Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light (2022): The Ultimate Review, Guide & FAQs

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Growing your marijuana by yourself might seem like quite a difficult task when you first think of it. However, it is one of those things that you realize isn’t so difficult to do when you actually start working on it. However, when you are growing weed indoors one of the most important things that you need to take care of is that you are providing your plant with the right kind of light. Light is very important for the growth of any plant. When you grow your plants indoors, you cannot provide them with natural sunlight – hence, you need grow lights. Bloomspect 600W LED grow light is a great option for those looking forward to buying a good grow light for their plants.

Over the course of this article, we shall be taking a detailed look at the Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light and everything that it has to offer to the growers. The company has been around for quite some time now and this grow light is one of the best options that they have for growers who are planning to grow a small quantity of weed. In this article, we shall be taking a detailed look at the Bloomspect 600W LED grow light review and cover every aspect of this light. 

Furthermore, we shall also look at the pros and cons of this grow light, along with some of the things that you need to keep in mind before you make the final buying decision. Following that, we have also tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this grow light. But before all that, you also need to know why grow lights are important for growing marijuana:

Why Grow Lights are Important for Growing Marijuana Indoors

When you grow your plant outdoors, the sunlight acts as the source of light and heat. It is the most critical thing for any plant because it helps with growth as well as photosynthesis. Moreover, certain chemicals in the body of the plant are released only when there’s sunlight. However, while growing your marijuana plant indoors, you do not have access to the natural sunlight. Hence you need to simulate such an environment where sunlight can be replicated. This is done by grow lights.

Most LED grow lights offer a full-spectrum of growth. This means that these grow lights are very similar to the actual sunlight as they provide the plant with lights of all the colours and wavelengths that are present in the sunlight. The plant, at different stages of its growth requires lights of different wavelengths and a full-spectrum LED light is truly great for the growth of the plant. Plants grow in the direction of the light and the warmth from the light helps trigger certain chemical processes in the body of the plant as well which are important for its growth. Let us now take a closer look at the Bloomspect 600W LED grow light and everything that it has to offer to the growers:

Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light Review

Here is a detailed look at the Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light review where we cover a number of aspects of this grow light.

1. Design and Durability: 

This is your classic LED grow light panel with a white frame. While there’s nothing too fancy about this grow light which makes it stand out or appear special compared to other grow lights, it is certainly a product that you can’t really complain about. When you look at the dimensions of this grow light, they stand in at 11.8″ x 7.9″ x2.6″, which means it isn’t a really slim product, but it’s not too bulky either. The light weighs about 5.8 lbs, which is just the perfect weight for growers as they can hang multiple such units on their grow tents without having to worry about the weight of the light causing stress on the poles of the tent. 

The grow light comes with an on/off switch and a power inlet on the back. There’s also a single fan in the back. There are four slots on four corners which are meant to hang and hold the light properly. Other than that, there are multiple vents for heat to escape. On the front, there’s a glass panel which protects the LED lights. All in all, while nothing really stands out about the design here, there’s not much that we can blame as well. A decent design.

2. Spectrum and Light Details

This is a full-spectrum LED grow light which offers 9 bands of light. The grow light is just perfect for growing marijuana plants indoors, because it can replicate the sunlight really well. Coming to the actual grow light, there are 60 LEDs of 10 Watts each, which provide the overall wattage of 600W to the grow light which is great when it comes to growing a small setup of marijuana plants in a small grow tent. 

Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, White, Ultraviolet and Infrared are the major colors of light present on this panel. The Bloomspect 600W LED grow light is one of the best grow lights because it offers just the perfect combination of lights at an affordable price point. The LED chips that you see here are not the regular kind, they are specially prepared double-chip LEDs which last longer and are brighter than regular LED lights, making them a great option for the plants. The one drawback of this LED grow light is that there are no separate switches for Growth and Flowering stages.

3. Brand Value and Credibility

As a brand, Bloomspect might not be at the top of the table where the likes of Vivosun and Viparspectra are, but the company certainly makes its presence felt when it comes to the buyers who are looking forward to buying a good quality product at an affordable price point. It is a relatively new name in the market but has quickly been gaining the confidence of growers. You can see that they are an enthusiastic brand as they have been replying to the queries of customers in the Amazon review section. Overall, the ratings about them are pretty positive and the brand sentiment is not negative at all. Hence, we believe that growers should not worry about anything when buying the Bloomspect 600W LED grow light. The lifespan of these LED lights is upto 50,000 hours.

4. Coverage Offered

Considered to be one of the best LED grow lights for those looking for an affordable product, the Bloomspect 600W LED grow light offers the growers with a coverage of 2.5’ x 2.5’ during the growth/vegetative phase and a coverage of about 2’ x 2’ during the flowering stage when you need to lower the lights. Hence, it is good for small sized grow tents and multiple of these grow light panels can be used if you are planning to use it for a bigger setup. The number of these grow lights that you are going to buy will also depend on the number of plants that you plan on growing. Hence, you need to be sure of exactly how many plants you have and what your grow area is. 

5. Power Performance

This grow light offers a wattage of 600W on the face of it. However, when you take a closer look at the details, the actual power consumption of the Bestva 600W LED grow light is that of 132W at 110V and 129W at 220V. However, these numbers are not exact and there can be a variation of about 5% but not more than that. LED grow lights are usually much cheaper to operate when compared to the traditional forms of lighting and these grow lights can easily replace a High Pressure Sodium grow light or a Metal Halide of 600W. Growers also get a very high PAR per Lumen output (but more on this in the next section). However, this grow light does not support daisy chaining which some growers might not be too happy with.

6. PAR Values

PAR values play an important role when it comes to deciding which grow light is good for your plants. This grow light from Bloomspect offers the growers with a PAR value of 275 uMols when hung from a height of 18” and 626 uMols when hung from a height of 12 inches. The number goes to as high as 1958 uMols when hung from 6 inches (but we doubt if you’d ever go that close). Compared to some other grow lights, this one is more affordable as well as offers a better PAR score. This grow light comes with a reflector design which basically makes sure that the light is distributed evenly across the plants.

7. Cooling

One of the biggest concerns that many growers have when it comes to grow lights is that – ‘does it cool well?’ The answer to that question for Bloomspect 600W LED grow light is ‘yes’. There’s one big fan on the back side of the light, and there are a number of heat vents on the sides as well which ensure that heat does not accumulate inside the device and that it does not damage the grow light. The fan that this grow light makes use of is not that noisy, which gives the growers a peace of mind because there are a number of grow lights which operate with a rather noisy fan. 

8. Warranty

Warranty is an important consideration for many growers because one is never sure about how long the electric products would last and what to do in case something goes wrong. This grow light from Bloomspect offers the growers a warranty of 2 years, which gives them a peace of mind. Furthermore, if you are not happy with the quality of the grow light, you can have it returned within the first 30 days and get your full money back. 

9. Cost and Delivery

Last but not the least, the cost is something that these Bloomspect 600W LED grow lights are much appreciated for because they offer the growers with a very affordable lighting solution at just $49.99. At less than $50, you are getting a good grow light along with a 2-year warranty and a lifespan of 50,000 hours! This is indeed a great deal for growers looking for an affordable grow light. The delivery is via Amazon and it is as trusted as always. The packaging does not reveal what’s inside the box.

Pros and Cons of Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light

Here’s a look at the advantages and the disadvantages of using the Bloomspect 600W LED grow light: 


  • Affordability is one of the biggest benefits of this grow light. This is perhaps the best price vs quality combination available in the markets
  • Very easy to operate, great for beginners and novices
  • Offers a full-spectrum coverage with 9 bands
  • PAR results are great, especially when compared to the price point
  • The grow light can cool off pretty well – no heat accumulation
  • A good warranty period and return policy
  • Good power efficiency for the price it comes in at


  • No switches for changing between VEG and BLOOM mode
  • Does not support daisy chaining
  • Some users have found customer care to be unresponsive

A Final Look: Why Choose Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light for Growing Marijuana Indoors?

When you look at everything that this grow light has to offer to the growers, the first thing that really stands out is that this is a good product, but meant for those who are looking forward to buying a grow light at an affordable price point. This is likely something that growers who are just starting off with their journey are going to purchase and not meant for advanced growers, who might prefer buying a better and more expensive grow light. Most growers who can afford a better grow light will likely go for that, but for those who don’t want to invest too much initially, the Blooomspect 600W LED grow light is the best LED grow light for them! Truly a device which punches way above its weight.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light

Here, we attempt to answer some of the most commonly asked questions that growers might have when it comes to buying LED grow lights, and more specifically – the Bloomspect 600W LED grow light. 

1. Is it possible to grow marijuana indoors without using a grow light?

No, it is not possible to grow marijuana without using a grow light when you are growing it indoors. While growing outdoors, you do not really need it because there’s sunlight. However, in an indoors setup, you do need to have a grow light because it replicates the natural sunlight. Usually, when you grow indoors, the sunlight is very limited (if there’s any). Hence an artificial source of light is needed because light ensures that plants grow in their direction and also helps in producing certain chemicals and pigments that they need to sustain themselves.

2. Are there any other alternatives apart from Bloomspect 600W LED Grow Light?

There are a number of grow lights that growers can make use of, particularly from brands such as Viparspectra, Bestva and Vivosun, which are among the top names in the markets. Almost all of them make a 600W variant. However, if you really look at the price vs quality situation, there’s perhaps no other brand which will offer you such a low price for a good quality LED grow light.

3. Which other wattage variants does this grow light come in?

This is one of the best LED grow lights in the markets and apart from the 600W variant, you can also find the Bloomspect LED grow light coming out in the 1000W and the 1200W variants. These are a good choice for growers who want to grow weed indoors in a slightly larger setup or have a larger number of plants.

4. Is it illegal to use grow lights to grow weed?

Well, the answer truly depends on your local legislation. If weed is outlawed in the place where you are living, it is also illegal to grow marijuana. However, of late a number of places have started legalizing marijuana for both, medical as well as recreational purposes. In this case, you need to check with the local law enforcement as to how much weed can you grow in home. Basically, wherever it is legal to grow weed indoors, you are OK to use grow lights. Grow lights in itself are legal and will not land you in any trouble because they can be used to grow the most innocuous of products such as tomatoes and lettuce!



We hope that this article on Bloomspect 600W LED grow light helped you gain a better insight on the product and helped you make a more well-informed buying decision. Do let us know in the comments or over mail if there’s something more that you would like to know about this LED grow light from Bloomspect!

Happy Growing!