The King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light (2024): Review, Guide & FAQ’s

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A King Plus 1200W LED grow light is one of the best options that growers can have when it comes to growing marijuana indoors. These grow lights are bright and help growers ensure that their marijuana plants are producing maximum possible King LED grow yields. The King Plus 1200W LED grow light is among the best options you can have if you are searching for a bright light to grow your plants under. Over the course of this article, we will be providing a detailed insight into this grow light, as well as the world of LED grow lights in general.

We will begin with an introduction to grow lights to help you understand why they are so important. This will be followed by a brand review of ‘King Plus 1200W’, after which we will take a detailed look at the King Plus 1200W LED grow light and discuss each aspect of this grow light in great detail. This will then be followed by the pros and cons of the grow light and then our final conclusion after discussing some of the most frequently asked questions.


Grow lights, as any grower would tell you, are among the most important things that you need when it comes to growing a marijuana plant. In the absence of sunlight, it is these artificial sources of light that help you grow weed. Sunlight is not just a single segment of light, however. It is composed of different wavelengths. When you get a good quality LED grow light for growing marijuana, like the KingLED 1200W, you ensure that your plants are getting the complete spectrum: the reds as well as the blues.

While LED grow lights are among the best options for growing your plants, there are other types of grow lights that you can get, such as High-Pressure Sodium bulbs and Metal Halides, as well as CFL lights and tubes. However, these options are considered old-fashioned lighting solutions, and they tend to consume a higher amount of electricity compared to LED lights. The lifespan of these older lights is also shorter compared to LED grow lights, which tend to last over 100,000 hours on an average. Furthermore, LED grow lights are non-toxic and easy to dispose of when compared to the other types of grow lights.

Light is essential for the growth of plants because they need it for photosynthesis – which is how they convert light into energy. This process helps the plants grow. Hence, the better light you provide them with, the higher the yields will be. Changing the amount of hours of light that you provide to these plants (photoperiod) will also trigger the plants to move from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. This is why getting the right grow lights is so important!


King LED 1200W is a type of grow light from King LED series, which is a company based out of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The company has quite a bit of experience when it comes to producing lighting products. They create not only LED grow lights but also lighting solutions for aquariums. The company has over five years of experience of manufacturing these lights and has advanced development facilities where they observe and innovate quite a bit! Even though KingLED 1200W is a China-based brand, it has a global reputation and is indeed a credible brand for those looking forward to buying grow lights for growing marijuana indoors.

King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light Review (2024) – Is It Worth Buying?


When you look at the design of this grow light, it is your standard LED grow light. What really makes this grow light stand out is its functionality. Customers love the large King LED grow yields they get, especially those who grow marijuana. When you buy this light, you get a single-compartment LED grow light with VEG and BLOOM switches on the side along with a port to plug into the main power cord. The VEG switch helps you grow the plants during the vegetative phase of growth with the help of blue lighting while the BLOOM switch turns on the red spectrum, which is great during the flowering stage. On the back side, there are two openings for fans, along with four hoops to hang the grow light. On the sides, you can find openings to let the heat out.

The King Plus 1200W LED grow light measures 12.2×8.26×2.36inches and weighs about 6.4 lbs in total. This is a decent sized and lightweight grow light which will fit your grow tents really well. There are 100 LED lights arranged in 10 rows and 10 columns in this grow light panel. On the front, there are three small and circular openings, which help ensure that the heat flows out of the device. You also get protective eyewear, a full hanging kit, and a power cord.


The King Plus 1200W light is a full-spectrum LED grow light, which means that it replicates the natural light of the sun. It uses lights from all wavelengths – especially the reds and the blues. It has a total of 100 LED grow lights, each providing a 10W output, resulting in a total wattage of 1000W. The KingLED 1200W grow light is very bright and should not be directly looked at. This is why the manufacturer provides you with free sunglasses to protect your eyes when you have to be near it.

With this grow light option, you get 12 bands of spectrum, which simulate natural sunlight. The two switches marked “VEG” and “BLOOM” are great for growing weed indoors because they make it easy to provide just the right kind of lighting for different stages of growth. The range of wavelengths that you get while using the King Plus 1200W LED grow light range between 410nm to 730nm. You also get an additional white light to help further increase your King LED grow yields.


While KingLED isn’t really the top brand in the market, it is still well-known. Based out of China, the company manufactures some of the best LED grow lights for growing marijuana and also for aquarium sets. Even though the product is quite cheap compared to other grow lights, it gains quite a bit of resale value even after a few years of usage! With hundreds of thousands of users all over the world, KingLED might not be a Viparspectra grow light, but it is still a good brand.


Now we come to one of the most important aspects of any grow light for growing marijuana – the coverage that it offers. The King LED 1200W grow light offers a maximum coverage of 3.5’ X 5’ during the vegetative phase when it is hung at about 24” off the ground. When you lower it down to 18”,  it provides 3’ x 4’ of core coverage during the bloom phase, which is enough for most growers. This makes it an ideal grow light for grow tents measuring between 3×4 to 4×5 ft. When you consider the overall value, the coverage you get gives you the most bang for your buck. Overall, King LED grow yields are nothing to spit at.


The KingLED 1200W grow light gives you an output of 1200W, which is amazing when you compare it with the actual power it draws from the socket. Typically, it will use anywhere between 185W to 235W, depending on which modes you are using. This is an impressive level of performance and one of the biggest reasons why many growers buy these types of grow lights, especially in multiple units. Large scale growers buy multiple King Plus 1200W LED grow lights and plug them together to cover large grow tents of 10×10 or more. The power performance here is truly phenomenal.


When you compare the King LED 1200W grow light with some other 1200W LED grow lights, the PAR performance is average at best. However, considering that the lights are really bright and the coverage is decent too, this is something that can be overlooked. At a height of 18”, the PAR score is 645 uMol. Meanwhile, at 24”, the PAR score goes down to 529 uMols. While there are other devices in the market which will offer you a much higher PAR score, when you look at the price point of the KingLED 1200W grow light, we believe that the PAR score is justifiable. The light is also quite bright, and using a good grow tent will help amplify the effect of the light on your marijuana plant.


Cooling is really important for 1100W grow lights and above because they tend to generate a lot of heat. The heat needs to be dissipated properly or else it might end up damaging the plants or the light itself. Many grow lights operate at average temperatures ranging between 68F to 104F, and they come with two fans on the back to help them stay cool. In addition, grow lights have vents on the sides for the heat to easily escape the body of the device. There are small holes cut on the front panel on the glass which protect the LEDs and keep the heat from directly escaping. However, the one drawback here is that some growers have complained that the fans are a little too noisy. Nonetheless, if you ignore the noise, fans are very good at keeping the heat away and keeping grow lights from overheating.


When you look at the cost, the King Plus 1200W grow light is a must-buy! At just a little over $100, this grow light offers you 1200W of output, which is unbeatable! Not only is the pricing great, but so is the warranty! This grow light comes with a three-year warranty from King LED, and many people have cited positive experiences with claiming their warranty. The King LED 1200W grow light is delivered by Amazon, and the delivery service is also highly rated. The free return period is 90 days, which gives growers enough time to get to know the product better.

Pros and Cons of King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light


  • Low price
  • 100,000 hours of lifespan
  • Draws very little power from the power socket
  • Comes with separate switches for the VEG and BLOOM mode
  • Quite durable



  • Fan can be a little loud
  • PAR score a little low than what most would expect it


Final Verdict on the King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light: Should You Buy It?

When you take a close look at the KingLED 1200W grow light from King LED, you can see why it’s such a great offer, especially for the price and the small amount of power it uses compared to other grow lights. The substantial and reliable King LED grow yields also make this option great for marijuana growers. All of these factors put together makes the King LED 1200W grow light one of the best grow lights in the market. While there are some small drawbacks – such as the loud fans and the low PAR score – the number of net positives you get totally outweigh the negatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the King Plus 1200W LED Grow Light


Yes, using the King Plus 1200W LED grow light is absolutely legal, and you should not face any legal trouble while ordering or using it if you are using it to grow regular plants. However, when it comes to growing marijuana, you need to check with your local laws as there might be some areas where growing weed might be illegal. However, using a grow light is completely legal since you can grow many types of plants and vegetables with grow lights.


While the King Plus 1200W LED grow light is a decent product, there are some other players in the market who make equally good grow lights with a similar wattage. Viparspectra and Vivosun are among two of the biggest brands. You might also want to check out brands like Bloomspect. Bestva, Mars Hydro, and PlatinumLED also make some of the best LED grow lights that can help you grow marijuana indoors.


The technical answer to this is yes – you can. You can grow marijuana plants without using an LED grow light. However, this means you need to either grow your marijuana plants in the natural light of the sun or grow them using other types of grow lights. Almost all plants need some form of light to grow; otherwise, they will just wither away. While you can grow weed without using a grow light, in some cases, it’s much easier to grow weed with a decent LED grow light.


The photoperiod (amount of light that you provide to your plants) depends on the stage of growth that they are in. For plants that are in the seedling phase, you can provide up to 20 hours of light. For plants in the vegetative phase, they need about 16 to 18 hour of light. For plants in the pre-flowering phase, they need about 16 to 14 hours of light. For plants in the flowering phase, they need about 12 hours. During the vegetative phase, you can keep the light closer to the plants, about 16-18 inches away. However, during the flowering phase, you need to move the grow light a little farther away from the plant, about 24-28 inches.


The King LED 1200W grow light consumes about 235W of power on average. This is a great advantage as the amount of power that it draws from the socket is minimal compared to the kind of output it gives. This helps growers save a lot on electric expenses. The King Plus 1200W grow light is a great product for those looking for a grow light that punches way above its weight.

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To conclude, the King Plus 1200W grow light is a great lighting solution for those looking for a bright grow light that consumes very little power and doesn’t cost too much. Grow lights are essential for growing marijuana, and the KingLED 1200W grow light is one of the best options that you can order off Amazon right now! Let us know in the comments below if there’s something else that you’d like to know about the King LED 1200W grow light or if there’s something that you feel we might have missed. We’ll immediately get back to you!

Happy Growing!

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