifically exploring the advantages of utilizing rockwool cubes. Furthermore, we’ll highlight the top sources for purchasing rockwool cubes in 2023, and we’ll offer some of our best recommendations for fertilizers and nutrients you can use alongside your cubes. Lastly, we’ll provide insights into using rockwool cubes for hydroponic growth. We hope to answer your questions about the availability of rockwool cubes near you and guide you in finding the nearest hydroponic store.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics involves cultivating plants without soil. Instead, water is directly supplied to the roots using various mediums. This technique has become a go-to choice for contemporary weed growers and offers accelerated plant growth and increased yield. Additionally, it enables marijuana cultivation in unfavorable soil conditions and maximizes space use. If you want to pursue indoor hydroponic marijuana growth, then you’ll need to know where to buy rockwool cubes and have a hydroponic grow kit handy.

What is Rockwool and How is it Beneficial for Growing Marijuana?

Rockwool is known for its mineral and stone composition, and it serves as a viable alternative to soil if you’re growing your weed indoors.

Rockwool is usually made from volcanic rock like basalt and limestone, and it excels at insulation while providing a great medium for growing your weed. The insulative properties of rockwool provide lots of drainage space for water, meaning your plant’s roots can thrive and absorb all the moisture they need. Buyers must ensure they buy plant-friendly rockwool rather than industrial-grade rockwool. So, if you’re searching for where to buy rockwool cubes for your marijuana cultivation, look no further than your closest hydroponic store that’s also highly rated.

The Best Rockwool Cubes in 2024 At Your Nearest Grow Store

If you’re wondering, “Where can I buy rockwool for my plants near me?”, then we’re about to give you the answers you’re looking for. The answer is probably one you may have already expected: Amazon! Amazon’s got you covered when it comes to growing your weed with hydroponics. Let’s check out the top 3 rockwool cubes in 2024:

#1. Grodan 1″ x 1″ Starter Plug Rockwool Hydroponic Grow Media

Looking for an affordable and versatile solution to grow your weed indoors? Look no further than the GRODAN 1″ X 1″ Starter Plug Rockwool Hydroponic Grow Media. With a set of 50 rockwool cubes, this product addresses the pain points of growers seeking optimal germination and cloning results. Priced at just a little over $7, these loose cubes are perfect for seed germination and cloning, and they give you the flexibility to use only the desired number of cubes – you can save the rest for later when you need them.

The GRODAN 1″ X 1″ Starter Plug Rockwool Hydroponic Grow Media is designed to make your planting process stress-free, and the pre-drilled holes that come with this product will streamline your seeding process and ensure robust plant growth. GRODAN is a trusted name in rockwool cubes, and as one of the largest producers of hydroponic growing mediums, we guarantee quality and reliability. Once germination is complete, you have two options: either transfer the entire plant with the cube to a larger rockwool setup or choose to plant it directly in the soil.

We’ve been using the GRODAN 1″ X 1″ Starter Plug Rockwool Hydroponic Grow Media for our hydroponic weed cultivation, and we think these cubes are super convenient to work with. We love the pre-drilled holes, which have saved us lots of time and effort during seeding. Plus, our germination rate has been outstanding, and the plants we’ve grown have been thriving.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking an affordable, reliable, and versatile solution for your hydroponic weed cultivation, the GRODAN 1″ X 1″ Starter Plug Rockwool Hydroponic Grow Media is your go-to choice. With its cost-effectiveness, pre-drilled holes for easy seeding, and the option to transfer plants or plant them directly in the soil offers convenience and flexibility.


  • Easy to use, come in seperate loose setup
  • Allows plants to germinate well
  • Cost effective
  • Pre-drilled holes ensure you don’t have to put in that effort



  • Some users have found it a little too small for their taste. Check your plant’s needs before you buy.


#2. Rockwool Starter Cubes 2.0″ for Seedling Propagation

Are you a grower searching for larger rockwool cubes? The ROCKWOOL Starter Cubes 2.0″ may be what you need when it comes to your seedling propagation. While 1″ cubes are great, we also know that lots of growers need more space. These 2-inch cubes are perfect for growers who need some extra space to work with. With the added convenience of pre-drilled holes, planting your seeds and kickstarting your growth journey has never been easier with these cubes, which provide abundant oxygen and nutrient storage for your weed plants.

The ROCKWOOL Starter Cubes 2.0″ provide an ideal solution for growers who have lots of – but not too much – space to work with for their grow operation. Once the roots of your plants have fully developed, you can separate these cubes from your plant and either transplant your seedlings into some soil or into a larger rockwool setup. Flexibility is tailored to your preferences, and the pre-drilled holes you get will streamline your growing process.

We’ve been using the ROCKWOOL Starter Cubes 2.0″ for our seedling propagation, and we think the larger size of these cubes perfectly accommodates our growing needs. The pre-drilled holes are a game-changer for us and have saved us countless hours during our planting. We also really appreciate the ample oxygen and nutrient storage that we were able to work with.

If you’re looking for rockwool cubes that are on the larger side, the ROCKWOOL Starter Cubes 2.0″ may be perfect for your seedling propagation. We always trust ROCKWOOL to deliver high-quality products that cater to growing needs, and this product didn’t disappoint.


  • Optimum size
  • Perfect water retention
  • Perfect oxygen retention
  • Pre-drilled holes



  • Users have pointed out that it is not so good for cloning purposes


#3. 1.5″ Rockwool Starter Plugs Bulk Case, 30 Sheets of 98 Plugs (2940 Plugs Total)

Are you a grower in need of rockwool cubes in bulk quantities? If you’ve been wondering, “Where can I buy rockwool grow cubes near me?”—especially in larger quantities—look no further than the 1.5” Rockwool Starter Plugs Bulk Case. With nearly 3000 units available for less than $300, this product is perfect for growers seeking to embark on large-scale hydroponic growth.

What sets these rockwool starter plugs apart is their impressive nutrient solution storage capacity. Additionally, they have excellent water absorption capabilities, ensuring optimal nourishment for your seedlings and germinating plants during the crucial early stages of growth. Sized at one and a half inches, the 1.5” Rockwool Start Plugs Bulk Case strikes the perfect balance for growers who desire something larger than 1-inch cubes but smaller than 2-inch cubes. With the added convenience of pre-drilled holes, planting your seeds becomes a breeze.

We feel that the 1.5″ Rockwool Starter Plugs Bulk Case has been a game-changer for us. For us, the quantity and affordability are unparalleled, which lets us pursue hydroponic growth on a large scale without having to break the bank. These cubes store an impressive amount of nutrient solutions and have ensured our seedlings receive the right nourishment during their early growth phase. The pre-drilled holes also make seeding a breeze.

For growers seeking rockwool cubes in bulk, the 1.5″ Rockwool Starter Plugs Bulk Case is the ultimate solution. With an abundance of units and an affordable price tag, it caters to large-scale hydroponic growth needs. And, since they’re sized at 1.5″, these cubers offer the ideal middle ground, making planting an effortless experience.


  • Good for bulk growers
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes
  • Absorbs oxygen well
  • Absorbs water well



  • Expensive for growers who don’t grow at such a large scale


Now that we have answered your question of ‘where to buy rockwool cubes’, let us try and understand a little bit about fertilizers and nutrients:


Buy the Best Fertilizers for Rockwool Cubes in 2024

When you grow your weed in rockwool cubes instead of growing it traditionally, you’re putting your plants in a medium that does not have any nutrients in it! Unlike soil, Rockwool is simply an insulator and hence you will need to add nutrients to it. Simply put, you will need to add a nutrient solution to the water that you put in the rockwool cubes and it will hold it well near the roots. Here’s a closer look at the best nutrients and fertilizers available for Rockwool cubes in 2023:

#1. Advanced Nutrients 2320-14 Bud Candy Fertilizer, 1 Liter

Are you seeking a fertilizer that addresses the early-stage needs of your plants? Look no further than Advanced Nutrients 2320-14 Bud Candy Fertilizer, 1 Liter. This remarkable product not only enhances seed quality and germination but also improves transplant survival rates. By providing this nutrient from the early stages, you can ensure the healthy and robust growth of your plants, resulting in flavorful and thriving buds.

The Bud Candy fertilizer is not limited to the early growth cycle; it can be utilized throughout the entire cultivation process, up until the harvest phase. Just remember to flush your plants before harvesting. This exceptional fertilizer contributes to the development of flavors and maximizes the utilization of natural sugars within the plant, enhancing the taste of your cannabis. Additionally, it aids in building potency during the curing phase.

The Advanced Nutrients 2320-14 Bud Candy Fertilizer has truly elevated our growing experience. From the early stages, we noticed a significant improvement in seed quality and germination rates. Transplanting became a breeze with increased survival rates. What amazed us the most was its versatility, and we continued to use it throughout the growth cycle up until our harvest.

The Advanced Nutrients 2320-14 Bud Candy Fertilizer, 1 Liter is the ultimate solution for growers seeking to optimize the early stages of their plants. Experience improved seed quality, germination rates, and transplant survival. Enjoy the benefits of flavorful buds enriched with naturally existing sugars – this versatile fertilizer accompanies your plants throughout the growth cycle, delivering exceptional taste and potency.


  • Good for all phases of growth
  • Provides flavour
  • Helps improve transplant survival rate
  • 100% organic



  • Some users find 1 liter a little too less


#2. Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow, Pack of 3, 1 L Each

Struggling to find the right nutrients for your plants’ different growth phases? Look no further than Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow. This exceptional set of three premium nutrients is specifically designed to address the specific needs of the bloom phase, growth phase, and overall plant development. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for individual nutrients, as this comprehensive product provides your plants with the essential amino acids required for optimal growth.

The ‘balance-free pH Perfect Technology’ of this product takes the guesswork out of maintaining the right pH levels for your plants. The Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow allow you to enjoy exceptional taste and potency from your marijuana plants. These nutrients work in harmony, and when used together, they produce remarkable results.

We feel that the Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow has revolutionized our growing process. The convenience of having all three essential nutrients in one package is a game-changer, and we noticed a significant improvement in the taste and potency of our plants. The unique blend of amino acids, fulvic acid, and non-ionic surfactant has enhanced our plants’ nutrient absorption, resulting in vigorous and healthy growth.

The Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow is the ultimate solution for growers seeking convenience, quality, and outstanding results. You’ll benefit from a multi-stage delivery matrix that enhances nutrient absorption, so you can say goodbye to pH level concerns with this product’s ‘balance-free pH Perfect Technology’ and experience a remarkable taste and potency from your plants.


  • Ensures that the nutrients are absorbed well
  • Good taste and potency of the bud
  • Good for each phase of the marijuana plant’s growth cycle



  • Some users have found the concentration a little weak for their choice


FAQs Regarding Hydroponics Store Near You

#1. Is hydroponics better than traditional soil-based growth?

This is a question that does not really have a definite answer. If you are someone who is very used to growing weed via traditional soil-based means then perhaps you should continue doing that. If you are the experimental types and want to try out hydroponic growth, you should totally give it a try and see if it is the method that suits you more.

Personally, it is a matter of the grower’s choice and the resources that he or she has at their disposal. People who live in areas with easy access to soil and with large spaces to grow their weed in generally prefer growing their weed in soil. However, hydroponics is quickly becoming very popular among advanced modern-day growers, thanks to the quick growth and high returns that it offers.

#2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydroponic growth?

Among the advantages of hydroponic form of growth are faster growth of plants and getting better yields. Moreover, growing weed this way ensures that you can spray your water directly at the roots instead of pouring it on the soil from where it takes a longer time to reach the roots. This also ensures that nutrients are directly reaching the roots as well. These are some of the best reasons as to why people are choosing hydroponic growth over regular form of growing weed via soil.

Among the disadvantages of growing weed using they hydroponic method of growth is the fact that it does not carry any nutrients in itself like soil and you will need to provide nutrients to the plants by mixing it with water every time you water the plants. Moreover, providing water directly to the plants makes them susceptible to certain water-borne diseases.

#3. Is it safe to grow weed in rockwool cubes?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to grow weed in rockwool cubes and tens of thousands of growers around the world are already doing this with great success. You just need to ensure one thing that the rockwool cubes you are using to grow weed are ones which are meant for growing plants and are not industrial quality cubes which are often toxic and end up damaging the plants. Make sure to get hold of a plant-friendly rockwool cube. Pro tip for beginners: the three cubes we have mentioned above in this article are absolutely safe to use to grow weed!

#4. Why do I need to provide nutrients every time I water my weed in rockwool cubes?

When you grow weed in soil, it carries nutrients in itself. However, when you are using a hydroponic method to grow weed, the soil does not carry nutrients and hence you need to provide them yourself. Nutrients can be provided to the plants via mixing them in water and then providing that water to the rockwool cubes.

#5. Where can I find rockwool cubes near me? 

The best way to find rockwool cubes near you is to visit the nearest hydroponic store near you. However, when you ask, “How can I find the nearest hydroponic store near me”, the best answer to that is to check it out on Google Maps. If you still can’t find one, Amazon is your best friend as you can get some really good quality rockwool cubes on Amazon. We have listed three such cubes above, you might want to check out more on the website itself.

#6. Can I trust Amazon for weed-related products?

Now, this is a question that does not have a definite and sure-shot objective answer. It depends on which seller on Amazon do you choose to buy your rockwool cubes from and what kind of rating has the seller received in the past. Always make sure that you check out the rating of the seller and the reviews of the product before you head out to buy it. We have provided a review of some of the best rockwell cubes for growing weed from Amazon above in this article.


The Final Say On Where You Can Buy Rockwool Grow Cubes & Fertilizers Near You

We hope that this article on ‘hydroponics stores near me’ helped you gain a better insight on hydroponic growth as well as on nutrients and fertilizers that are important for you to grow your weed in. Rockwool cubes are an important aspect of hydroponic growth and we hope that this article helped resolve all your doubts about this form of growth using this unique medium! Do let us know over mail or comments if we have missed out on something that you wish to know!

Happy Growing 🙂


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