Lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow Light (2024): Review, Detailed Guide & FAQs

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When you plan to grow your marijuana indoors, you need to plan really well. The planning is actually the hardest part. You need to look up the internet for what all you need and which are some of the best products that you can buy. Making sure that you are getting the right kind of grow lights is really important because they are one of the most critical elements in the entire process of growing the plants. Lightimetunnel is one such brand about which people tend to have mixed opinions. In this article, we provide you with the complete Lightimetunnel 600W LED grow light review where we shall be looking at each and every aspect of this grow light and will help you decide if this is a good product for your needs!

However, before we delve into the depths of this specific grow light, it would be great to first brush up our knowledge about what grow lights are and what is their function in the process of the plant’s growth. Post that, we shall be taking a closer and detailed look at this specific grow light from Lightimetunnel and review it, discuss its pros and cons and then answer some frequently asked questions. So let us begin!

A Basic Look at Grow Lights

Light is one of the most important natural elements that every plant needs to grow. This light usually comes in the form of sunlight when your plants are growing outdoors. However, when you decide to grow your marijuana plants indoors, you will need to provide them with an artificial source of light – which is a grow light. 

Grow lights come in different shapes and sizes – they also come in different wattage, different spectrums of light, as well as in different coverage ranges. Growers need to know exactly what they need before they decide to buy the grow light of their choice. However, one more thing that they need to consider is – what kind of grow light are they going to buy. A grow light must be energy efficient, not generate a lot of heat, last you for a long time and must offer you the right kind of lighting for your needs. Then there are also grow lights which offer the growers with reflectors and dimmers which they can use to enhance their growing experience.  These are the bare minimum factors that need to be kept in mind.

Grow lights can come in fluorescent lighting, they can come in the form of CFL tubes, they can come in the form of metal halides or they can come in the form of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs. However, the one that we prefer and recommend most growers are LED grow lights. Here’s a look at why LED grow lights are important:

The Importance of LED Grow Lights

The primary purpose of a grow light is to provide light to the plants in the absence of sunlight. This is an important aspect when growing indoors because plants need light for the process of photosynthesis to properly take place. If there’s no light, plants won’t really be able to prepare their ‘food’ and they won’t be able to get the energy that they need for a proper growth. Moreover, light also helps in the production of enzymes and pigments such as chlorophyll. Lastly, reducing light at the right time helps trigger the flowering process of the plants. 

LED grow lights, in particular, are important because if you buy a full-spectrum LED grow light, you get a combination of different wavelengths of light which makes it quite similar to the natural sunlight. Moreover, what really hits home for most growers is the fact that LED grow lights consume the least amount of electricity when you compare the input vs the output. Using them allows you to save a lot of money compared to older forms of lighting. To add to that, LED grow lights can last you for a much longer time, and are designed in a way that even if some components fail, the light will continue to work!

Lightimetunnel: Is It a Credible Brand?

When you talk about grow light brands, the name of Lightimetunnel rarely comes up. The company has been around for quite a while but hasn’t really hit the high notes in the industry yet. While it won’t be fair to compare it with some of the top-end players in the markets such as PlatinumLED and Viparspectra, the brand is quite promising. While it has a long way to go and a lot more to achieve, we have seen them perform really well in other segments of electronics that they produce and there’s sufficient reason to believe that even when it comes to grow lights for growing marijuana indoors, the Lightimetunnel grow lights will perform quite well. Let us now take a detailed look at the review of their 600W grow light:

Lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow Light Review (2024) – is it worth your money?

1. Design and Durability

Durability and design are usually something which are of a standard quality on a grow light and it is very rare that you see something exceptional in this division. However, the Lightimetunnel 600W LED light is a little bit of a disappointment when it comes to the build quality as Amazon reviewers inform us that the build quality is kinda flimsy and looks ‘cheap’. Now given the price point, you don’t expect much from it, but this one doesn’t live up to the durability standards. However, if you can ignore that, there’s a lot that it has to offer.

There’s a single glass panel in the front behind which all the LEDs are neatly arranged. The four sides of this grow light offer vents for the heat to escape properly. There are 192 LEDs in it in all, which feature a dual-chip system to offer you a total of 600W of output. On the back of the grow light is one single fan and there is a port for daisy chaining, as well as a port for plugging in the power cord. Things get interesting when you look at the two knobs and the two switches – the two switches are for adjusting the VEG and BLOOM mode while the two knobs are dimmers which help adjust the lighting better.The four hoops to hang the grow light are also located on the back. This grow light from Lightimetunnel weighs about 6.9 lbs and measures in at 15.74×8.26×2.36 inches.

2. Spectrum and Light Details

When you look at this grow light, the spectrum details and the lighting are quite impressive and rather extraordinary for the price that it comes in at. The kind of lights that the Lightimetunnel 600W LED grow light offers you are – universal blue, red, infrared, ultraviolet, and white. When a combination of all these lights falls upon the plants, the effect that they have on them is quite similar to that of natural sunlight. Moreover, the IR and UV lights help boost the defence mechanism of your plants. 

Coming to the lighting specifics now – there are a total of 192 LED lights on this panel. Together, they help you get a 600W output and the LEDs used here are also of a really good quality. Another great thing about this grow light is the fact that you can actually choose to use either only the VEG lights (blue lighting) or the BLOOM lights (red lighting) so that you can give the maximum possible benefit to your plants during specific phases. All of this at a very low price point is a good thing! To add to that, there are dedicated VEG and BLOOM dimmers as well which help you ensure that you can adjust just the right amount of light for your plants at all times! If you think this was it, things actually get even better as there’s a timer which is included along with this grow light which makes sure you can time your lighting activities to perfection!

3. Brand Value and Credibility

This is one factor where it doesn’t score too high and while the brand value and brand credibility isn’t really a major factor here, one thing that growers need to know is that keeping all of that aside, the product is still one which punches way above its weight. While you may not get a high resale value out of it, using it for your growing activities is quite a delight and it fetches you great value for the money you invest in it.

4. Coverage Offered

When you hang the Lightimetunnel 600W LED grow light from a 20 inch height above the plants, the result that you get is a coverage of 3 ft x 3 ft which is an average coverage area. However considering the price point it’s probably ok. The coverage increases and decreases marginally if you move the grow light a little up or a little down from your plant. 

5. Power Performance

What is really attractive about LED grow lights is the fact that they allow you to save a lot of electricity! This grow light consumes only 145W of electricity from the power socket under ideal circumstances and provides you with a 600W output. This one statistic should be enough for you to consider using this over traditional and old forms of lighting such as High Pressure Sodium grow lights and Metal Halides. Furthermore it can last you north of 50,000 hours with ease if you use it the right way.

5. PAR Values

You get a pretty good PAR output here, as this grow light features a PAR value of 325.8 uMols when hung from 18” and when you move it to 24”, it goes to 183.5 uMols which is pretty great for a grow light this cheap! In addition to this, you get a decent coverage and a pretty effective lighting system.  

6. Cooling

There’s one big fan at the back which helps with the cooling of this grow light. In addition to that, there are heat exits located all around the body of the grow light. One statistic that comes from the manufacturer is that these lights are 80% cooler in operation when you compare them with High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights. The fan and vent cooling system is effective as well as quiet and does not bother the users much with the noise.

7. Warranty, Cost and Delivery

There’s a 2-year warranty on the Lightimetunnel 600W LED grow light. You also get a 30-day return period on top of that. The cost of this grow light, as mentioned above, is not too high. As of this writing it costs $136.99 and the delivery by Amazon is fast and efficient as usual!

Pros and Cons of Lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow Light

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using this LED grow light to grow marijuana indoors that growers must know about before they buy the product:

  • Quite cheap, doesn’t cost too much
  • Offers a high output while consuming very little electricity
  • Full spectrum LED grow light along with UV and IR lighting
  • A good cooling system, doesn’t really heat that much which you would normally expect from cheap LED grow lights
  • Supports daisy chaining
  • Timer control and the support for dimmers are really the highlight of this grow light from Lightimetunnel
  • Some buyers have criticized the lights for their flimsy build quality
  • Not waterproof
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Final Verdict on Lightimetunnel 600W LED Grow Light: Should you buy it?

This is a very dicey situation for many buyers, especially who are planning to buy their first grow light. We would recommend this as a must-buy for someone who wants it as their secondary or tertiary lighting device. However, for those who want to grow marijuana using only one grow light, we are sure that there are other and better brands and products in the markets (including many that we have reviewed on our website). Moreover, Lightimetunnel’s grow lights are quite affordable too. For a 600W grow light, we believe that the price is just about right and doesn’t really pinch your wallet that much. 

For those still in the fence about whether or not you should be buying it – your mantra is simple. Probably look for other brands if you are going to depend only on ONE grow light. However, totally go for the Lightimetunnel 600W LED grow light if this is a backup grow light or a secondary light or if you are someone who tends to use multiple grow lights for growing marijuana!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About LED Grow Lights

Here’s a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the Lightimetunnel 600W LED grow light (as well as grow lights in general) which will help you get a better idea about the product.

1. What is the warranty on this LED grow light?

The Lightimetunnel 600W LED grow light comes out into the markets with a warranty period of 2 years, which is a decent warranty period for this light. Considering that you’re getting it for just under $140, this is a good deal. In addition to the two year hassle-free warranty that you get here, you are also getting another benefit – a 30-day return period if you are not satisfied with the grow light!

2. What are the benefits of LED grow light over other forms of grow lights?

LED grow lights have multiple benefits over older forms of lighting – firstly they do not generate a lot of heat and ensure that the plants are safe from overheating. Next, LED lights are not like older light forms and even if a couple of LEDs go bad, only those LED chips will stop working and the rest of the light will continue to work fine. Another major advantage here is that they draw really little power from the power socket when compared to old-school lighting systems. LED grow lights even have a longer life-span compared to older types of lights.

3. What is the expected lifespan of this LED grow light?

When you look at the overall expected lifespan of this LED grow light, the Lightimetunnel 600W LED grow light can easily last you above 50,000 hours which is the standard average for most grow lights. When you compare it with the price you’re paying, this is really a good deal!

4. Is it legal to buy grow lights?

Yes, buying a grow light is fair and legal. You do not need to worry about the law when you buy a grow light. However, if you are planning to grow marijuana (indoors or outdoors) you then need ot check up on what your local laws are regarding that. Not all states and countries allow you to grow marijuana. Even in some areas where smoking weed might be legal, growing it might have some restrictions (for example the number of plants that you can grow). Hence, always check your local regulations before you start with your marijuana growing operation, but using a grow light otherwise won’t really lead you into any trouble. 

5. How much power does this grow light draw from the power socket?

When you look at the overall power consumption of this LED grow light from lightimetunnel, it offers an output of 600W but draws only 150W from the power socket. This makes it a very good option to replace some older HPS or MH lights which you might not want to use anymore to save power and running costs!



To conclude this Lightimetunnel 600W LED grow light review, we would like to give a word of advise – this is a good product for growers who don’t really worry too much about the nuances of grow light but want a quick-fix solution for their marijuana growing needs. This functions really well as a secondary light or as a backup LED grow light. It consumes very little power and gives you a good light output as well, so it is totally something that you might want to consider. If you feel we have missed out on some element of this grow light, or if there’s something more that you want to know from us about the Lightimetunnel 600W LED grow light, then drop us an email or let us know in the comments section. Till then….

Happy Growing! 🙂


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