HiGrow 1500W LED Grow Light (2024): Review & FAQs

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We are here to review the powerful and inexpensive offerings by the German manufacturers of grow lights – HiGrow. HiGrow is the supplier of some of the practically functional yet inexpensive options in grow lights since 2012. The collection is curated to help growers with what is required and delivering it without putting a hole in pockets. So, if you are looking for one such powerful grow light, we are here reviewing the HiGrow 1500W LED grow light in detail below.

HiGrow 1500W LED Grow Light

Product Specification:

  • Model:- HiGrow 1500W LED grow light
  • Watts operation:- 1500 Watts / 300 Watts on average
  • Dimension:- 15.7 x 11 x 2.6 Inches
  • Weight:- 9.1 Lbs
  • Light/Spectrum:- Full Spectrum
  • Number of LEDs:- 150 Pieces
  • LED angle:- 90/120 mixed LED angles
  • Coverage:- 4.5 x 4 Feet at the height of max of 24-Inches
  • Working temperature:- Max of 40 degrees celsius
  • Cooling system:- 2 x whisper-quiet fans and heat sink
  • Warranty:- 3-years of manufacturer’s warranty with 30 days of replacement warranty

Package Includes:

  • HiGrow 1500 Watts LED light
  • 6 feet long power cable
  • Hanging kit
  • Adjustable rope hanger
  • User manual

Product overview:

HiGrow 1500W LED grow light is a full-spectrum emitting grow light for all kinds of hydroponic setups. The light is a product of HiGrow Led, who are professional manufacturers of grow lights. It is a hanging light and comes with a hanging kit, rope hanger, power cable, and user manual for the installation. The light is factory calibrated and doesn’t require professional installation. The light is an inexpensive offering than its peers and competitors. The product also comes with manufacturer’s warranty of 3-years and 30 days of replacement warranty in most of the cases, when purchased through authorized distributors.

Product Description:

1500 watts LED grow light from HiGrow is a feature-rich product in the low price range. As the name implies, the grow light has a maximum power of 1500 watts and consumes 300 watts of energy on an average. The light is equipped with double chip high power LEDs for better and high performance. The number of these LEDs on a dimension size 15.7 x 11 x 2.6 Inches of the light is 150 pieces for more excellent coverage.

The light can efficiently cover a growing area of 4.5 x 4 inches from a maximum height of 24-inches with these 150 LEDs. The LEDs are also full-spectrum, which imitates the natural sunlight for different stages of growth of your plant. The diodes of the light are Zener diode, which keeps on working correctly and unaffected when one or other LED fails and doesn’t affect the performance of the light.

The build of the light is relatively sturdy with aluminum construction and has a substantial weight of 10.4 pounds. The construction is in a rectangular box shape, which has lights beneath it and has all fittings inside covered with structure all around. The build also has heat vents on all sides and even on the top with two fan vents. The top side is equipped with an input plug, power switch, and port for the daisy chain. The hook holes/ports are located on the top side to hang lights.

Light output and spectrum:

HiGrow 1500W LED grow light is equipped with 150 LEDs of 10 watts each. These LEDs are double-chip and are Zener diodes, as discussed earlier. Together they emit 1500 watts of full-spectrum light alike sunlight for the growth of indoor plant cultivation. The spectrum of the light consists of red, blue, white, orange, yellow, ultraviolet, and infrared light for the requirement of various lights in different stages of growth of plants like vegetation and flowering.

The light consists of 75 pieces of Red LEDs with 660nm, 33 pieces of 630nm Red light, and 8 pieces of 610nm Red light. Other led numbers are 16 pieces of 460nm Blue light, 4 pieces of 430nm Blue light, 6 pieces of 3000K warm white light, 4 pieces of 4500K white light, one piece of 410nm UV light, and one piece of IR light of 730nm.

However, the light lacks the functionality of switching on and off of vegetation and bloom switches. Such light settings trigger the stages of vegetation and bloom in the plants with the lights, and lack of these switches is a limitation in the grow light. The LEDs are placed at a mixed 90/120 degree of angles and are super bright with higher lumen output than other competitors.

Cooling system:

The working temperature of the light is in between -20 to 40-degree celsius and can subsequently rise with working conditions and the environment of the grow setup. Therefore, the HiGrow light is equipped with two super whisper-quiet fans to regulate the temperature. The build is also made heat dissipative with the aluminum heat sink in upgraded 0630 aluminum.

The aluminum heat sink and two high-speed fans make long hours of light working possible by regulating temperature. The light can operate efficiently for long 24-hours due to the heat sink and fan cooling system.

Reviews online about HiGrow 1500W LED grow light:

HiGrow 1500W LED grow light is reviewed amazingly positive online by customers. The output of 1500 watts in the full spectrum at a price range of less than 150 dollars is no joke, and the users know that very well. The light performs exceptionally well compared to its price range, and features are also abundant like full spectrum LEDs, better heat sink, and quite high-speed fans. You also get a hanging kit with the purchase with a 3-year warranty.

Reviews also praise the lights for higher yields customers produced, including tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, peas, cannabis, and more. The light offers a lot more than its competitors and a lot more than previous models with upgraded double chip LEDs. The power draw is also the positive aspect of the lights, where the 1500 watts of output draws 300 watts of energy on an average.

These lights are ideal for experienced growers as it doesn’t have veg and bloom switches. However, it possesses no limitation for beginners with little knowledge of growing and can switch the lights on and off as required. The construction is also praiseworthy with shape and design ideal for various uses and setups.

However, you cannot accept everything in this price range. Reviews also complain about no switch to turn lights for veg and bloom mode and also LEDs not turning bright according to their expectations. But, you simply cannot expect everything in such a price range, and still, whatever is offered is crazy.


  • Inexpensive
  • 1500 watts of output with 300 watts of power draw
  • Equipped with dual chip 10 watts 150 LEDs
  • Efficient heat sink and two high-speed, quiet fans
  • Full-spectrum light output
  • Supports daisy chain
  • Offers 3-years of warranty and 30-day replacement warranty


  • Lacks veg and bloom switch


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding HiGrow 1500W LED grow light

1. What is the power consumption of HiGrow 1500W grow light?

HiGrow 1500W LED grow light with a maximum output of 1500 watts consumes 300 watts of electricity on an average. 

2. Is HiGrow 1500W durable and reliable?

With the aluminum build, HiGrow 1500W is durable, and with the powerful operation and features, the grow light is definitely reliable.

3. How many plants can I plant under a HiGrow 1500W grow light?

HiGrow 1500W grow light has a coverage area of 5 x 4.3 feet, and it is advisable to plant beneath the light in the area of about 4.5 x 4 feet. The number of plants depends on the type and size of the plant.

4. What is the coverage area of HiGrow 1500W grow light?

The core coverage of HiGrow 1500W grows light is 5 x 4.3 feet, whereas the efficient coverage area is about 4.5 x 4 feet beneath the light.

5. Is the HiGrow 1500W LED grow light comes under any warranty?

HiGrow 1500W LED grow light comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and also 30 days of replacement warranty in most of the cases.


The Cumulation:

So, this was all about the HiGrow 1500W LED grow light, and the same model is also available in the 2000W variant. The purchase can be a no brainer if the specification of the grow light meets your requirements. It has all the things you would require in a grow light and also some not, but the price range explains the same. The cumulation of the review will be that the light is a feature-rich offering in a limited price range, and it is a product not to be missed. You can get hands-on an effective working light at a fantastic price.

The light is ideal for your indoor grow of lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, cannabis, and all such plants. Easy to install and fuss-free operation, the light is simply plug and play or otherwise plug and grow. So, visit the link above and order one for yourself if you are considering and think no more.



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