Advanced Platinum P300 Review (2024): Is It Hyped Or Genuine? – Guide & FAQs

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When it comes to growing marijuana, there are different kinds of growers who have a different approach to growing weed. Some growers like to grow using the most basic of items available to them while there are others who want the best things for all stages of growth. Those who are specifically looking forward to buying premium equipment for their indoor growth process must consider getting hold of Advanced Platinum P300 LED grow Light which is one of the best LED grow lights in the premium category. 

It offers a large number of features and is a cut above from the rest. Advanced Platinum is a brand known for good quality grow lights and every aspect of this grow light has been carefully crafted with a focus on performance as well as quality. There are a number of benefits of using this grow light to grow your marijuana plants and in this article, we shall be taking a closer look at what makes it one of the best brands for growers! We shall first begin with the basic idea of what grow lights are and why growers need them, followed by the Advanced Platinum P300 review and then a look at some frequently asked questions that many growers tend to have. Let us now begin by answering the basics:

What are Grow Lights and Why Do Plants Need Them?

If you simplify the process of growing weed to a great extent, there are only two ways in which marijuana plants can be grown – indoors and outdoors and both these methods of growth require light. Light is very essential for the growth of the plants and in places where sunlight isn’t available (if you’re growing in a grow tent or a grow room, for instance) you would need to provide artificial sources of light which are able to mimic the natural light of the sun in terms of the wavelengths and spectrum. 

Grow lights are sometimes used in an outdoors setup to provide the light even after the sun has set, but they are more useful for growers who are growing weed indoors. Getting good quality grow lights is essential. There are a number of different types of grow lights – such as High-Pressure Sodium grow lights, Metal Halides, CFL lights, etc. However, the most important of these lights are LED grow lights, because they tend to have a full-spectral wavelength which is great for the growth of the plants. They are also cost effective compared to other grow lights as they consume a lot less electricity and provide a better wattage at a lesser power draw. Here’s a look at some of the reasons as to why growers need grow lights:

Importance of Grow Lights for Growing Marijuana Indoors

In the absence of sun when growing plants indoors, the light comes from artificial sources such as grow lights. Plants need grow lights in order for processes such as photosynthesis to take place where they basically convert light into energy which helps them grow and thrive. Furthermore, grow lights are important because it is based on the amount of light that the plants are getting, stages of their life cycle take place – when the amount of light they are getting is reduced to 10 to 12 hours from about 16 hours, the plants enter a flowering stage. The direction of the source of the light is also where plants tend to grow towards, helping them grow taller and bigger. Moreover, light is also helpful in triggering the release of certain enzymes and compounds which help the plants develop better taste and aroma. Hence, the use of grow lights in an indoor setup is critical for those growing weed. 

Brand Review: PlatinumLED – a Premium LED Grow Light Brand

The first thing that growers need to know about PlatinumLED is that this is a company which is based out of America. Unlike a number of other companies that make grow lights, which are based in China, this one stands out as an all-American brand. PlatinumLED’s grow lights are known to be among the best in the business as they offer a very high PAR score – which means that the light coming out of these panels is absorbed very well by the plants. The company makes high-end products for the premium markets and while you can find cheaper alternatives, you probably won’t get as good a quality and brand credibility as you would get when you use their products! Here’s a review of the Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Light from PlatinumLED, which the manufacturer claims to be ‘the most powerful LED grow lights’: 

Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Light Review (2024)

Here’s a closer look at this grow light from PlatinumLED:

1. Design and Durability

Everything here is meant to feel premium and that’s exactly how it makes you feel. The grow light measures in at 19” X 8.25” X 3” and is slightly heavy compared to many other grow lights in the markets as it weighs about 13lbs. However, it is a very strong and a very durable product that will last you for a really long time. The Advanced Platinum P300 features a grey body – and every bit of this grow light is made in USA. This grow light has vents and openings on all sides ensuring that no heat gathers inside it. On the back side, you would find openings for two fans and four hoops to hang the light.

On the side, there are two switches alongside two vents – one marked VEG and one marked BLOOM. These switches help ensure that the growers can set the lighting based on the plant’s stage of growth of its life cycle. Between the two switches there’s the main power-cord port. This grow light does not have an additional port for daisy chaining. There are 100 LEDs in the panel, each with an output of 3W. All in all, in terms of design and durability, this is an excellent product.

2. Spectrum and Light Details

This is a full-spectrum LED grow light, which ensures that the plants are getting light which is very similar to the natural light of the sun. Having this kind of a light ensures that the plants are getting lights of all wavelengths and therefore are growing well through all stages of their growth. Marijuana plants need lights of blue-shades during the early stages of growth and the red side of the spectrum during the flowering and the blooming stages. 

Advanced Platinum P300 ensures that they are getting all these types of lights. This includes 12 different bands of light including Ultraviolet and Infrared lights. Having a complete spectrum ensures that while the blue lights are helping the plant’s shoot and the roots become stronger and grow faster, the red lights make sure the flowers are blooming well. It is just the perfect combination for growers. The infrared lights help the leaves grow better and the UV light helps during the germination process.

One of the best grow lights for growing marijuana indoors, the P300 comes out into the markets with 100 LEDs, each of which offering a 3W output giving a total result of 300W. These LEDs too are made in America and provide a superior and brighter lighting compared to many other China-made products which tend to get dimmer over time. There are 90-degree secondary focusing lenses which help ensure the light reaches the plants really well. The Red:Blue ratio here is 8:2, which makes these grow light an absolute delight when it comes to the bloom stage. 

3. Brand Value and Credibility

When it comes to brand value and credibility, Advanced Platinum is manufactured by PlatinumLED, which ranks well on both these parameters. The company has been around for quite some time and is already a popular choice with those who want nothing but the best and are willing to spend over it. It has a reputation for making premium quality products for indoor growers and there’s no doubt about its reputation. The brand is also very credible because of the fact that it is an all-American company and brands which are made in the US are generally perceived to be of better quality when compared to brands which are manufactured from other nations such as China, largely because when brands are based in the same country as most of its consumers, they are more accountable towards producing better products. 

4. Coverage Offered

During different phases of growth, you need to move the grow light higher up or lower down based on the needs of the plant. The manufacturer has claimed that the grow light offers a coverage of 4.5’ X 4’ during the vegetative phase – when the light is hung a little higher up (around 24”) & about 3’ X 2’ during the bloom phase. Compared to many other grow lights which offer a similar wattage, this is pretty impressive because the coverage is significantly larger. Another interesting thing here is the review from the growers who have said that they are getting significantly higher coverage compared to what the manufacturer has promised – almost half a foot to a foot more! 

5. Power Performance

While this offers a 300W output, this grow light can easily replace a traditional HPS/MH grow light of 400W. When you look at the actual power consumption here, the total power that the grow light draws from the power socket is just 180W when in the bloom phase. During the growth phase this goes even lower at just 93W of electric consumption! While this grow light is expensive compared to other grow lights offering similar wattage, it consumes the least power when compared to most grow lights of a comparable wattage which is a huge advantage. Basically, with the amount of electric bill you save using this, the light pays off for itself! 

6. PAR Value

Now we come to the department where the grow light punches really way above its weight. Advanced platinum’s P300 300W grow light offers the growers with a really strong performance here and this is something it is known across the entire industry for! The PAR value that you get here is among the best in the business as you get the highest PAR per watt output. When you hang this grow light from a height of 18 inches, the PAR score reads 1050 uMol which is a lot compared to what other grow lights offer. When you raise it a little, it goes down slightly (but still more than your regular lights) at 683 uMols. The idea behind this grow light is to basically ensure that the maximum possible light is being absorbed by the plants and even the angling of the LEDs is such that plants get the maximum possible benefit out of the lights. 

7. Cooling

Cooling is something that tends to worry growers who use grow lights as bright as this one! The brighter the light and the higher their PAR values, the more heat it usually generates. However, thanks to the good quality made in USA LEDs that Advanced Platinum P300 LED grow light uses, it generates very little heat and even that is dissipated properly with the help of the two fans that are located on the back. The fans are surprisingly quiet and also fast. They ensure that all the heat is thrown right out of the device so that it does not damage the inner components. There are a number of heat vents located on the sides as well, which ensures that all the heat moves out of the device with ease. 

8. Warranty, Cost, and Delivery

This is among the best LED grow lights for growing marijuana indoors because it offers a high warranty period of 5 years (as opposed to many other grow lights which offer 2 to 3 years at best). This 5 year warranty is pretty good and the company honors it well. The customer support team is pretty helpful and quick as well. Given that this is a USA-based brand, growers are able to get better service on it in terms of any repairs (if needed). There’s also a 90-day satisfaction guarantee where you can claim a full refund if you are not happy with the performance of the product.

Pros and Cons of Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Light Review

Here’s a look at some pros and cons of this grow light:

  • Unbeatable at PAR score – offers a very high PAR value of 1050 uMols at 18”
  • Very durable, can last for a really long time and survive basic bumps and falls
  • Very high brand credibility and reputation
  • Full-spectrum grow light which offers a complete 12-band spectrum including UV and IR lights
  • VEG and BLOOM switches are separated
  • Consumes very little power
  • Temperature control systems are really good – rarely overheats
  • Very long, 5-year warranty period


  • Lack of daisy chaining support
  • Lack of dimmers
  • Expensive


Final Verdict: Is Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Light Worth the Price?

Absolutely! Given the features that you are getting, as well as the long warranty and the excellent customer support, Advanced Platinum P300 is one of the best options that you have if you are willing to spend on getting a good quality grow light. Yes, the price is indeed higher compared to other similar products but what you are getting is also pretty damn good. PlatinumLED’s products are positioned as the ‘Apple’ of growers markets who separate themselves from other brands by this pricing strategy and their high-quality offerings. To sum it up, you get a much higher yield when you grow your plants using this grow light and hence it is a good investment which pays for itself over time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Advanced Platinum P300 LED Grow Light:

Here are some FAQs about this grow light and going through them will help you make a better decision about buying the light!

1. What is ‘premium’ about this grow light?

The fact that this grow light makes use of high-quality components which can last you for a really long time. For instance, the kind of glass they’ve used is pretty tough and protects your LEDs. The LEDs are also high-quality made in USA products which will last you for a long time. The lifespan of the grow light is over 100,000 hours which is a pretty good claim. In addition to that, you get a five year warranty which is pretty reassuring. The device has the best PAR per watt output in the markets giving your plants just the right kind of growth they deserve and ensuring you get a high yield.

2. What is the warranty period of this grow light?

Unlike many other similar grow lights which offer two to three years of warranty at the most, Advanced Platinum P300 comes with a warranty period of 5 years, which is a really amazing thing. This means that the company is confident on its product performing well for at least 5 years without any worries. Moreover, there’s a 90-day money-back guarantee and you can return the product any time in that time period if you are not satisfied with its performance. 

3. Is it legal to use grow lights?

Yes, it is legal to use grow lights because you might just be growing tomatoes or lettuce using them. However, if the question was – is it legal to grow weed using grow lights, then there might be a different answer based on where you are living. If growing weed is legal in your jurisdiction then you are fine to grow it. However, if you are living in an area where it is banned or restricted, you need to understand the local laws well before you start off with your growing operation.

4. Why does this grow light cost so much?

The grow light makes use of high-quality components and comes with a better after-sales service and a long warranty. Moreover, the pricing is such that they cater to the premium markets only, separating themselves from many other competitors. We would totally say that their products are worth the price they come in at.


To conclude, the Advanced Platinum P300 is one of the best options that growers have in the markets, especially if they are looking forward to buying a grow light of the premium category. This grow light is not only meant for ‘premium’ growers but for anyone who is looking for a really high-performing device with every stat being excellent. If there’s something more that you would like to know about this grow light, do let us know in the comments below or drop us an email for the same and we’ll get back to you on this! 

Happy Growing! 🙂


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