Bestva 600W LED Grow Light (2024): Review, Detailed Overview, Guide & FAQs

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When it comes to growing marijuana indoors, there are some elements that you can do without but there are some which are absolutely irreplaceable – grow lights are one such thing you can’t do without! Grow lights are important for growing marijuana indoors because of various reasons, but primarily because they replace sunlight, which is the most important element needed by a plant to grow. When it comes to using grow lights for growing marijuana indoors, one has to look at some trusted brands which are known to offer good service and Bestva is indeed one of them. Over the course of this article, we shall take a closer look at the Bestva 600W LED Grow Light review and everything that it has to offer.

This article will first take a quick look at grow lights, then we head into a detailed overview of the Bestva 600W LED Grow Light, followed by a comprehensive look at the pros and the cons of using this grow light to grow weed indoors. We then proceed to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about using this grow light. However, before we head into our review of this impressive LED grow light from Bestva, we need to address a few things about grow lights first:

What are Grow Lights and Why Are They Important?

Plants are usually grown in two ways – indoors and outdoors. The marijuana plant is no exception and while growing it outdoors has been the natural way that it has been growing for several thousand years now, of late growers have begun growing various plants, including weed, indoors. Growing outdoors means that you are putting your plants under the mercy of nature and bad weather could mean your plants could die in a matter of hours. You also risk putting them in danger of pests and insects which exist aplenty in nature. 

However, growing indoors doesn’t have any of these problems. Grow lights are basically the replacement to the natural light of the sun when you grow weed indoors. Since sunlight cannot be provided to marijuana plants in an indoors setup, grow lights help your plants get all the light that they require. Marijuana plants need grow lights which offer the full-spectrum wavelength, as these are the closest to emulating the natural light of the sun. Grow lights play the role of sunlight in an indoor setup and it is in the direction of these lights that the plant would grow. Moreover, grow lights help the marijuana plant generate energy via the process of photosynthesis where light is converted into energy.

With this knowledge, let us now proceed towards the Bestva 600W LED Grow Light review where we take a detailed look at various aspects of this LED grow light:

Bestva 600W LED Grow Light Review

This is one of the best LED grow lights for growing marijuana indoors and growers who have used this have attested to this fact via their product reviews on Amazon. While our review covers practically every detail about the Bestva grow light, we also recommend our readers to go through the Amazon reviews to get a better idea about the product. However, here we go:

1. Design and Durability

When it comes to design and durability, the Bestva 600W LED Grow Light offers a decent design. It measures 12.2×8.26×2.36 inches in size and is a rectangular product. The weight of this LED grow light is about 7 pounds, which is fairly light and allows the growers to hang it without having to worry about stressing out the metal poles of their grow tent. Design-wise it is pretty much the same as any standard grow light panel and while it doesn’t stand out, it doesn’t even underwhelm the buyer so we’d say it is pretty good for the use. 

There are three switches on this grow light – one is the primary power switch, turning which on would kick the grow light into action. The other two are your ‘veg’ and ‘bloom’ switches, where the former is for the vegetative stage of the plant’s growth cycle and the latter is for the flowering phase. There are multiple fans as well as heat vents to ensure the heat does not gather but more on that later.

2. Spectrum and Light Details

Cutting straight to the chase, this is the most important thing you must look for in any grow light – the actual light that it brings to the table! This LED grow light from Bestva features 60 LEDs of 10W each. These are big-sized dual-chip LEDs which provide a much better quality of light compared to many other inferior products in the markets. The LED chips used on this grow light are manufactured by epistar & bridgelux, which are two of the leading names when it comes to manufacturing LEDs. 

This grow light features lights of different wavelengths, including Infrared, Orange, 2 shades of Blue, 2 shades of Red, Yellow, Ultraviolet, and White. There’s a well balanced spectral graph which ensures that lights of all the wavelengths come in a fair mix, just as they exist in the nature, making it very close to what the natural light of the sun would feel like. There are also Infrared and Ultraviolet lights, both of which are critical for the growth of the marijuana plant

3. Brand Value and Credibility

Bestva is a very credible name when it comes to the world of grow lights and products that are required for growing marijuana. While this is a China based brand and we are aware that many buyers have their reservations about products which are made in China, there is no reason to worry when it comes to purchasing this grow light because Bestva has been known to perform well in the international markets. The company operates out of Shenzhen in China’s Guangdong, and has a large factory with a daily output of about 5,000 units. They also run multiple tests upon the lights before they ship them, which includes a continuous 72-hour test where all possible faults and defects are checked for. There’s a dedicated production control team which makes sure that only the top-notch products are shipped out. 

4. Coverage Offered

Coverage matters a lot when it comes to LED grow lights because this is something that all growers need to know about. Depending on how many plants you are planning to grow, you will choose to buy the number of grow light panels which will be enough to cover all your plants. Hence, you need to be aware of how much area is covered by these grow lights. The Bestva 600W LED grow light covers about 4’ x 3.5’ of grow space when you look at its upper limits. However, the ideal growth space would be somewhere between 3.5’ x 3’ where the bulk of the light would be falling upon. This is the best LED grow light for those buyers who are looking forward to buying a grow light for a small grow tent

5. Power Performance

As stated above, this grow light comes out into the markets with 60 LEDs of 10W each. Basically, if you look at the conventional models, it could replace a High-Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide grow light of 600W with ease. However, while it can replace a 600W HPS system, it doesn’t actually draw that much power off the socket. The actual power consumption of this grow light from Bestva is 135W (can vary a little but this is the average consumption). This also offers the growers with the highest PAR per Lumen (PAR/Lumen) output. 

6. PAR Values

Looking at the PAR Values of the Bestva 600W LED Grow Light, one can see that this grow light offers the growers with an exceptional performance! When you hang this grow light from an 18” height, it provides you a PAR Value of 430 uMol, and when you hang it a little higher, at 24”, it offers a PAR Value of 302 uMol. We also went one step ahead while testing out the light for our Bestva 600W LED Grow Light review and found that at 6 inches, the number goes as high as 1712 uMols. When you look at other grow lights in a similar price point, this is indeed an impressive statistic. 

7. Cooling

Cooling is important for grow lights! Growers need to know that if their grow light doesn’t really have a proper heat dissipation system, it can result in problems such as the plant being damaged due to the excess heat or sometimes even the grow light can end up getting damaged due to the heat. This grow light from Bestva, however, takes care of this by having 2 fans on the back along with heat vents on the side which ensure that the heat dissipates with ease. Furthermore, the glass case inside which the grow lights are contained also has holes to ensure that heat doesn’t build up inside the panels. The fans don’t make much noise either so that’s one less thing you’ve got to worry about. 

8. Warranty

One of the signs of a good brand is that they offer you a good warranty period. During our Bestva 600W LED grow light review, we found out that the light comes with a warranty period of 3 years which ensures that if growers face any problems, they can get it addressed and get the product repaired at Bestva’s service centers. In addition to the impressive 3-year-warranty period that the grow light offers, growers, if unsatisfied with the product, can choose to return it within 90 days of purchase and they’ll get a full refund on the same! 

9. Cost and Delivery

This is one of the cheapest grow lights that you can get off the markets! It is one of the best grow lights under $100 and usually costs $89 but prices may vary depending on the Amazon listings. The grow light does not have a delivery charge if you have it delivered in the US, and based on most reviews, the delivery is pretty quick as well. Moreover, the delivery comes to the buyers in a discreet brown box which does not reveal what is inside it. This makes sure that the buyer doesn’t have to worry about the social stigma that surrounds people who grow weed

Now that you’ve understood all the core aspects of this grow light from our Bestva 600W LED Grow Light review, let us head into discussing the pros and cons of buying this LED grow light from Bestva.


Pros and Cons of Bestva 600W LED Grow Light

  • One of the biggest benefits of using the Bestva 600W LED grow light is the power performance. While the output it offers is equal to a traditional HPS/MH grow light of 600W, it consumes less than 150W from the power socket!
  • The LEDs that this grow light makes use of are of a high quality and ensures that they last long.
  • It offers a full-spectrum lighting experience offering a fair mix of grow lights of multiple colors and multiple wavelengths which the light coming out of these grow lights very similar to the natural sunlight which is great for plants.
  • This grow light comes with VEG and BLOOM switches which can be used individually as well as together based on the need of the growers and the stage of the growth cycle the plant is in.
  • There is ample provision for dissipating any heat which might accumulate and cause the grow light to heat up and get damaged. Furthermore, the heat can also damage plants but the fans and heat vents ensure that heat is dissipated properly.
  • Bestva 600W LED Grow Light is one of the best LED grow lights as it offers a 3-year warranty period which is great for growers. The total lifespan of the grow light is 100,000 hours.
  • One reason as to why growers are not so happy with this grow light is the fact that there is no daisy chaining feature in this. Daisy chaining feature would allow the growers to plug one grow light on to another but in this case they’ll need to plug all grow lights to power sockets. This has perhaps been done to avoid overloading and for safety reasons but it causes inconvenience to growers.
  • Bestva 600W LED Grow Light is a decent product for growers but it lacks waterproofing and growers need to be extra cautious with it while working around water.

Let us now take a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions about this grow light from Bestva.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Bestva 600W LED Grow Light:

  • What other wattage variants does this grow light come in?

This grow light comes out in 1200W, 1500W, and 2000W variants as well. Growers can choose to buy these lights based on their growing needs. The bigger the wattage, the bigger the coverage area. 

  • How good is the after-sales and customer care support for this grow light?

Most growers who have purchased grow lights from Bestva have claimed that the after-sales service and customer support are pretty good for their products. Bestva’s 600W LED Grow light offers a 3-year warranty period and a 90-day return policy as well.

  • Is it legal to use grow lights to grow marijuana?

It is a case-to-case matter depending on where you live and what your local laws are. If it is legal to grow marijuana (you should check how much you can grow) it is legal to use grow lights to grow weed. However, buying grow lights in itself won’t cause much of a problem because most growers use grow lights to grow a variety of plants indoors. Buying grow lights could also mean you want to grow tomatoes and not specifically marijuana!

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We hope that this grow light review on Bestva 600W LED Grow light helped you gain a better insight on the product and when you will make your plans to buy a grow light, you will make a more informed choice. Bestva’s grow lights are some of the best products in the markets and you should totally give them a shot! 

Happy Growing! 🙂


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