The 10+ Best Humidifier for Grow Tent & Room – Cheap, Small, Medium, Large Humidifiers Reviews 2022

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The 10+ Best Humidifier for Grow Tent and Room – Cheap, Small, Medium, Large Humidifiers Reviews 2022: When you begin to grow marijuana, it seems like a rather tough task at first. Seeing those tiny seeds and wondering how long it will be before they evolve into full-fledged flowering plants is quite a thought! Over the months that you watch your plants grow from a seedling to a flowering plant, there’s a whole lot of time and attention that you have to give to the plant. When a marijuana plant grows outdoors in the open, most of its needs are met by the natural environment, however, growing it inside an indoor setup requires special care and attention. One such element that you need to ensure that you are providing to your cannabis plant is humidity. Over the course of this article, we will look at some of the best humidifiers for grow tent and grow rooms which will help you grow your weed in a better manner.

All plants require four basic elements for growth: Light, heat, air, and water. The air that the plants have around them needs to have a certain level of humidity which is good for their growth. Marijuana plants in particular require a different level of humidity during their growth phase and a different level of humidity during their flowering phase. Hence when you grow your weed indoors, you need to get a humidifier! Let us take a closer look at why humidity is important for the marijuana plant:

What is a Humidifier and Why Does Your Grow Tent/Grow Room Need It?

Before you understand why your marijuana plant requires a humidifier, you need to know why humidity is essential for the plant. Basically, not just for weed but for any plant, when there is moisture in the air, the plants can open up their stomata and absorb the water in the air directly via the leaves. This reduces the stress on roots and ensures the water reaches the leaves faster. However, there are certain stages in the growth cycle of the plant where low humidity is also beneficial. 

When your marijuana plant is in the vegetative or growth phase, it requires a high amount of moisture in the air and hence a high level of humidity. However, as the plant grows and reaches the flowering stage, that is the time you need to provide a higher amount of nutrients to it so that the flowers grow well and the plants get all the proper elements required for a good bloom. These nutrients are mixed in water and provided via the soil from where the roots absorb them up. At this time, you need to lower the humidity levels so that plants can absorb less water via leaves and more via roots.

Humidifiers are basically devices which can spray moisture into the air so that the leaves can absorb it directly and are highly beneficial to the plants during the early stages. Let us now take a closer look at some of the best humidifiers for grow tents and the best humidifiers for grow rooms. 

Top 10+ Best Humidifiers for Grow Tents and Grow Rooms

#1. Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Humidifier

We begin our list of the best humidifiers that you can find in the markets with one from Honeywell, which is one of the most popular and trusted names internationally when it comes to equipment related to air quality. This is a white coloured Honeywell cool moisture console humidifier. There’s a black variant as well, but it is out of stock for now. This is one of the best humidifiers under $100 and is great when you want to use it in large areas such as grow rooms. This is a 3 gallon humidifier console which also comes along with a humidistat and other features such as auto shut-off.

A humidistat is like a thermostat but for humidity, which ensures that humidity of a particular level is maintained in the room. Not only is this one of the best humidifiers for grow rooms, but it is also a great choice for you if you want to use it for a general purpose such as your living room. Having humid air can make breathing easier and improve sleep, especially useful around the time of the year that the air tends to get dry. This humidifier from Honeywell can maintain a humidity level of 40 to 60% in your home or in your grow room. This is also a good choice for you if you have multiple rooms in which you want the air to be humid. 

When you take a closer look at the build of the device, there are two water tanks which can be opened up and cleaned with ease. There are two lights on this humidifier which tell you when the humidity level you desire has been reached and another one which indicates ‘tank empty’. Furthermore, it also has a wicking filter that makes sure that impurities are removed from the water in the tank which is about to be sent into the air in your room, ensuring you get a good quality humid air. It comes with a 3 year limited warranty.


  • Silent operation
  • 3 year warranty
  • Easy to use, easy to clean
  • Great for large rooms and grow rooms
  • Sturdy build


  • Some users have faced problems after filter replacement.

#2. Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier, 2.5L Essential Oil Humidifiers with 7-Color Mood Lights

This is an interesting choice! Those looking forward to buying the best humidifiers for grow rooms and grow tents need to consider this one for sure! The homasy cool mist humidifier comes with a large, 2.5 liter tank which allows you to store a lot of water in it – but it also features another interesting thing: mood lighting with seven different colored lights. This is a humidifier which can double up as a light in your room as well, which is a really cool feature. When you look at the price of this humidifier, you’d be surprised as it costs just a little over $30 which is a great price for a product like this.

In addition to everything it does, it is also compatible with essential oils, meaning you can directly add a few drops of oil on to the tank and the scent of the oil will then make its way all around your room! What is also impressive about this humidifier is that it is very easy to operate. Simply open up the top of the device and fill in the water and add the oil if you wish to and close the lid. This humidifier from Homasy comes with a touch-based control panel which is really smooth to operate. It features two levels of humidity – high and low, and a ‘sleep mode’. In the sleep mode, the mood light and the mist lights will be turned off.

This humidifier can provide up to 30 hours of continuous humidification, and ensures that there is a 360 degree coverage. This is great for those who are looking for humidifiers for grow tents and grow rooms because this will make sure your plants get the best coverage. This is a dual-purpose humidifier as you can choose to use it in your grow room as well as it fits well in your bedroom! It is also quite cost effective and also comes with an 18-month replacement warranty! 


  • Can double up as an essential oils diffuser
  • Comes with mood lighting
  • Cost effective
  • Good for medium sized rooms, grow rooms and grow tents
  • Silent operation


  • Some users have found a black sediment in the tank after use, but the units are easily replaceable under warranty.

#3. LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom (6L)

With a carrying capacity of 6 liters of water, this humidifier from LEVOIT is one of the best humidifiers for grow rooms – for the growers growing a large number of plants in a big area, this is the ideal humidifier! It has a mist output which goes up to 500ml per hour, and the big 6L tank allows it to work for as many as 36 hours of continuous usage when you run it on the ‘low mist’ mode. This humidifier allows you to release warm mist as well as cool mist – this ensures that no matter how the weather outside is, you can set an ideal weather condition inside your room giving you the utmost comfort. This is also great for growing plants as you can provide a proper seasonal experience. 

The warm and cool mist settings are great for users because warm mist humidifies your room at a speed which is 25% faster compared to the cool mist. However, cool mist is great for your skin during summers! The humidifier also comes with a built-in control that ensures that when the desired humidity levels are met it stops for a while. Furthermore, it has an auto shut-off feature which shuts the device down once the water in the tank has emptied. The LEVOIT humidifier has been designed keeping in mind your need to get a proper sleep – it has a near-silent operation and also offers the ability to turn the display light off so that it does not bother you at night.

The humidifier also comes with a remote control, making operations really simple. Furthermore, it is very easy to clean and maintain as well. It offers a filterless design which makes sure you do not have to spend money on new filters from time to time. Rooms as large as 753 square feet can easily be covered with the help of this humidifier making it a great pick for those with large grow rooms!


  • Comes with a large 6L tank good for large grow rooms and rooms
  • Filterless design – no need to replace filters frequently
  • Offers both, warm and cool mist
  • Comes with a remote control


  • Some users have complained about the built-in hygrometer not working as intended

#4. Horticat U80Pro Ultrasonic Mist Commercial Humidifier

The Horticat U80Pro is a premium humidifier for those looking for a commercial-grade high-power product. This is one of the best humidifiers for those who are looking forward to using it in really large grow rooms for horticultural purposes. It supports about 80 pints of mist (equivalent of almost 37 liters) per day. This humidifier comes with day and night modes, and allows it to be controlled remotely. There’s also a built-in humidistat to ensure that the humidity levels are maintained well.

Another great thing about this humidifier that separates it from many others here is that it comes with the ability to get connected to a main water source which will ensure that you have a continuous supply of water. You can also mount it directly on to your wall. The operation in itself is ultra quiet and does not create any disturbing sound. The mist that this humidifier produces is also very fine in nature and you won’t see it disturbing you at all. If you choose to buy multiple units you can have them wirelessly controlled via multilink. This humidifier works well in rooms as large as 800 square feet.

What also sets this apart from your regular humidifiers is that you don’t find people using this in their homes as this is a commercial grade product meant specifically for providing humidity to those who have specific horticultural needs. The mist stays in the air and does not create a mess on the floor. Setting it up is also relatively simple and anyone who is looking forward to getting the best humidifiers for grow rooms and is willing to shell some money should certainly consider this product from Horticat.


  • Commercial grade product great for big grow rooms
  • Connects directly to water source
  • Supports remote control
  • Can be multi-linked with more units


  • Can be a little complex to operate for a first-timer
  • Not suitable for small-scale growers

#5. Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Up until now we’ve been looking at all the big air purifiers which are a great choice for those looking forward to buying it for their grow rooms. However, what about the growers who are looking forward to getting the best humidifiers for grow tents and for smaller growing areas? This Crane ultrasonic cool mist humidifier, along with the subsequent few others are all great options for those wanting to buy a humidifier for smaller spaces. 

First things first, this is a small-sized device which is shaped like a drop of water. The design is pretty catchy and the body comes in 9 different colours (8 if you count white and clear white the same). There’s a removable one-gallon (3.7L) tank which this humidifier features. Another great thing about this air humidifier is that it operates where silently. Given that this is a small-sized portable device, it can be kept in places such as under bathroom sinks or in kitchens for ensuring it provides proper levels of humidity in these places. It is made of an antimicrobial material which ensures no molds or bacteria grow in it, keeping your air safe to breathe in. 

This features a filterless design and hence no need to buy new filters from time to time. This humidifier allows you to humidify small rooms and grow tents. There’s an auto shut-off sensor on the device which shuts it down once the tank has been emptied and all the moisture is in the air! There’s also another interesting thing – it comes with a knob which has many levels of operation from the least to the most. It allows you a much greater level of control over humidity than many other humidifiers which have just a ‘low mode’ and a ‘high mode’. It can run up to 24 hours and provide a great experience for grow rooms and grow tents as well as in bedrooms and living room! 


  • Great design, comes in many colour options
  • Very quiet operation
  • No filter needed
  • Cost effective
  • Small sized and portable


  • Some users have had problems with durability

#6. MOVTIP Portable Mini Humidifier, 500 ml

Portable Mini Humidifier, 500ml Small Cool Mist Humidifier, USB Personal Desktop Humidifier for Baby Bedroom Travel Office Home, Auto Shut-Off, 2 Mist Modes, Super Quiet, White
  • 【NOTE】Do not use essential oils,perfume, distilled water, which will cause the cotton swab to clog and the Humidifier to be unusable. Please make sure the cotton core has soaked a few minutes before you turning it on. Any quality problem, please do feel free to email us.
  • 【PORTABLE MINI HUMIDIFIER】Portable and small design(3.74*5.07inch) is very easy take with you anywhere and super perfect for travel,bedroom,office, which is effectively moisturize dry skin and help you reduce skin peeling.

If you find the one-gallon humidifier above a little too big for your taste this is perhaps the perfect choice for you. The MOVTIP portable mini humidifier has a 500ml tank which is simply the perfect size for anyone who is looking forward to use humidifiers to grow marijuana inside a grow tent. This is indeed one of the best humidifiers for grow tents and it comes with a very good-looking minimal design style as well. It is very small in size and its portability is one of the biggest advantages it has. This humidifier from MOVTIP also doubles up as a night light. 

There are two ‘mist modes’ in this humidifier as it allows you with either a continuous 12-hour spray or an intermittent spraying of 18 hours. There’s a built-in water level sensor inside the humidifier which will ensure that once the water empties, it shuts down. Another great thing about this is that there’s only one button on it which controls practically everything from the light to the mist levels. This makes sure that using the humidifier is a very easy task. 

It does not create any sound while it works which is another great thing about this humidifier. It creates a polymer water mist which spreads out into the air and does not settle on into the floor and does not create any mess. Owing to its small size, this is one of the best humidifiers for grow tents, particularly the small-sized grow tents where setting it up to work for 18 hours would do wonders for those who are looking forward to growing marijuana indoors. One more interesting thing about this humidifier is that it functions on a USB cable, which ensures that users do not need to worry about damaging the original cable and can even use it while they travel!


  • Simple operation
  • Great for small spaces and grow tents
  • Comes with a night light
  • Works on USB cables
  • Good minimal design


  • Does not support essential oils

#7. Pure Guardian H965AR Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This is a good humidifier for those looking forward to use one for large grow tents or medium sized or small sized grow rooms. This one comes from Pure Guardian and offers the growers with a tank which can store up to 1 gallon of water. This humidifier can cover up to 320 sq. ft. and can run for 70 hours straight if you set it on the ideal settings. What makes this humidifier special and among one of the best humidifiers for grow tents and grow rooms is that it dispenses the mist on to the room using ultrasonic technology which ensures that the mist is very fine and does not cause a mess by settling down on the floor or walls. 

This humidifier also comes with a silver clean protection technology that ensures no mold or mildew gather on the surface of the tank, ensuring you get clean water all the time. Another great thing about this humidifier from Pure Guardian is the fact that it comes with the support for essential oils. There’s an ‘aromatherapy tray’ for that which allows you to put oil into the humidifier so that it can be spread across the room. This humidifier, unlike many others, is very quiet when it comes to dispensing mist. It does not make a sound and is ideal for using in the living room or the bedroom! 

Interestingly, this humidifier from Pure Guardian can also double up as a night light! The device automatically shuts off once the water in the tank gets empty which ensures that it does not get damaged and you do not have to constantly monitor the water levels. There are indicative lights on the device which will alert you when the water level is low. You can also control the speed of mist dispensation based on the need of your plants in your grow room. 


  • Quiet operation
  • Doubles up as a night light
  • Long runtime of 70 hours
  • Supports essential oils
  • Good for grow tents and grow rooms


  • Objects beneath the humidifier can get wet when using the ‘high’ setting

#8. Holmes Cool Mist Comfort Humidifier

This cool mist humidifier from Holmes is a humidifier for somewhat larger rooms. It comes with a 1.5 gallon tank and comes out into the markets in two variants – one with a digital control panel and another where you have to control it manually. This one here is the one which comes with the digital panel, making it easy for you to control the humidifier. The Holmes HM1865-U can run for as many as 48 hours under ideal settings.

There’s a built-in humidistat which knows the level of humidity in your room and dispenses or stops the mist according to that. There’s a programmable timer that allows you to adjust the settings in a perfect manner. These two features are what make it one of the best grow room humidifiers as this will ensure that appropriate humidity levels are maintained around your plants and you can also time it for perfection. Design-wise, the humidifier is quite sturdy and durable, which is another plus point. There’s a HWF65 C filter which can be replaced from time to time which provides an anti-microbial protection to the water that goes out into the air. 

There are four comfort settings on this humidifier – high, low, medium and auto. This humidifier from Holmes dispenses cool mist, which is great for your skin as well as good to keep the temperatures cool during summer months. This is also beneficial for the plants as it will ensure that while they are getting enough water, the temperatures are also maintained low. This is a somewhat large item, and is ideal to be kept in large rooms or perhaps even for a multi-room setup. 


  • Great for large rooms or for multi-room setup
  • Produces cool mist
  • Can run for up to 48 hours!
  • Durability is good


  • Some users have expressed displeasure over the water tank’s cap

#9. Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier

Another one for large rooms! This humidifier, the Vornado Evap40 can provide humidity to very large rooms which are as big as 1000 sq.ft. This humidifier has a very good circulation system, where the fan works as fast as 1600 RPM and the minimum speed it operates on is 750 RPM. This is a premium humidifier for those looking forward to buying the best humidifiers for grow rooms. There are two knobs on it for easy control – one decides the humidity level and the other the speed of circulation. There’s also a light that alerts you when the device is on. 

This humidifier from Vornado also comes with a built-in humidistat which ensures that the humidity levels are maintained as per your needs. There are three speed settings – high, medium and low based on which the mist will be dispensed into the room. Another good thing about this humidifier is that there is a large 4-gallon water tank (actually two tanks of two gallons each) which stores a lot of water and almost the entire tank can be emptied out over a 24-hour period. This is an airlocked water tank which is easy to fill and easy to clean. 

The Vornado Evap40 has a 5 year warranty on it, which is quite decent for a humidifier. There’s also a patented technology which allows the air circulation to be better, the company calls this the ‘vortex action’. The air that you get is quite pure and safe to breathe in because it passes through two filters before it reaches you. What truly makes this one of the best humidifiers for grow rooms is that it offers a vast coverage area which is great for large grow rooms for large-scale growers. 


  • Can humidify large rooms
  • Large tank capacity of 4 gallons
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Good warranty period


  • Bulky-looking, aesthetically there are many better options available.


#10. IDEAL-AIR Commercial Grade Humidifier – 75 Pints

Last on our list but certainly not the least – this is a premium humidifier for those looking forward to buying the best humidifiers for grow tents and grow rooms. The air purifier costs you almost $300 but comes with some really cool features. First up, the look and feel of the device is pretty unique and it has been designed with a premium user in mind. The way it is designed also allows this humidifier from IDEAL-AIR to spray mist on all directions. When you look at the coverage, it ranges between 160 to 320 sq.ft. making it good for small rooms and large grow tents.

The maximum output this humidifier can offer is 75 pints per day, which is a lot for a small room or a grow tent. This is a commercial grade humidifier from IDEAL AIR, making it a good choice for growers and farmers who want to grow marijuana indoors – and particularly for those who are looking forward to growing a lot of it! Like the other commercial air humidifier that we have on our list above, this one too can connect directly to a water source for continuous supply of mist in the air. 

The fact that you can connect your own water source is a really unique advantage that this one offers over traditional day-to-day humidifiers which come with tanks where you have to fill water every time. With having a water source attached to it, you do not need to worry about filling it with water every time the tank gets empty! This is certainly something that longtime growers and professional marijuana growers would certainly be looking forward to buy!


  • Sprays mist in 360 degrees
  • One of the best humidifiers for grow tents
  • Connects directly to water source
  • Good for pro growers


  • Some users have complained that they got used/broken models
  • Does not have a humidistat built-in

Buyer’s Guide: Factors To Consider

Now that you know which are some of the best options for you when you are looking forward to buying a grow room humidifier, let us take a look at some of the factors you need to consider before you make a final choice and buy the humidifier of your choice. 

  • Room Size: Room size is for those who are going to be buying humidifiers for grow rooms. If you are buying one for your tent, you need to check the size of the grow tent. The capacity and range of the humidifier should be sufficient enough to provide desired levels of humidity to the entire room or tent. Similarly, it should not be so big that creates excess humidity. 
  • The Plant That You Are Growing: You need to be very well aware about the plant that you are planning to grow – when does it need moisture, when does it not need humid air, what kind of humid air does it thrive in (warm or cool), etc. Being familiar with your plant is always an added advantage for growers.
  • Ease of Use: One thing that should definitely be a part of the humidifier that you are choosing on buying is that it should be easy to use! Too many options can often confuse the user and it needs to be as simple as possible. Make sure you check out the reviews of the humidifiers you are buying to see what the users are talking about it.
  • Humidity Levels: You need to know how much humidity your humidifier can generate. The amount of capacity of water it can spray into the air as well as the range in which it is effective. You also need to know the kind of mist it will be releasing into the air – warm mist, cool mist, etc. each have a different kind of a role to play!
  • Features: Check what features it offers. Some humidifiers come with a night-light built in, some humidifiers feature a remote control, there are others which come with a timer, and there are some which have a humidistat built in. There are some which also support essential oils and  there are others which don’t! You need to check everything that you are getting along with the humidifier that you are buying.
  • Price: Last but definitely not the least – the price of the humidifier is a top priority. You need to set a budget before you start browsing through the humidifiers and stick to it! However, humidifiers, for most small-scale growers, are not a costly affair as most of them cost under $50 and under $100. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Best Humidifiers of 2022

Here’s a list of some of the most commonly and frequently asked questions about humidifiers for grow tents and grow rooms.

  • Why do plants need humidity?

Humidity is important for plants because water is important for them. Plants require water for a good growth because water helps them carry their energy and ‘food’ to all the other parts of their body. When you grow marijuana (or any other plant) indoors, you need to provide it sufficient water for a healthy growth. Marijuana plant, in its early stages, needs a high humidity level so that leaves can absorb the water in the air directly via their stomata and it reduces the stress on the roots. 

However, once the plants mature from the growth/vegetative stage into the flowering stage, they need to be provided with nutrients which help in the blooming of the flowers. These nutrients are mixed in water and provided via the soil on which the weed is growing in and is absorbed by the roots. Hence, at this time the humidity levels need to be lowered so that the roots kick into action and begin absorbing more and more water from the soil. This is why humidity is important.

  • What good does humid air do to humans?

While humidity is important to plants, it is also essential to understand why humans need humidity and what are the good effects of humidity on humans. This is because most people who are not into growing weed tend to use humidifiers for their daily needs at home. Here are some of the biggest benefits of humid air for humans:

    • First off, during winters when the air goes dry, there are a number of discomforts that people tend to face ranging from breathing problems to skin issues – having a warm and humid air in your room resolves most of them.
    • Secondly, humid air in your bedroom is good for you because it will keep your nasal passage and your throat hydrated while you sleep. This means you will get a better sleep because you won’t end up waking up thirsty or dehydrated at night. You can also breathe better and get a more comfortable sleep. 
    • Those suffering from congestions and cough must also try using a humidifier as that allows them to breathe better and feel relief from these problems.
    • Another cool feature about having humid air in your room (which not many people know about) is that it can help prevent static electricity! When there is moisture in dry air, you won’t get any static shocks. 
    • Lastly, having humid air in your room is also beneficial because it will ensure that wood does not lose moisture and hence your furniture will last you longer and will look good too. Lack of moisture can lead to cracks or warping in the furniture. 
  • Can you create humidity without using a humidifier?

For anyone wondering if it is possible to create humidity in the air without having to use a humidifier – yes, it is possible! Humidity can be created by a number of other ways too. Here’s a closer look:

    • One of the easiest ways to create humidity without using a humidifier is by adding wet clothes to the room you want to increase humidity in! This is an effective method which always works. 
    • Another simple way to do it is by just keeping bowls of water in the room and having a warm source of light (like sunlight or artificial hot light) shine on it. This would lead to the water evaporating and the vapour will add on to the humidity levels in the room.
    • For those specifically looking for solutions about a grow tent or a grow room, one good way to create humidity without using a humidifier is by mixing small and big plants together. As the big plants ‘breathe’, the vapor that comes out of them adds on to the humidity on the room on which younger plants can feed upon.
    • If you have a grow tent where there are air vents, you can also try and put a wet cloth around it which can result in the humidity levels increasing significantly. 
  • Which is the best humidifier for me?

Now this is a very subjective question as the ‘best humidifier’ for ‘you’ might be different when compared to someone else’s needs. Humidifiers need to be bought keeping in mind a number of factors but the most basic factor that you need to consider is the size of your room and the requirement of your plants. If you have a big room, you need to ensure that the humidifier that you are buying has the capacity to circulate mist throughout the room and that it can last for long. If you are buying a humidifier for a smaller room or for a grow tent you need to make sure that it does not add too much humidity into the room. This leads us into our next question – 

  • Can Excess Humidity Damage Plants?

While excess of anything is always bad, excess humidity can kill your plant. We are putting it as bluntly as we can because if you create an environment which is very humid, this would be like ‘overfeeding’ the plant and when the carrying capacity of the leaves get full, the cells start to burst thereby damaging the plant bit by bit. Hence you always need to ensure that your humidity levels are ideal but never excess. 



To conclude, we would like to say that we hope that this article on the best humidifiers helped you in choosing a good humidifier for your grow tent or your grow room. Humidifiers are an important device for those who want to grow marijuana indoors and we have provided a list of the top 10 best humidifiers for grow tents and grow rooms here. We have also added a buyer’s guide and some Frequently Asked Questions, going through which will help you make a more informed choice.

Happy Growing! 🙂


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