Hydroponics Store Near Me (2020) – Where can I buy Rockwool Cubes Near Me

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Hydroponics Store Near Me – Where can I buy Rockwool Cubes Near Me: One of the biggest problems that people who grow weed or want to grow weed tend to face is that they often find themselves in a situation where they don’t know where to buy stuff from! There are certain products which are very particular to the needs of those who grow cannabis but they don’t know how to get easy access to it! Not every marketplace sells these products. One such product for growing weed is Rockwool cubes. These are important for those growers who are looking forward to growing weed via hydroponic methods.

Over the course of this article, we will take a closer look at what exactly is hydroponic growth, how it affects the growth of plants, and then take a closer look at what Rockwool cubes are and how are they beneficial for growing cannabis plants. Post that, we take a look at some of the best rockwool cubes and where to buy rockwool cubes that you can buy in 2020 as well as some of the best fertilizers/nutrients that you can use along with the rockwell cubes. Lastly, we will also take a look at how you can use these cubes for hydroponic growth. To sum it up, we will try and answer your question of ‘where can i buy rockwool cubes near me’ and ‘which are the closest hydroponics stores near me?’

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics, for those who may not be aware, is the process of growing marijuana (or other plants) without actually having to use soil as the medium of growth. Instead, water is provided directly to the roots via different sorts of mediums. While this has been a method which has been in use since ancient times (think about the hanging gardens of Babylon) but has been something which is being adapted by a large number of people who grow weed indoors these days.

Hydroponics involves providing water directly to the roots, which ensures that the plants grow at a faster pace and even help increase the overall yield that they provide. Moreover, considering that this method of growing marijuana completely eliminates the usage of soil, it is actually something that can be used to grow weed even in places where the conditions of the soil isn’t favourable. In addition to that, this method of growth also allows you to grow more marijuana in less surface area. You need a hydroponic grow kit in order to grow marijuana indoors using hydroponics but this technique is really effective for modern-day growers.

What is Rockwool and How is it Beneficial for Growing Marijuana?

Before we answer your question of ‘Where can I find the best hydroponics store near me’, let us look at what Rockwool is and how is it useful for those who want to grow marijuana indoors

While most people know rockwool as an insulator which is made out of minerals and stones, it is essentially good for replacing soil as a medium of growth for the cannabis plants. Usually made out of a combination of basalt, which is a volcanic rock, and limestone, rockwool is great for insulation but also good for growing weed in it! The insulative properties of rockwool make it an ideal choice for growing the marijuana plant in, because it provides the root with enough space for drainage of water while also allowing them to grow well and absorb all the required amount of water. However, buyers need to be aware that they are not buying rockwool which is industrial-grade and are instead buying the plant-friendly rockwool!

Providing nutrients along with the water in rockwool cubes is great for weed because it ensures a better and faster growth as well as higher yields. If you were wondering where to buy rockwool cubes from to grow your marijuana in, here’s the answer:

Buy Rockwool Now: Best Rockwool Cubes in 2020

Those looking for the answer to where can you find hydroponics stores near you, the answer is pretty simple and straightforward – Amazon! It has pretty much everything that you need when it comes to growing weed by hydroponics with the help of rockwool cubes. Here’s a closer look at the top 3 rockwool cubes in 2020:

#1. Grodan 1″ x 1″ Starter Plug Rockwool Hydroponic Grow Media

This is a set of 50 rockwool cubes for growers who are looking forward to grow their weed hydroponically. These are quite cost-effective, as they cost a little over $7, and are loose cubes which are good for the germination of the seed. They are even useful for people who like to clone their weed. One of the best things about these rockwool cubes are that you don’t have to use them all at once. You can use the ones you want and keep the rest away for later. 

In order to make it easy for the growers to plant their seed, the company has already provided pre-drilled holes which ensure that the seeding process is not tough and the plant grows well. Grodan is a popular name when it comes to rockwool cubes and the company is among the largest producer of hydroponic growing mediums. Once the germination process has taken place, you can choose to take the entire plant along with the cube and put it in a larger rockwool setup or choose to plant it in soil as well. 


  • Easy to use, come in seperate loose setup
  • Allows plants to germinate well
  • Cost effective
  • Pre-drilled holes ensure you don’t have to put in that effort


  • Some users have found it a little too small for their taste. Check your plant’s needs before you buy.

#2. Rockwool Starter Cubes 2.0″ for Seedling Propagation

The rockwool cubes that we saw above from Grodan were of 1” in size. However, these cubes are twice that size – 2 inches. These are good for the growers who know that 1 inch is going to be a little too small for their needs. These cubes come with pre-drilled holes too, which makes it quite convenient for the growers to simply plant in their seed and start growing. These have ample amount of space to store oxygen as well as nutrients which will be required by the plant for its growth. 

Once the roots start to develop, you can easily separate the cubes from the plant and then choose to transplant the seedling into soil or into a bigger rockwool setup – however you wish to do it. These are a great option for those who know that their growing needs are going to be a little larger but not too large a space will be needed. Pre-drilled holes are another great plus point.


  • Optimum size
  • Perfect water retention
  • Perfect oxygen retention
  • Pre-drilled holes


  • Users have pointed out that it is not so good for cloning purposes

#3. 1.5″ Rockwool Starter Plugs Bulk Case, 30 Sheets of 98 Plugs (2940 Plugs Total)

Rockwool cubes are used by all sorts of growers and some growers might require them in bulk! If you are asking this question to yourself – where to buy rockwool cubes near me?, especially for bulk orders the answer to it would be this very set of rockwool starter plugs. Almost 3000 units at a cost of less than $300! This is the ideal setup for growers looking forward to trying hydroponic growth at a large scale. 

What makes it stand out is the amazing capacity it has to store nutrient solutions. Moreover, these cubes can also absorb a great amount of water, which ensures that the seedlings and the germinating plant are getting just the right type of nourishment during this very early and critical phase of their growth. These are 1.5” cubes which are great for growers who want something bigger than 1-inch cubes and something smaller than 2-inch cubes. This too, comes with pre-drilled holes, which makes it easy for the growers to put their seeds in,


  • Good for bulk growers
  • Comes with pre-drilled holes
  • Absorbs oxygen well
  • Absorbs water well


  • Expensive for growers who don’t grow at such a large scale

Now that we have answered your question of ‘where to buy rockwool cubes’, let us try and understand a little bit about fertilizers and nutrients: 


Buy the Best Fertilizers for Rockwool Cubes in 2020:

When you grow your weed in rockwool cubes instead of growing it in the traditional way, i.e. with soil, you are basically putting your plants in a medium which does not have any nutrients in it! Unlike soil, Rockwool is simply an insulator and hence you will need to add nutrients to it. Simply put, you will need to add a nutrient solution to the water that you put in the rockwool cubes and it will hold it well near the roots. Here’s a closer look at the best nutrients and fertilizers available for Rockwool cubes in 2020:

#1. Advanced Nutrients 2320-14 Bud Candy Fertilizer, 1 Liter

When your plant is at an early stage, providing them with the Bud Candy fertilizer is a great option as it ensures that the seed’s quality improves, the germination process happens as intended and the transplant survival rate also increases. Furthermore, providing this nutrient at an early stage would allow you to ensure that the plant grows up healthy and strong and provides a flourishing bud which is rich in flavour. 

While it is a nutrient that many growers tend to provide at the beginning of the growth cycle, one of the best things about it is that you can use it right till the harvest phase. However, you’ll need to flush your plant once before you harvest so take care of that! It helps develop the flavour as well as make the best use of naturally existing sugar in the plant so that your weed gets a good taste. It also helps build potency in the plant during the curing phase. 


  • Good for all phases of growth
  • Provides flavour
  • Helps improve transplant survival rate
  • 100% organic


  • Some users find 1 liter a little too less

#2. Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow, Pack of 3, 1 L Each

This is a set of three nutrients – one for the bloom phase, one for the growth phase, and a third one for helping your plants to grow in a better way. These nutrients are a premium product which provide the plants with all the right types of amino acids that are needed for the growth. In addition to this, there’s also the presence of fulvic acid and non-ionic surfactant which together form a multi-stage delivery matrix that helps the plants absorb the nutrients in a better manner. 

There’s a specially designed ‘balance-free ph perfect technology’ which ensures that the right ph levels are being provided to the plants. Growers who have used these nutrients to grow their plant have reported that they have managed to grow good-tasting marijuana and that the potency of the weed is pretty good as well. All three of them have to be used in conjunction with each other but the amount of each that you provide will vary from phase to phase of growth.


  • Ensures that the nutrients are absorbed well
  • Good taste and potency of the bud
  • Good for each phase of the marijuana plant’s growth cycle


  • Some users have found the concentration a little weak for their choice

#3. Advanced Nutrients 6201-15AB pH Perfect Sensi Grow Part A+B, 4 Liter

Last but not the least, the Sensi Grow nutrients will help ensure that your plant kicks off its journey with quite a bang. This is just the perfect type of nutrient to provide your plant at this early stage of its growth. Providing this nutrient at an early stage of growth will ensure that when the plant matures, its foundations remain strong and that it is better prepared for what is to come. This is a two-part base which is great for the plants during this young stage.

This helps ensure that the seedling remains protected and gets all the right types of nutrients. When used with a combination of the Bud Candy fertilizer, it provides optimum results as the plants that grow become strong and healthy, as well as tasty and offer a good flavour. They are also good to smoke as they offer a very potent bud. Nutrients are hence critical for the good growth of a seedling into a plant.


  • One of the best fertilizers/nutrients for early stage of growth
  • Best used in combination with Bud Candy
  • Helps prepare the plant for the future stages of growth


  • Some users have reported issues about salt buildup

Now that you know which are the best rockwool cubes to grow your weed in and which are the best fertilizers or nutrients that you need to grow your weed, let us take a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions about this process:

FAQs Regarding Hydroponics Store Near Me 

#1. Is hydroponics better than traditional soil-based growth?

This is a question that does not really have a definite answer. If you are someone who is very used to growing weed via traditional soil-based means then perhaps you should continue doing that. If you are the experimental types and want to try out hydroponic growth, you should totally give it a try and see if it is the method that suits you more. 

Personally, it is a matter of the grower’s choice and the resources that he or she has at their disposal. People who live in areas with easy access to soil and with large spaces to grow their weed in generally prefer growing their weed in soil. However, hydroponics is quickly becoming very popular among advanced modern-day growers, thanks to the quick growth and high returns that it offers.

#2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydroponic growth?

Among the advantages of hydroponic form of growth are faster growth of plants and getting better yields. Moreover, growing weed this way ensures that you can spray your water directly at the roots instead of pouring it on the soil from where it takes a longer time to reach the roots. This also ensures that nutrients are directly reaching the roots as well. These are some of the best reasons as to why people are choosing hydroponic growth over regular form of growing weed via soil.

Among the disadvantages of growing weed using they hydroponic method of growth is the fact that it does not carry any nutrients in itself like soil and you will need to provide nutrients to the plants by mixing it with water every time you water the plants. Moreover, providing water directly to the plants makes them susceptible to certain water-borne diseases.  

#3. Is it safe to grow weed in rockwool cubes?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to grow weed in rockwool cubes and tens of thousands of growers around the world are already doing this with great success. You just need to ensure one thing that the rockwool cubes you are using to grow weed are ones which are meant for growing plants and are not industrial quality cubes which are often toxic and end up damaging the plants. Make sure to get hold of a plant-friendly rockwool cube. Pro tip for beginners: the three cubes we have mentioned above in this article are absolutely safe to use to grow weed!

#4. Why do I need to provide nutrients every time I water my weed in rockwool cubes?

When you grow weed in soil, it carries nutrients in itself. However, when you are using a hydroponic method to grow weed, the soil does not carry nutrients and hence you need to provide them yourself. Nutrients can be provided to the plants via mixing them in water and then providing that water to the rockwool cubes. 

#5. Where can I find rockwool cubes near me? 

The best way to find rockwool cubes near you is to visit the nearest hydroponic store near you. However, when you say ‘how can i find the nearest hydroponic store near me’, the best answer to that is to check it out on Google maps. If you still cant find one, Amazon is your best friend as you can get some really good quality rockwool cubes on Amazon. We have listed three such cubes above, you might want to check out more on the website itself.

#6. Can I trust Amazon for weed-related products?

Now, this is a question that does not have a definite and sure-shot objective answer. It depends on which seller on Amazon do you choose to buy your rockwool cubes from and what kind of rating has the seller received in the past. Always make sure that you check out the rating of the seller and the reviews of the product before you head out to buy it. We have provided a review of some of the best rockwell cubes for growing weed from Amazon above in this article. 



We hope that this article on ‘hydroponics stores near me’ helped you gain a better insight on hydroponic growth as well as on nutrients and fertilizers that are important for you to grow your weed in. Rockwool cubes are an important aspect of hydroponic growth and we hope that this article helped resolve all your doubts about this form of growth using this unique medium! Do let us know over mail or comments if we have missed out on something that you wish to know! 

Happy Growing 🙂