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What you need to know about JBC seed bank (James Bean Company) – Reviews



JBC seed bank
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James Bean Company Review: What you need to know about JBC Seed Bank (James Bean Company): When you want to grow marijuana, the first thing that you need is a seed. Forget marijuana, this is true for practically any plant that you want to grow from scratch. Seeds are very important for growers and one often wonders which is the right place to buy marijuana seeds from. There are a number of options available online, but when it comes to buying something like seeds on the internet – who do you actually trust? James Bean Company, also known as the JBC seed bank is one such name that you should totally check out when you are looking forward to buying seeds to grow marijuana.

The James Bean Company offers growers with some really unique options and has become a name which is trusted by several people over the years. Over the course of this James Bean Company review, we shall take a closer look at everything that you need to know about the JBC seed bank along with all the details such as payment modes, credibility, etc. However, before we begin, let us first answer the most basic question: what is a seed bank and why is it important.

What is a Seed Bank? Why is it Important?

The seed is the most important basic unit for a plant. A plant emerges from a seed and a seed of a plant ensures that more plants of such variety can continue growing. Seeds of most plants are quite easy to get but you often don’t know about whether it is a male or a female seed or what quality of end product you’re going to get if you choose to use the seed that you’ve selected. However, seed banks give you some sort of assurance about these things.

Seed banks sort seeds on the basis of gender and on the basis of genetics. This is very important especially when it comes to marijuana seeds because genetics matter a lot here. Genetics of a marijuana seed are basically the understanding of which two plants were used to create this seed. It is usually after a male and a female plant crossbreed that a seed is formed – and with every two different kinds of plants that are crossed you get a seed with different properties.

For instance, some seeds will grow up into plants that have high THC and low CBD, some seeds will grow up with equal percentage of THC and CBD, there are others which might have a purple-tinted bud, some seeds will provide a better taste than others, etc. Hence, seed banks are critical because they ensure that there are seeds of different varieties available for the growers. They are the one-stop solution to buying marijuana seeds, as you will be able to gauge better in our James Bean Company review.  

JBC Seed Bank Review – Know the James Bean Company

James Bean Company is a seed bank which has been around for quite some time now. Though not as old and established as a number of other seed banks that we have reviewed such as Crop King Seeds, etc which have been around for a much longer time, the JBC seed bank, too, has completed almost seven years in the markets as it started off sometime in 2013. The company claims to work with a small group of ‘proven and passionate’ breeders who breed the seeds for them. The company calls these breeders ‘genetic artists’, which is quite a quirky term. 

Since James Bean Company does not breed the seeds by themselves, they dedicated a lot of time on research and development where they can actually ensure that the seeds that they are getting from the breeders are of the best quality. Let us now take a closer look at our James Bean Seeds review which we have brought to you based on certain parameters on which we have gauged multiple other seed banks in the past. Here’s the JBC Seed Bank review:

  • Price and Quality 

There are a number of online marketplaces from where you can purchase your seeds. However, while the JBC Seed Bank (James Bean Company) has not really priced their seeds at a really high rate, they are still priced quite high compared to many other seed banks. While the price may be high, there’s absolutely no question on the quality of the seeds as almost all the growers have found seeds ordered from JBC seeds to be just perfect for their purpose. 

Given that the company does not breed their seeds by themselves but actually takes help of professional seed breeders, this ensures that only the best quality seeds are sent out to the buyers. The research and development team of the company, as stated above, keeps out a watchful eye towards the best of the best. Overall, a decent price/quality combo though some might find the price a little too high.

In terms of Price and Quality, we rate James Bean Company 3.75/5

  • Options of Payments

This is the weakest point that we came across during our James Bean Company review. The company does not offer you many options for payment. You can either choose to pay by mail via Cash on Mail or Money Orders, or you can choose to mail the company with your order number and suggest your preferred payment method and the company will arrange for something to get this sorted. This is a tedious process where you need to send a mail and then wait for someone from JBC seed bank to reply to you and then you make the payment via the links that they provide to you.

Moreover, the James Bean Company does not support Bitcoin payments which is another huge disadvantage for growers who are looking forward to make cryptocurrency payments to maintain their anonymity while ordering marijuana seeds. This is a very complex process and something that James Bean Company needs to resolve at the earliest.

In terms of options of payments, we rate James Bean Company  1/5

  • Trust and Credibility

Again, this is something where the James Bean Company does not really rank too high on. Being a name which has been in operation for a very short while and being a company which has a very limited delivery area + a limited number of payment options, many continue to look at the James Bean Company (JBC Seeds) with great speculation as they are not sure of what to expect. For now, there’s nothing that stands out about the James Bean Company in terms of trust and credibility and it continues to be a very average seed provider.

In terms of trust and credibility, we rate James Bean Company 3/5

  • Shippings and Return Policy

The shippings and return policy are average at best. This is a constant problem with the JBC seed bank as there’s nothing that makes it stand out and there’s nothing about the James Bean Company which makes it really appealing. The shipping policy is quite limited as JBC seed bank ships to only Canada (where it is based out of) and the US. There are only two options to choose your country when you check out of their website. 

The return policy is also quite underwhelming but they do have a workaround. While James Bean Company claims to ship all their products as ‘souvenirs’, they do not have a return policy at all, they do have the option to provide store credits so that people who have been affected can order a replacement again. This is somewhat of a relief for the buyers but far from being the optimal solution.

In terms of shippings and return policy, we rate James Bean Company 3.5/5

  • Contact and Customer Support

While the customer support is good and the turn-around-time on emails is really fast, the problem with buying seeds from James Bean Company is that their email customer support service is the only means of contact that you have with them. There are no phone lines or no address available for contact. 

In terms of contact and customer support, we rate James Bean Company 3.25/5

Final Review of James Bean Company Ratings: 2.9/5 This makes the James Bean Company (JBC Seeds) a good and stable choice for those growers who are looking forward to buying seeds online. The James Bean Company is not on the top of the table similar to what we’d call Crop King Seed, but the company is still a very good alternative for those who want to buy seeds from them. They lack out a little in terms of payment options and credibility being a new name on the block, but their promotions, their credit policy and their excellent seed quality gives them quite the advantage in the markets! 

What Are the Different Kinds of Seeds You Get at James Bean Company (JBC Seed Bank)?

When you look at the various offerings that you get from the James Bean Company, you can actually categorize them under three broad types of seeds:

  • Feminized Seeds – When you are growing marijuana, the first thing that you need to know is that you are always looking forward to grow female seeds because these are the plants that will grow up to produce flowers. It is impossible for you to know by looking at the seed whether it is a male seed or a female seed but it is possible to differentiate them at birth. Seeds that are born without the male involvement are always going to be female seeds and when you keep them separately you know they are also going to be female seeds. The James Bean Company sells you feminized seeds so that you can grow with the assurance that the plant will be a female plant.
  • Autoflowering Seeds – The process of flowering is a complex one. In order to progress from the growth (vegetative) stage to the flowering stage, you need to change the light schedule. Flowering plants require a shorter amount of light-time compared to growing plants and during this stage you need to make various adjustments, such as lowering the lights closer to the plants and to provide them with longer hours of dark. However, if you go with autoflowering seeds, you will not need to do any of these things manually as it will all be happening automatically.
  • Regular Seeds: These are your regular seeds which may be male or female. They are also not auto-flowering and you would need to manually adjust the lights closer to the plants and set longer periods of darkness. 

Best Seeds from James Bean Company

A big, big problem with James Bean Company is that the seed bank does not provide you with details about the seeds that they are selling. You will know the price of the seeds and the number of seeds that you are going to get – and in some cases, the company will also tell you about the genetic makeup of the seed i.e. which two marijuana plants is the seed coming from. However, they won’t tell you anything else such as the effect that the seed is going to have on you, is it good for medicinal purposes, the percentage of THC and CBD present in it, or the dominant strain along with practically any other detail that you need to know.

JBC Seed Bank Review: Why Should You Order from James Bean Company? 

While the company is a very new name in the markets, there still are a number of reasons as to why you should order from there. This is mainly because they are known for good and fast deliveries across Canada and the US. The company doesn’t have many options when it comes to customer care but their email service is on point and they keep responding rather quickly. Another great reason to order seeds from here is because you get a really large variety of seeds which have been handpicked by some of the best brains in the breeding business. 

The company also keeps running various promos and discounts from time to time, which means you are getting the best deal on the seeds that you are buying. Overall, while there are some limitations that users might face from buying from JBC Seed Bank such as the limited payment options, limited information and limited contact options, this is still one of the best seed banks for ordering marijuana seeds from! 

Best Alternatives

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  • Stealthy packaging

  • Ships to USA, Australia, New Zealand etc.

  • Guaranteed delivery & germination

  • Strains: 100 approx

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Marijuana Seeds NL

  • Multiple genetic lines and strains

  • Offers discount and free seeds

  • Ships Worldwide

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Crop King Seed

  • Ships worldwide

  • Ships stealthy & smartly

  • Active customer support

  • Strains: 31 approximately

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  • Extensive collection of seeds

  • Ships worldwide

  • Discounts on payment w/ Bitcoins

  • Strains: 3000 approx

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Quebec Cannabis Seeds

  • Best Canadian Seeds

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Stealth packaging & fast shipping

  • Strains: 130 approx

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Seed Supreme SeedBank

  • Free seeds with every order

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Loyalty programs & sales

  • Strains: 4000 approx

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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

  • User-friendly website

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Extensive & illustrative guides

  • Strains: 135 approx

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Attitude Seedbank

  • One of the largest seed bank

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Marijuana merchandises

  • Strains: 2000 approx

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Nirvana Shop

  • Finest quality seeds

  • Ships Worldwide

  • Collection of various award-winning seeds

  • Strains: 64 approx

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Growers Choice Seeds

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About James Bean Company: the JBC Seed Bank

  •  Is it legal to buy seeds online?

Yes, it is completely legal to buy seeds online as long as it is legal to possess marijuana seeds in your local area. If the place where you are ordering from has issued a ban on marijuana (or marijuana seeds) then you cannot order it. However, if you are ordering from Canada then there is no problem because the laws of the country have made it legal to grow weed, to possess weed and to smoke weed for purposes that can be either recreational or medicinal. Hence, it is legal to buy seeds online. 

  •  Is it guaranteed that all my seeds will germinate?

No, there is no 100% guarantee that your seeds will germinate. However, most buyers have reported a very high success rate, claiming that almost 80 to 90% of their seeds grow. The percentage of seeds that do not grow is almost negligible and considering you buy a pack of 5 then there’s a good chance that at least 4 (or all 5) are going to germinate and grow into flowering marijuana plants. Sometimes, there might even be the possibility of a male seed making its way into an order of feminized seeds but that’s a very, very rare possibility and James Bean Seeds will give you store credit in some of these cases if you reach out to their customer support.

  •  Is the packaging going to be discreet?

Yes, if you order from a place where weed is legal, the packaging is going to be discreet – as in, the seeds will be delivered to you in a plain brown box and there will be no mention of what the contents of the package are so that there is no suspicion. This is important because while weed has been legalized in many places, it continues to be a social taboo and weeds smokers and weed growers are often looked down upon. However, discreet packaging helps ensure that no one knows what you are ordering. Moreover, in places where weed might not be legal, the seeds will be shipped along with some other object where they will be concealed. 

  •  What payment methods does James Bean Company support?

James Bean Company supports only a limited number of payment options, which are cash on mail or money order. However, if you are looking forward to buying seeds from the company, you also have the option of reaching out to them via e-mail and providing them with your Order ID so that they can figure out some alternative options. Some users have claimed that Credit Card payments are possible though the company doesn’t really display it on their website. We found out during our James Bean Company review that Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency payments are not accepted by the JBC Seed Bank.

  •  Which are the best marijuana seeds for me?

This completely depends upon your choice and what you want from those seeds! If you are someone who is looking forward to buying weed for recreational purposes you might want to check out seeds which are going to grow up and offer you a high THC% and if you are looking forward to buying weed for medicinal purposes, look for seeds with a high CBD%. You can also look up seeds based on your taste preferences. However, since JBC Seed Bank provides very limited details about the seeds this becomes somewhat hard for the growers and most growers simply order based on the name or on word of mouth recommendations from other growers.


This JBC Seed Bank (James Bean Company) Review was aimed at familiarizing the buyers with the brand. Given that very limited details have been shared by the company about themselves on their website, we thought we’d put together a James Bean Company review where we talk about the company as well as review various aspects of JBC Seeds  We hope that this has given you a good insight into the seed bank and will help you make a better buying decision! 

Happy growing! 🙂

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