Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light (2024): Review, Guide & FAQs

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Marijuana growers tend to worry about getting a lot of things right but the grow light is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of growing any plant and especially marijuana. When you are growing weed indoors, you need to know that your have chosen the right kind of grow light for your needs. Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light is something that every grower must consider when looking forward to buying grow lights.

Over the course of this article, we shall examine closely as to why LED grow lights are important and why a grower should choose Bestva’s lights. We shall then look at the Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light review along with all the aspects broken down into minute details. That will be followed by answering some frequently asked questions about the product. Let us begin:

Importance of LED Grow Lights

When you are growing a marijuana plant inside your home, you cannot provide it with the air and the light that you have outdoors. Hence, you need to simulate that environment indoors. This gets even more tough when you’ve got to do it inside a grow tent. This is why you use grow lights as a full-spectrum LED grow light can easily replace the natural light of the sun. Grow lights are important because the shoot/stem of the plant will be growing towards the direction of the light and they are also a source of heat for the plants! It is based on their light that the plants would be able to complete photosynthesis while growing indoors.

Why Bestva?

Before we head into the actual review, just one short question – why Bestva? This is a good brand because it offers all the features that you should expect from a premium lighting brand but does not cost you a bomb! These lights are big and suit the needs of the growers perfectly. They are bright and help the plants grow really well. The company is a rising name in the markets and has received a largely positive feedback from the international growers community. Their quality standards are also lauded by the growers. Let us now look at the review:

Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light Review (2024) 

1. Design and Durability

When it comes to the design and durability aspect of this grow light, it is really something which stands the test of time and is a sturdy product. Shaped in a rectangular body, the grow light measures 20.66×8.46×2.36 inches – this is rather large but given how many LED lights are actually inside the body, it makes sense! There are switches for VEG and BLOOM modes, and both of them are located on the side of the body. There’s also a slot for plugging in the power cable. Heat vents are located on three sides and there are fans on the back. 

On the front, a protective glass panel covers the Bestva DC 2000W LED grow light. The device is black in colour and is hung using hanging hooks. It weighs 10.36 pounds and is meant only for indoor use as it does not offer waterproofing. Another thing that is missing from this grow light is that it does not feature support for daisy-chaining. Out of the box, you get a hanging kit, adjustable rope, 6ft power cord, grow room glasses (because the lights are too bright to look directly), a user manual, as well as the main, grow light. 

2. Spectrum and Light Details

This is a full-spectrum LED grow light which is great for plants because this means that the grow light is almost similar to the natural light of the sun. Being a full-spectrum LED grow light means that it offers growers with all the kinds of lights that mix together to form natural sunlight. Sunlight is very important for plants because it is towards the direction of this light that your marijuana plant is going to grow and it is also important because sunlight helps improve the process of photosynthesis. There are nine different bands of LEDs here which combine their light to give you a full-spectrum lighting experience. You can also switch between the VEG and BLOOM mode of lighting based on the phase of growth your plants are at. 

Talking about the actual lighting setup, there are 200 LEDs in this grow light panel. These are 10 Watt dual-chip LEDs, so when you put them together, you get a total wattage of 200 x 10 = 2000W. This is significantly better than what you get in normal grow lights which offers 3W and 5W wattages. The LEDs are angled at 120 degrees and operate at 50-60Hz. Furthermore, the LEDs are manufactured by Bridgelux/Epileds which are some of the top manufacturers! The Par per Lumen output here is also pretty good.

3. Brand Value and Credibility

Bestva has been making LED grow lights for quite a while now and is a well-known brand among growers. Anyone who has been growing their weed for some time now would have heard of Bestva or would know someone who uses its products. The company isn’t really at the top of the food chain yet but is a rapidly surging name. They are based out of China and have been coming out with some really cool grow lights of late. Bestva’s products are all quality tested and the lights are made to run through a special screening test for 72 hours before they are sent out to buyers, ensuring that they are getting the best of the products only! Their R&D team is also pretty strong and hence the Bestva DC 2000W LED grow light is one of the best LED grow lights in the markets today!

4. Coverage Offered

Talking about the coverage, this is something important and growers need to be well aware of exactly how much area their grow light would be covering! This covers a very vast area of 7.8′ x 7.5′ when you hang it at 24 inches and this will go slightly lower when hung from 18 inches. This is a large area and one of them is good enough for a large 8×8 grow tent! Talking of coverage, using another grow light is somewhat tedious because you would need to plug it directly in the power socket as this grow light does not support daisy-chaining, terming it unsafe. 

5. Power Performance

The power performance of this LED grow light from Bestva is quite impressive. It functions really smoothly and offers the growers with a final power draw of only 390W (+/- 10%) from the socket. This Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light can easily replace a 1400W HPS or a Metal Halide, which are old-fashioned and consume more electricity. The grow light also lasts you for a much longer time compared to the older forms of lighting, as this can last you for upto 100,000 hours as claimed by Bestva. 

6. PAR Values

As mentioned earlier, the PAR per Lumen output is pretty good when it comes to the Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light. When you measure the PAR score of this grow light, you see that it offers 1036 uMols per metre square at 18 inches and the number goes up to 2035 when you hang a light from six inches! All in all a pretty good PAR value for those users who consider this is as a high priority feature.

7. Cooling

Cooling is important for almost every grow light because there is a strong need to ensure that the lights remain cool. This is because not only do they emit light, but heat as well. When excess heat is generated and the grow lights begin to grow hot, not only can they cause the leaves and the top edges of the plant to get damaged, but they also risk damaging their own self! While this is a good quality grow light, there are some which might even catch fire if they get overheated. Bestva’s grow lights are safe to use as they have a very strong cooling system in place.

This grow light is cooled using four fans which are placed  on the back of the device as well as a number of heat vents which are set on the sides. Heat escapes out of the body of the grow light from these vents and with so many of them, it makes sure heat does not accumulate inside. The front panel also has four holes to ensure that there is no heat buildup and that all the excess heat is released via the holes.

8. Warranty 

When it comes to grow lights, many growers feel that it is quite risky to buy one online because they are not sure what they will be getting. However, getting a warranty is great because then that gives them a peace of mind that this will last for at least the assured number of years. While most grow lights offer 1 to 2 years of warranty, Bestva takes things one step forward by going with a 3-year warranty period as well as a 90-day money-back guaranteed return policy. 

9. Cost and Delivery

Grow lights which offer a wattage as high as 2000W are always expected to be expensive but this one isn’t as expensive as other names in the markets. The Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light actually costs the growers $299.99 – but is currently available on Amazon at $215, which is a considerable discount. Growers who use the Amazon rewards Visa Card get another $60 off on the product. 

Pros and Cons of Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light

  • Great for growers who grow in a large setup
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Fans don’t make much noise
  • Very bright, does the job really well
  • Full-spectrum grow light offers an almost-natural growth
  • 3-year warranty, 90-day returns and a good discount


  • Not waterproof
  • Does not support daisy chaining
  • Expensive



Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light Final Review 

When you look at everything that this grow light offers to the buyers, we consider this to be a pretty good product! It ensures that the growers are getting the best possible features while not compromising on any aspect. It is a large and bright grow light suitable best for the needs of large-scale growers who grow in big grow tents or greenhouses. The grow light are a great fir for growing marijuana plants because they offer a full-spectrum support, which is what these plants are in need of! The fact that it does not support daisy chaining might dishearten a few but the manufacturer has specified that this is because they want to ensure that the growers do not have any safety issues as this might cause an overload. The Bestva 2000W LED Grow Light is the perfect example of offering just the right quality and features at the right price! One of the best LED grow lights in the markets that we strongly recommend.


Frequently Asked Questions about Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light

Now that you have gone through our Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light review, let us take a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions about this grow light and try and answer them for you. If you have any more questions you can feel free to mail us.

1. How do I choose the best grow light for me?

This is the matter of personal choice. People tend to consider a number of things before they make the final decision whether to buy or not to buy a product. Broadly speaking, when you are buying a grow light, you need to see if the light that you are buying is fulfilling all your criterias. You should see if the light covers a big enough area to provide coverage to the number of plants that you have or is it too big or too small for your needs. You must also see the amount of electricity your grow light is consuming. 

In addition to these factors, there are factors such as durability – how long do you think that the grow light you are going to buy is going to last you for? You also need to check the warranty period, the brand’s credibility, etc. Getting technical, you need to make sure that the light that you are buying is a full-spectrum LED grow light. These are the lights you should be looking for because these are very close to natural sunlight. Also look for grow lights that have a higher PAR value. Based on these considerations you can make a final choice for the best grow light for your needs!

2. How is this grow light better than HPS/Metal Halides?

The Bestva DC 2000W LED grow light is way better when compared to any High-Pressure Sodium grow light or a metal halide. This is simply on the grounds of the fact that this is an LED grow light which offers the growers a much better power performance than compared to old-school or traditional lights. This also lasts the growers for a much longer time when compared to HPS/MH lights. A simple comparison shows that this grow light is equivalent to a High-Pressure Sodium grow light or a metal halide light of 1400 Watts while only actually drawing about 390W from the power socket giving a clear cut advantage right there. It can also last for 100,000 hours which is way more than those old-school lighting solutions.

3. Is it legal to use this grow light?

It is completely legal to use this grow light but the question that you might want to ask yourself is – what are you growing using it. Using a grow light is never illegal, growing an illegal plant is what can get you into trouble. You might be using this to grow something as innocuous as tomatoes and that should be totally fine. However, growing marijuana is where the complexity begins. While marijuana has been legalized across many US states and across many countries worldwide, there are still laws that govern this legal weed. There is a certain quantity beyond which you are neither allowed to possess nor grow – hence you need to check with your local regulations as to what the permissible number of plants are in your area.

4. Which other variants are available?

Bestva DC 2000W LED grow light is a 2000 Watt grow light from the company. There are other variants available as well, such as a 1000W variant, 3000W and 4000W variants are also available for growers with larger needs! These grow lights are particularly great for large-scale growers as they have quite a wide range of coverage. You can buy all of them off Amazon.

5. Which are some other good grow light brands?

While Bestva is one of the top names in the markets, some growers who are looking at other options might want to look at the likes of Viparspectra, Mars Hydro, and Vivosun which are all good grow light brands.



We hope that this article on the Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light review helped you understand all the aspects of this grow light in a better manner. We hope that this article was insightful and you are now well aware about the precise features of the grow light. If there are any features that we might have missed out on or if there are any other things you want to know about this particular grow light, let us know in the comments below or drop us a mail!

Happy Growing! 🙂


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