Phlizon 1200W LED Grow Light (2024): Complete Review, Guide & FAQ’s

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When it comes to LED grow lights, there are a number of popular brands such as Viparspectra, Mars Hydro, King Plus, PlatinumLED, etc. which dominate the markets. However, there’s another name which has been making a mark for itself for quite some time now, and that is Phlizon. The company makes good-quality and bright grow lights which help the growers achieve better and faster-growing plants. The product that we will be reviewing in this article is the Phlizon 1200W LED grow light, which is a great product for new and experienced growers alike.

Over the course of this article, while we shall be looking at this grow light in great detail, we shall also be looking at grow lights in general. Growers need to know what a grow light is – and how it helps them to grow marijuana plants. Having a proper understanding of what grow lights are and what their function is, is great for growers as they can then utilize it in the best manner possible. 

In this article, the Phlizon 1200W LED grow light will be reviewed in great detail and we shall be looking at multiple aspects of this grow light, and comment on what truly makes it special. Towards the end, we shall also discuss the pros and cons of this grow light, answer some frequently asked questions, and conclude by giving a final verdict on whether or not you should be buying this grow light.

What are Grow Lights?

There are two ways in which you can grow your plants – either you can grow them outdoors under sunlight or you can choose to grow them indoors under artificial lighting. These are grow lights which are created in a special way so that they can simulate the effect of natural sunlight so that your plant can grow properly. LED grow lights, in particular, are a great way of doing so. 

You need to also understand what a ‘full spectrum’ LED light is. When your marijuana plant is in the vegetative stage of growth, it needs more of blue tinted lighting than red tinted lighting. These blue lights operate at a different wavelength and are at the lower (cooler) end of the spectrum than compared to the red lights which are at the higher (warmer) end of the spectrum. If you are using older forms of lighting, you will need to change the bulbs and readjust the whole lighting setup once your plants move from vegetative to flowering phase. However, when you’re using a full-spectrum light, you get everything in one setup.

Benefits of Using LED Grow Lights to Grow Marijuana Indoors

There are a large number of benefits that you get when you use an LED grow light when compared to a regular grow light. The biggest factor which pulls people towards using LED lights is that they help the growers save on the power consumption by quite a margin! When you compare them with older forms of lighting such as HPS lights or Metal Halides, LED grow lights are a much better option. Another great benefit of using these LED lights is that they can last you for much longer – on an average most good quality LED lights will last you for about 100,000 hours which is a lot of time! In addition to that, these lights are also non-toxic in nature and can be disposed of easily. Furthermore, even if a few LEDs stop working all the others would still be working fine and it would have a minimal impact on your overall performance. LED lights, particularly if used in full-spectrum, can be quite beneficial for the growers as they don’t have to change the lighting every time the plant matures from vegetative phase to the flowering phase of growth. 

How is Phlizon as a Brand?

Phlizon is a good and reliable brand when it comes to LED grow lights. The company has been around for over 10 years now and they are formally incorporated as Shenzhen Phlizon Technology Co.,Ltd. One of their core strengths is the research and development team that they have, which is rather impressive and allows them to innovate their products from time to time based on the needs of the growers. They also follow the strictest safety policies and their products do not pose any sorts of threats related to fire or electrical damage. While they are based out of China, the company has warehouses in Australia, Europe, UK, US, Poland, Russia and many other major nations all over the world. The company also offers a pretty decent on-call and email support which has been appreciated by many growers who use their products. 

Phlizon 1200W LED Grow Light Review: Is it a Good Grow Light?

Here’s a detailed review of this grow light, which we have broken down into various categories

1. Design and Durability

At first look, this grow light from Phlizon looks like any other grow light out there. Measuring in at 15.7 inches x 8.3 inches x 2.3 inches, this is a medium-sized grow light which measures about 5.6lbs. There are vents on all sides which ensure that heat escapes it really well. There are two switches on the grow light too – one for VEG stage and the other for BLOOM. In between the two switches there’s the port for the power cord. 

On the front, there’s a glass panel behind which all the LEDs are protected. The glass panel has small holes in it so that heat cannot accumulate inside it. There are 120 LEDs of 10W each inside it. It is a pretty durable product which can stand a few bumps and falls. In addition to the light panel, you also get a programmable timer and hanging equipment along with it. This grow light also supports daisy chaining, meaning you can plug multiple grow lights to each other without having to plug each of them in the power socket individually.

This grow light comes out into the markets with a reflector-free design. There are pros and cons to it – using reflectors can help maximize the impact of your grow light but then there’s a problem with using them, that is – it can cause excess heat. Hence the company has made the tough decision to totally eliminate reflectors from the light. They use optical lenses instead which have a similar effect. The LEDs are very bright and help the growers ensure that their plants are growing well. 

2. Spectrum and Light Details

Another great benefit of using the Phlizon 1200W LED grow light is the fact that this is a full spectrum LED grow light. This means that the light that comes out of this product is very similar to the natural light of the sun. When talking about natural sunlight, we are basically talking about a combination of different spectrums – the reds and the blues which come together to form what we know as ‘sunlight’. During the early phase of their growth plants need more of the cooler spectrum – the blue lights, while the warmer spectrum is more important during the flowering and the blooming phases. This is when the reds are needed. 

This grow light offers the complete lighting spectrum and comes with two switches marked VEG and BLOOM which means you can switch between the two modes with relative ease. Some growers prefer to keep both switches on as well. You also get infrared and ultraviolet lighting as a part of this grow light which is great for the growth of your plants. There are 120 LEDs which function at 10W each giving a total 1200W output which is bright and helps your plants grow faster and produce more yield.

3. Brand Value and Credibility

In terms of brand value and credibility, Phlizon stands at a middle ground. The company, like many other China-based brands, is known for its cost effectiveness and for offering a decent product – but there’s nothing beyond that! Phlizon’s products are a standard LED lighting solution which are quite useful for growers who are heading into the world of growing weed but aren’t really ready for investing big. They are beginner-friendly products as well which can last you for quite some time. 

4. Coverage Offered

The coverage you get here is a little bit of drawback compared to other lights which function at 1200W. Normally for a bright light you would expect a larger coverage area but here you get about 3×3 ft of coverage during the vegetative stage and a coverage of 2×2 ft when your plants are in the flowering stage because the light needs to be lowered for that phase. Even some small-scale growers would need multiple grow lights to cover a 4 x 4 grow tent. This small coverage is one of the reasons as to why daisy chaining is almost essential while using this grow light.

5. Power Performance

The grow light has 120 10-watt LEDs, which give you a total output equivalent to 1200 Watts of lighting. However, the actual power that is consumed is significantly lesser. The Phlizon 1200W LED Grow Light actually consumes only 241Watts of power from the wall socket (variance of about +/- 3% might happen). This is still a huge benefit as the power consumption is extremely minimal. You can even plug multiple grow lights to each other and use them for growing your plants.

6. PAR Values

PAR Value in the simplest of words is the concentration of usable lighting from this grow light. The higher the PAR value the better for the growers. This grow light from Phlizon offers you a PAR score of 650uMol when hung from 18” and 530 uMols when hung from 24”. This is a pretty decent PAR value for growing marijuana plants.

7. Cooling

Grow lights tend to generate a lot of heat but Phlizon has ensured that their light is able to dissipate this heat pretty well. There are three cooling fans which are used in this grow light to ensure that the heat is blown out. Furthermore you can see vents on all four sides of the grow light which makes sure the heat moves out of the system and does not damage the light. The holes on the front glass panel are also for a similar reason to ensure heat does not accumulate and damage the product. 

8. Warranty, Cost and Delivery

When you look at the lifetime of this LED grow light, it is around 50,000 hours – which is half of what you’d expect from most 1200W LED lights – but given the low cost this can perhaps be ignored. There’s a two year warranty on this LED grow light as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. This is a rather reassuring thing to have, especially on a lesser known brand. The two year warranty is also pretty decent and the company has been known to honor their promise. 

Pros and Cons of Phlizon 1200W LED Grow Light

Here’s a look at some pros and cons of this light from Phlizon:


  • Cost-effective, also very bright – helps plants grow tall and improve yields
  • Comes with a programmable timer
  • Supports daisy-chaining
  • Safer to use without reflectors
  • Impressive power performance – draws very little power
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Full-spectrum lighting is very close to natural sunlight
  • 2-year warranty
  • Decent PAR Value when compared to the price


  • Too small a coverage area
  • Shaky credibility of brand when compared to other top names

Final Verdict on Phlizon’s 1200W LED Grow Light

Our final verdict would give this grow light a rating of about 3.75/5 – we have deducted some points for the brand being not as reputed compared to the likes of Viparspectra and PlatinumLED. The coverage is the biggest drawback of this grow light as it does not really cater to large or medium-scale growers and only very small scale growers can benefit out of it. However, the plus points of this grow lights are aplenty – the biggest one being the fact that it draws very little power from the socket when you compare it with the output that you’re getting. Moreover, it can also support daisy chaining which is another plus point. All in all a great product for beginners and novice growers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Grow Light

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Phlizon 1200W LED grow light which will help you get a better insight about the product before you buy it.

1. What Makes LED Grow Lights Better Than Other Grow Lights?

The biggest advantage of using LED grow lights over other grow lights is the fact that these lights help the growers get a better power performance. They draw very little power from the wall socket but give you a very good and bright output. LED lights also tend to last for much longer than compared to regular old-school grow lights. 

2. What is Special About Full-Spectrum Lighting?

When you grow indoors, you don’t really have access to sunlight. Hence, it is necessary for your plants to get a full-spectrum lighting which is as close to natural sunlight as you can recreate indoors. A full spectrum grow light carries the red and blue spectrum of lights which are needed during the flowering and the vegetative stage respectively. 

3. Can I Grow Marijuana Without Grow Lights?

Yes, you can still grow weed without grow light but only under one condition – you grow it outdoors. However, the output will not be as good as it will be if you grow it with grow lights. If you grow weed indoors without using grow lights then your plants might be malnourished as lighting is essential for the process of photosynthesis and the generation of chlorophyll.

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We hope that our Phlizon 1200W LED grow light review has helped you understand the product in a better manner and will help you make a well-informed decision on whether or not you should be buying it. Grow lights are integral to the process of growing weed and growers need to make sure they are aware about everything about the light that they are going to buy. If there are any more questions or if you feel we’ve missed out on something, do let us know in the comments section below and we shall get back to you! You can even drop us an email about the same. We hope this article helped!


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