Best Double Ended (DE) Grow Lights (2020): Reviews, Buyer’s Guide & FAQs

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Indoor horticulture is fascinating and, at the same time, exciting with trustworthy pieces of equipment. You will need those to help you grow indoors, which are without a real sun, wind, soil, nutrients, and more. And, to pull off without all these and for exceptional growth, you need the right kind of grow equipment to aid your plants with what they need. Therefore, for a very great insight into the world of growing equipment, we are here with the review of long gone but not forgotten double-ended HPS grow lights, just like old times.

These old grow lights are still preferred by many and for their very own and apparent reasons. And, you could also get to know what they are good at, and you might consider ordering one for you. Because why not, who doesn’t love a good grow and doesn’t matter which things pull it, but if it pulls it well, then why not. So, let’s find out more and check options or rather the best options you have got in the list down below, along with a detailed review.

Best Double Ended Grow Lights of 2020 – Review

1. TopoGrow 1000W Double Ended HPS Grow Light

TopoGrow 1000W Double Ended HPS Grow Light Kit Fixture Complete with 2000K HPS Bulb 120V/240V Ballast 120V Plug (1000W Enclosed Kit)
  • 23" x 10" x 12",120v plug K12x30s lamp holder,3KV, Double-ended system delivers higher PAR value with incredible uniformity, Premium aluminum European hammer-tone interior: 99.85% pure, 95% reflectivity, Plastic K12 x 30S high temperature lamp holders
  • DE 120/240V Ballast: Size:10.77'' (L) 7.01''(W) 3.64''(H) , nput: 120~240V / 50~60Hz, Min Power Factor: 99%, Dimming Type: 600W/750W/1000W and Super output 1150W, Runs on 120/ 240V volt power; FC listed; ETL certified
  • Watts operation:- 1000 watts
  • Type:- HPS Double-Ended Grow Light Kit
  • Warranty:- Manufacturer’s Warranty

From the house of growing equipment, we have TopoGrow 1000W double-ended HPS grow light first on the review. As the name suggests, the grow light has 1000 watts of operation and runs on 120/240 volts of power. The grow light is fitted with a double-ended bright HPS lamp, which works the magic as it is designed for plant growth with powerful output efficiency. The technical output of the grow light is at 145,000 lumens with 2000 color temperature.

The grow light is equipped with dimmable ballast through which the user can set the output of the grow light to 600 watts, 750 watts, 1000 watts, and maximum at 1150 watts. The build of the light is excellent with high-efficiency aluminum with great reflective interior and sturdy lamp holders on both sides along with heavy-duty ballast. The interior of the hood is hammer toned and 95% reflective for excellent light output. The grow light comes with an enclosed kit of an aluminum hood, HPS lamp, ballast, rope hangers, and metal hooks.

The quality of the kit is at par and is also reviewed positively online by the users. The operation is also ideal for a massive grow area with multiple plants to grow together at once. Also, the model is available in different variants for purchase. Users can opt for light with open and enclosed hoods and can also purchase separate fittings of both the hood variants.

  • Extremely powerful
  • Dimmable ballast with operational watts settings
  • Heavy-duty ballast and aluminum hood
  • The light comes with fittings for installation

  • Thin aluminum hood

2. Gavita Pro E-Series 1000e DE Slim Line – 208-240 Volt

  • Watts operation:- 1000 Watts of operation
  • Type:- Slimline Double-Ended Grow Light Kit
  • Warranty:- Manufacturer’s warranty

Gavita Pro E-Series double-ended slimline is another worth buying grow light on our list just like others. The grow light is of 1000 watts and operates on 240 volts. It uses an HPS EL lamp, which comes along with the kit, which also includes an aluminum hood, high-frequency electronic ballast, and fittings to fix and hang the light. The aluminum hood of the light is made up of HR96 reflector MIRO aluminum for efficient reflection.

The slimline, low profile fixture is the USP of the grow light, which is minimal and also efficient. Other features of the light are lightly weightedness, easily replaceable reflector, electronic safety circuit, and a lot more. The control of the light is from a microprocessor, which makes controls easy and fast. The light also features sealed housing with a Gore-Tex ventilation plug. 

The efficiency of the ballast is high with 95% and is also dimmable but with a master controller, which is not easy to reach. Apart from this limitation, the grow light is an efficient and ideal aid to help you grow your plants indoors. It has a sleek profile yet powerful operations and comes with three years of manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Slim-line low profile fixtures
  • MIRO aluminum HR96 reflector
  • High-frequency electronic ballast

  • Non-dimmable
  • Requires master controller for ballast to dim

3. Hongruilite DE 1000W HPS Double Ended Grow

Hongruilite DE 1000W HPS Double Ended Grow Light Fixture Grow Light System DE Open Kit/Horizontal Ballast for Horticulture Gardening
  • DE 1000W HPS Double Ended Grow Light Fixture Grow Light System Enclosed Kit Plus / Open Kit Plus/Adjustable for Horticulture Gardening
  • Highly efficient for overlapping footprints of multi-light configurations
  • Watts operation:- 1000 Watts
  • Type:- HPS Open Hood Double-Ended Grow Light Kit
  • Warranty:- Manufacturer’s warranty

Next on the list, we have HPS grow light kit from Hongruilite. The kit is equipped with 1000w of HPS double-ended bulb, open aluminum hood, dimmable ballast, and fittings for installation. The fittings include 1/8″ rope hangers and stainless steel latches with wide compatibility. The open aluminum hood is ideal for a big grow area. The open hood is also ideal for multi bulb placement.

The electronic ballast of the kit is dimmable and can be set at 600 watts, 750 watts, 1000 watts, and a maximum of 1150 watts of operation. Above this, the ballast is ETL certified with 99% as its minimum power factor. The hood of the kit is hammered aluminum with effective reflection and also allows better heat dissipation, longer lamp life, and better light spread with the open design.

In specific technical details, the grow light has a brightness of light output lumens of 145,000lm with a color temperature of 2000K, and CRI of 30ra. The product also comes with the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Complete kit with installation fixtures
  • Dimmable ballast with 99% minimum power factor
  • Open hood for better heat dissipation

  • None

4. Nanolux DE – APP Fixture NCCS Updated Double Ended Fixture

Nanolux DE - APP Fixture NCCS Updated Double Ended Fixture 220/240V For Use With Nanolux Mobile App
  • Designed for 5' x 5' growing grid
  • Ceramic lamp receptacles (no melting plastics)
  • Watts operation:- 1000 Watts
  • Type:- Double-Ended HPS Grow Light Kit
  • Warranty:- Manufacturer warranty

Another double-ended grow light on the list is from Nanolux and is technically advanced from its peers. The grow light comes six-phase dimmable ballast, which has settings varying from 600 watts to 1215 watts, which is helpful with bulbs and various stages of growth of your plants. The grow light also has other notable features, which are its ceramic lamp receptacles, which are far better than the plastic ones.

The grow light or the kit includes closed aluminum hood, dimmable ballast, and HPS bulb, which comes as a package. The hood is made up of hammered aluminum and is ideal for a growing area of 5 x 5 along with the light output. The best part is the compatibility of the light with the Nanolux cloud control system, which allows its use with the Nanolux mobile app. The light is amongst the most trusted options and is also backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Heavy-duty fixtures with ceramic receptacles
  • 6-stage dimmable ballast
  • Compatible with NCCS for mobile app use

  • None

5. 1000 Watt – EnergyStation – Grow Light Reflector Kit

  • Watts operation:- 1000 Watts
  • Type:- Double-ended HPS grow light kit
  • Warranty:- 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Another grow light on the list is from the EnergyStation. The grow light is an all equipped kit for the grow light needs, including ballast, reflector, and HPS lamp. The ballast has an adjustable setting with three different light settings, which sets light at 50% output, 75% output, and 100% likewise for various stages of plant growth.

The reflector of the kit is closed made from reflective hammered aluminum. The design of this EnergyStation grow light kit that is different from others, which includes vertically tall ballast and dome-like reflector shape with a fixture of one end out of the reflector body. The 1000 watts operation of the light requires 240 Volt of electric connection and comes with 2-years of manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Dimmable ballast with three settings
  • Different and practical design
  • Cool operation

  • None

6. GreenHouser Double Ended Grow Light

GreenHouser Double Ended Grow Light Fixture with 1000W HPS Lamp, 1000w 120V/240V Electronic Dimmable Ballast UL ETL Listed and 1/8" Rope Hangers for Indoor Planting System
  • [Premium 1000W Double Ended HPS Grow Light Fixture]:Highly efficient for overlapping footprints of multi-light configurations Premium aluminum European hammer-tone interior: 99.85% pure, 95% reflectivity
  • [1000W Dimmable Digital Ballast]: Size:10.77'' (L) 7.01''(W) 3.64''(H) , input: 240V / 50~60Hz, Min Power Factor: 99%,; FC listed; ETL certified
  • Watts operation:- 1000 Watts
  • Type:- Double-Ended HPS Grow Light Kit
  • Warranty:- Manufacturer’s warranty

The HPS grow light kit from GreenHouser is a premium offering. It is equipped with dimmable ballast, highly reflective aluminum hood, and also comes with a high-quality HPS bulb. The build quality is exceptional, along with functionality. The kit also includes fitting for installation like rope hangers, steel latches, and a stainless steel hanger.

The ballast of the grow light can be set at 600 watts, 750 watts, 1000 watts, and to the maximum at 1150 watts. Also, like peers, the hood of the light hammered and highly reflective with 95%. The product is a package deal and also comes with manufacturers warranty and value for money.

  • 4-stages dimmable ballast
  • Heavy-duty make of product and installation fittings
  • Comes with a “ V “ stainless steel hanger

  • None

7. Yield Lab Horticulture 1000w Double Ended HPS MH Grow Light

Yield Lab Horticulture 1000w Double Ended HPS MH Grow Light Wing Reflector Kit Full Spectrum System For Indoor Plants And Hydroponics – Free Timer and 12 Week Grow Guide DVD
  • EXTRA LARGE WING REFLECTOR: Double Ended large wing span reflector with multiple focal points produces a balanced and focused light for full coverage of your plants. Supports 6 plants in a 36 square foot area. Double ended bulbs provide 30% more efficency over single ended bulbs. The winged design helps provide increase coverage intensity and with its light weight construction makes it easy to hang from any surface
  • INCLUDED COMPONENTS: 1x Yield Lab 1000w digital dimmable ballast 120~240V (120V power chord included), 1x Yield Lab double ended 1000w metal halide bulb (MH), 1x Yield Lab double ended 1000w high pressure sodium bulb (HPS), 1x Yield Lab Double Ended Wing Reflector, 1x ratchet light hangers, 1x FREE BONUS Analog timer and in depth 12 week grow guide

  • Watts operation:- 1000 Watts
  • Type:- Double-Ended HPS and MH Bulb Grow Light Kit
  • Warranty:- 3-years on ballast and 1-year on bulbs

AN outstanding product on the list, the Yield Lab Horticulture 1000w Double-Ended HPS, and MH Grow light is an excellent grow light. Equipped with a large reflector, two different bulbs, a dimmable ballast, an installation hanger, and comes with a free analog timer, and a grow guide is a steal at the price point with the two bulbs especially.

The ballast of the kit is high performing with various stages of light output setting, which allows you to dim light or increase the intensity for the different stages of your plant’s growth. The reflector of the grow light is also efficiently reflective with a hammered interior. The choice of both double-ended MH and HPS bulbs makes it a great choice. And, on top of it, the analog timer and the detailed grow guide is cherry on the cake. The kit is complete with plugging and playing and also comes with manufacturer’s warranty, which is 3-years for ballast and 1-year for the bulbs.

  • Kit includes one HPS and one MH bulb
  • Heavy-duty ballast and bulbs
  • Extended warranty on products
  • Free analog timer and a grow guide

  • None

Buyer’s Guide to Double-Ended (DE) Grow lights.

Well, if you haven’t heard about double-ended grow lights or know a little about them, then we have a brief buyer’s guide for you.

The double-ended grow lights belong from the category of grow lights, which use HID bulbs for the purpose. The category also has a single-ended counterpart. These grow lights are simply the different HID bulbs, which are mostly HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide). These bulbs fit into a reflector, which intensifies the output and ballast for the operations makes the whole grow light for the use of growing your plant indoors. 

The distinguishing feature of the double-ended grow light is that it has a robust operation with connections at both ends, which offers bright operation against its single-ended counterparts. The single-ended grow lights are the same as double-ended but are only connected with power at one end.

However, with the powerful operation, the lights had the problem of heating up. The hot operation is due to the bulbs and the double-ended connection, which was a drawback. And, they have been widely used before the LED grow lights were in the picture. And, are still in use where they are preferred with the setup and the users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the best double-ended grow lights

1. Are double-ended grow lights better?

Double-ended grow lights are now outdated and are replaced with efficient LED grow lights. However, they have been used for growing plants and marijuana for a long time before the LEDs grow lights. They are ideal for growing, however, not better.

2. What are double-ended grow lights?

Double-ended grow lights are HPS, and MH bulb equipped grow lights, which have electric fixture connections on both the ends, unlike single-ended, with a single connection. The double-ended connection offered power, brightness, and efficiency to the working of the light, making them ideal for growing plants.

3. How long do double-ended bulbs last?

Double-ended bulbs last a very long time. They need no early replacement and last up to 10,000 hours.

4. Is it okay to put a 600w bulb in a 1000w ballast?

Using a 600w bulb in a non-dimmable ballast of 1000w is not ideal. However, with dimmable ballast, it is possible and ideal to use a 600w bulb with a capacity of 1000w by dimming the setting to 600w of output.

5. Are HPS or LED grow lights better?

LED grow lights are better than HPS lights as they are advanced, modern, efficient, and also power-saving. LED grow lights are better as they use less power, are comparatively cooler, have a full spectrum in light output, and can be customized for various stages of plant growth, which is not possible with an HPS grow light. However, HPS grow lights are functional and are in use for a very long time in indoor horticulture.

6. Are double-ended grow lights still worthwhile compared to LED grow lights?

When LED grow lights are compared with double-ended grow lights with HPS or any other bulb, LED grow light will be a better choice for sure. On the other hand, it is still ideal to use a double-ended grow light if you prefer them because they have been in use for a very long time.

7. What’s the difference between Double Ended (DE) and Single Ended Grow Lights?

A double-ended grow light, as the name suggests is connected to electric fixtures from both ends, riding double power for powerful output. While a single-ended grow light, again as the name suggests, is single-ended, which is connected to an electric fixture from a single end. The difference also lies in operation, where double-ended draws more power and provides higher output compared to Single-ended grow light.

8. What’s the best type of DE grow light to purchase?

Double-ended grow lights or most commonly known DE grow lights are available with a variety of bulbs. The different types are HPS (High-Pressure Sodium), CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide), and Metal Halide. The best amongst them or widely preferred is the HPS. The High-Pressure Sodium bulbs in the grow light are bright and high energy drawing, which makes them most preferred. Although they also tend to make the atmosphere hotter.

The Cumulation:

So, these were the fantastic double-ended (DE) grow lights, which you can still shop and also shop better with the list, which we have made with the utmost care. If you are keen on getting back to the old days of your growth with them or just want to discover them if you haven’t, then inevitably head to the links and give them a shot. Also, do grow through the buyer’s guide if you haven’t. The cumulation of the review will be that these lights are functional and useful despite being replaced by the LED grow lights. And, the products we liked the most are Yield Lab Horticulture 1000w Double Ended HPS MH Grow Light and the TopoGrow 1000W Double Ended HPS Grow Light. Happy shopping and growing!