Meizhi 600W Reflector LED Grow Light Review (2024): Guide & FAQs

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When it comes to buying grow lights for growing indoor plants, most people often seek out the most well-known brands in the industry (PlatinumLED, Bloomspect, and Viparspectra are a few that come to mind). There are hundreds of other brands which offer a low-cost solution to your lighting needs, but you might not have heard of them. One such brand which is making its way rising from obscurity into mainstream use is Meizhi. In this article, we’re going to be talking about the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light to decide whether it’s the best fit for you!

This article will specifically examine the Meizhi 600W grow light, but it will go into some detail about LED grow lights in general. Every grower worth their salt needs to know what grow lights are as well as the function they serve. Growers should also understand what to keep an eye out for before they make a final purchase. Additionally, we’re also going to include a Meizhi LED grow light review that will cover the biggest pros and cons of this product. Finally, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get when it comes to the Meizhi LED grow light.

Before we come to this specific grow light, let us just look at grow lights in general.

Why do marijuana plants require grow lights? 

Marijuana that’s growing outside enjoys all the benefits of the sunlight to which it’s exposed. All that sunlight is important when it comes to marijuana’s photosynthesis, which allows the plant to convert the light it gets into useful energy while breaking down compounds inside its body that it can use as food. Sunlight also allows marijuana plants to produce chlorophyll. The thing is, if you’re growing your marijuana plants indoors, you’re not going to have any sunlight to work with. That’s where LED lights like the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light come in.

Grow lights give your marijuana plants the appropriate amounts of lighting, and they also generate the appropriate wavelengths that are suited for a particular state of growth. During the vegetative phase of growth, plants require blue lighting and a cooler spectrum of lighting. During the bloom phase, plants require a warmer red spectrum of light which helps boost the flowering activity.

By using grow lights, you can recreate sunlight inside a grow tent. For the best possible results, you need an LED grow light that offers a full spectrum lighting solution. Inside a grow tent, the walls are all lined with reflective mylar layers – which then help reflect the grow light’s light onto the plant from all angles.

What are LED Grow Lights?

When it comes to light solutions for your marijuana, it’s hard to beat LED grow lights. The most common types of grow lights include fluorescent, HPS, and metal halide ones, all of which offer different intensities and light wavelengths. However, LED grow lights like the one we’re about to talk about from Meizhi ensure that your marijuana plants get the appropriate amount of light at the right distance, and their operating costs are relatively low when compared to their counterparts.

In comparison to conventional grow lights, LED lights consume way less energy and don’t emit nearly as much heat. These two things alone make them ideal if you’re looking to upgrade from your current lights, and it helps to know that the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light is a full spectrum product, meaning you don’t need to regularly change out your lights when you’re switching between your vegetative and flowering phases.

Meizhi LED Grow Light Review – 2023

We’re going to break up our Meizhi LED grow light review into a couple of sections – we’ll cover the different aspects that you can look forward to when buying this product, who this product is meant for and the biggest advantages that come with it.

1. Design and Durability

An LED grow light’s design and durability considering how much it gets. It can be difficult to find a product that strikes the proper balance between these two attributes; LED grow lights often sacrifice one for the other, but that’s not the case with the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light.

Although the design of this product is not particularly breathtaking, it’s got a robust type of charm that is sure to resonate with most growers. The Meizhi LED grow light features one large panel that’s divided into four smaller subsections – between each of these subsections, each of which has 30 LEDs and an output of 5W resulting in an overall 600W of light, is a thick blue separator. In terms of its physical dimensions, this product from Meizhi measures 14.96 x 12.6 x 2.8 inches and weighs about 9.2 pounds.

We appreciated the fact that the Meizhi 600W LED grow light is thick, since it contributes to its durability without compromising a whole lot in the way of its design. We noticed that the back panel of this light had VEG and BLOOM modes for lighting as well as two outlets for its fan. One thing that stood out to us, in particular, was the support for daisy-chaining, which is an excellent feature that Meizhi decided to include.

We think buyers will appreciate the fact that, unlike a lot of other LED grow lights on the market, the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light has a refreshingly blue body which we found to be pleasing to look at. Add on the fact that this product excels in the durability department, and you’ve got a great LED grow light for growers of all experience levels on your hands.

2. Spectrum and Lighting Details

Another balance that can be surprisingly tough to strike is the one between spectrum and lighting details. This is especially the case with 600W LED lights when compared to their more powerful 1000W counterparts. With the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light, you’ll find the balance you’re looking for thanks to its 120 LED lights that all operate at 5 watts each for a final 600W output.

This LED light from Meizhi is a full spectrum grow light that comes with switches for either VEG or BLOOM modes, which is a big advantage that’s worth noting. The Meizhi 600W LED grow light, unlike many other LED grow lights, comes with multiple switches and always for a welcome level of customization depending on the phase of growth you’re in.

We loved that the Meizhi Reflector LED grow light angled its LEDs at 120 degrees since it allowed us to cover a relatively wide grow area. We also appreciate the fact this product’s reflector panel can magnify the intensity of its light, which comes in at a final output of 600 watts.

A lot of buyers tend to be pretty cautious before using their reflector panels, but the one that comes with the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light is completely safe to use and is fireproof to boot. This great product from Meizhi also features the LEDs placed with the help of an Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) Package Technique which is great for the plants as well as the light’s body. The grow light functions at the following spectral lengths – 450~475 nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm, and white.

3. Brand Value and Credibility

Brand value and credibility can be pretty shaky territory when it comes to LED grow lights. It can be very hit or miss, and poor brand value and credibility can be a big turn-off for people who’d otherwise be happy with making a purchase. Despite Meizhi not being a super well-known brand in the market, it’s a credible brand, which makes its Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light a product worth buying.

Although Meizhi doesn’t have a dedicated site of its own and isn’t particularly active on social media, it’s still highly active in its email support and is great at quickly following up on queries in reasonable amounts of time. So, if you’ve got any questions for the company before or after you buy their Meizhi LED grow light, you can rest assured that you’ll get the answers you need fast.

Meizhi manufactures its lights in China, and while buyers may have some doubts about buying products from China, the company has clarified that while products like the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light are made there, they’re still safely stored in warehouses located in the U.S., meaning buyers will get what they pay for quickly and on time.

4. Coverage Offered

When the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light is hung in at 18”, it ideally fits a coverage of 3ft x 3ft. Considering that you will raise it a little during other stages of growth, it should cover somewhere between 3.5 ft x 3.5ft at the most. This makes it ideal for those growers who are growing their weed on a small scale or for personal consumption. It also makes it ideal for those growers who are looking forward to buying a backup grow light for temporary usage. Using multiple of these Meizhi grow lights can also be a good idea which can help cover you up to 6x6ft with ease.

5. Power Performance

When it comes to power performance, the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light gives you a 600W output, but that does not mean that it also draws 600W from your wall socket. This light consumes only about 277W±10% and offers more than twice the output. This makes it a very economical choice that can effectively replace an older HPS or MH light bulb. With the help of daisy-chaining, you can plug each grow light into the other instead of plugging each into the wall socket individually.

6. Cooling

Cooling is important no matter what type of grow light you’re using. Whenever electricity is converted into light, heat is let off. While in the case of LED lights that heat is significantly less than other forms of grow lights, it is still there, and it’s got to be properly dissipated. The cooling mechanism on the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light consists of two fans located on the back, where one fan each has been associated with VEG and BLOOM switches. When your VEG lights are on, only one fan operates. If you turn VEG off and turn BLOOM on, the other fan will start to run. If both your switches are turned on, then both should run without any issues. Several heat sinks on all sides allow heat to escape.

7. Warranty, Cost, and Delivery

The Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light has a 3-year local warranty for all customers, along with a 30-day return period which ensures that buyers are protected for at least three years. This product’s lifespan is usually somewhere between 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which makes it great for buyers who want to use it for many years to come. The cost is usually around the $150 mark (may fluctuate based on the discounts and the delivery charges). Another great thing about it is that to make sure that nobody knows that you have ordered a grow light, Meizhi ships you your product in a discreet plain brown package.

Pros and Cons of Meizhi 600W Reflector LED Grow Light

Here are some pros and cons of this grow light that we found during our review of the product.


  • Perfect for growers who want to grow a small setup of plants
  • Reflector design and angled LEDs maximize coverage
  • Intelligent heat dissipation with fans and lights connected
  • Separate VEG and BLOOM switches, support for daisy chaining
  • Good PAR Values
  • 3 year warranty period



  • Not suitable for large-scale growers
  • Fans can be quite noisy
  • Reflector design can risk overheating


Our Meizhi 600W Reflector LED Grow Light Review: What’s the Verdict?

We would give this grow light from Meizhi 4 out of 5 stars. The rating would have been a notch higher had the brand’s credibility been slightly better. Their hush-hush nature of operations and their lack of presence doesn’t promote a lot of trust among buyers, and this is one of the biggest disadvantages of this product. Aside from this fact, though, the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light is a great product that delivers way above what you’d expect of it. In classic cliche, this grow light ‘packs in quite the power and punches way above its weight.’ While this is a great option for those growers who would like to use it as a backup light, if you are a small-scale grower and would like to use it as your main light, we’d certainly back you up on that.

The Meizhi 600W LED Grow Light – FAQs

Following our Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light review, we have also prepared this bank of questions and answers that many people often wonder about. We strongly recommend that you go through these to get an even better understanding of the product that you might be planning to buy. Some of these are generic grow light answers while others are specific to this light. Do take a look:

1. What is the difference between VEG and BLOOM lighting?

Since this is a full-spectrum LED grow light, you get a VEG and BLOOM lighting option. The VEG light can be turned on with a switch during the vegetative phase of your plants. This is the cooler blue spectrum of sunlight which ensures that your plants get a good growth during the early stages. As your plants mature, they need warmer sunlight – which is the red spectrum and found in the BLOOM mode. You will be required to turn on the BLOOM lighting when your plants enter the flowering phase.

2. What is the warranty on the Meizhi 600W LED grow light?

This grow light gives you a three-year warranty. In addition to that, there’s also a 30-day return promise. If you do not like this grow light within 30 days of your use, you can simply return it no questions asked!

3. How much does the Meizhi 600W LED grow light cost? 

Usually, the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light costs around $150.



We hope that by this point in the article you have found out all the details that you wished to know about Meizhi and the Meizhi 600W Reflector LED grow light. The products made by Meizhi are great, especially when compared to the low price point that they come in at. If there are still any more questions that you may have about it, do let us know in the comments below or drop us an email and we shall get back to you! Till then…

…Happy Growing! 🙂


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