King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light (2024): Reviews, Guide & FAQs

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Sunlight is critical for the growth of plants. However, when you grow your plants indoors, you might not have access to natural sunlight. Hence, in these times it becomes essential that you are using a good quality grow light which will provide the much-needed light to your plants and help them to grow faster, strong, and produce higher yields. Over the course of this article, we shall be taking a detailed look at the King Plus 1000W LED grow light, which is one of the best LED grow lights in the markets in 2022 and one that you must consider if you are planning to start off with your own indoor growing setup or are already having one but are looking for new grow lights.

We shall first begin by addressing the very basic question of what are grow lights and why are they important. This shall be followed by a detailed review of the King Plus 1000W LED grow light where we will talk about each and every aspect of the grow light at length, along with the pros and cons, as well as a ‘final verdict’ on the light. Post that, we shall be looking at some frequently asked questions about grow lights which every grower must know about! We hope that by the time you approach the end of this article, you will have a much better idea about grow lights – and particularly the King Plus 1000W. Let us begin by tackling the basics now:

What are Grow Lights? Everything You Need to Know About Them:

As mentioned in the opening lines of this article, you need sunlight for growing a plant. Naturally,  this comes from the sun. However, when you grow indoors there’s usually no access to natural light and hence grow lights are used as an alternative source of light. Sunlight contains different wavelengths of light which are all used by the plants during different phases of their growth. The red wavelength and the blue wavelength are both needed at different times – and while there are some ‘full spectrum’ grow lights, which are the best possible option that most growers have, there are some who prefer using different bulbs for different phases of growth. Generally speaking, LED grow lights are supposed to be the best option that growers have because they are pretty economical as well as they offer the best lighting at a very low operational cost when you compare it with other grow lights. 

What is the importance of grow lights?

Grow lights are important because plants tend to grow in the direction of the light and their growth will be stunted without a source of light guiding them. Furthermore, grow lights are also important because they are the catalyst for photosynthesis – the process in which plants convert light into energy. Grow lights are needed by growers also because the presence of light and warmth can trigger certain enzymes and pigments which are necessary for certain chemical compounds to develop in the body of the plants. 

Another interesting function of lights is that they determine the onset of the flowering stage. Once a grower reduces the amount of light he is providing to his plants, this would trigger the plants to enter the flowering stage (unless they are auto-flowering plants which don’t require this process). This is the reason as to why grow lights are very important.

Understanding Brand KingLED

King LED is a brand which has been around for quite some time in the markets. While it doesn’t have a reputation which is as big as that of Viparspectra or Vivosun, the company still manages to make some really good grow lights which have been loved and appreciated by users who have used it to grow their marijuana plants indoors. King LED is formally known as Shenzheng King Lighting Company and has been operational since 2012. The company is based out of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China but has a global reputation from growers all over the planet who have used their grow lights, aquarium lights and other similar products.

King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light Review: Best Grow Light for Indoor Marijuana Growers?

Let us now turn our attention towards the King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light, which is one of the best options that growers have when they are looking forward to buying an LED grow light for growing marijuana indoors. Having a good grow light is very important for growers, especially those who grow indoors because in such a setup, you need to replace sunlight – and for that, you really need a good product. Here are all the aspects of this grow light discussed in detail:

1. Design and Durability

First off, we start with the design aspect of this grow light. The King Plus 1000W LED grow light comes out into the markets with a single and square panel with no subdivisions. On one side, you would find two switches, marked VEG and BLOOM. This is good because many grow lights these days don’t really provide the option to switch between the two modes of lighting. On the same side, there’s also the port to plug in the power cord. On two other sides, you would find the word ‘King LED’ cut out on the body of the grow light which acts as a heat vent. On the back, two fans are placed with openings for letting the air out.

When you take an overall look, the exact dimensions of this product are 12.2 x 8.26 x 2.36 inches and it weighs a little less than 6.5 pounds. There are hundred LED chips placed inside the panel, with 10 rows and 10 columns. The glass panel in the front is a single unit which has small openings in the front to let the heat out. This is a pretty durable product and the exterior is pretty strong as well. One complain with regards to the design of this product is that it lacks the support for daisy chaining, which allows the growers to hook multiple grow lights together instead of plugging them all to different electric ports.

2. Spectrum and Light Details

This is a full-spectrum grow light, which is great for growers who are looking forward to simulating the natural light of the sun inside their grow room or grow tents. Having a full spectrum means that your grow light contains lights of all the different wavelengths and colours which are needed for a proper growth of the marijuana plant during all the different stages of its life. In King Plus 1000W LED grow light, you get access to a complete spectrum ranging from 380 nm to 780 nm which also includes UV lights as well as IR lights. There are 100 10W LED grow lights each featuring dual-chip LEDs on this grow light.

Talking of the spectrum and light details, there are two switches present on the body of the grow light, one marked VEG which provides cool blue lighting that marijuana plants need during the vegetative stage of their growth and the other being the BLOOM switch which provides warm red light which helps the plants during the flowering stage of their growth. Blue lights help the development and strengthening of the plant’s shoot and roots, while red light is beneficial for triggering the release of certain enzymes and compounds which are beneficial during the flowering stage. If you turn on both these switches together you get a mixed lighting condition that can be provided during all phases of growth. 

3. Brand Value and Credibility

King Plus has an experience of close to 8 years in the markets now, and is based out of Shenzhen in China. The company has been on Amazon for almost the entirety of its existence and millions of growers from all over the world can vouch for how good their products are. While it doesn’t sit high on the tier list along with the likes of Vivosun and Viparspectra, but it is still a fairly popular and well-known brand in the markets and growers have heard good things about it.

4. Coverage Offered

When hung from 18 inches, the grow light offers a coverage area of 3.5ft x 3.5ft and when lowered to 24 inches, it increases to 4ft by 4ft. All said and done, this is a good enough area to grow multiple plants and a pretty solid grow light to light up a single grow tent. However, if you are a grower who has a larger setup, you must consider looking at buying multiple such devices, which can light up an 8 by 8 grow tent with relative ease. Overall, this is a good enough grow light for a tent sized between 3×3 to 5×5.   

5. Power Performance

What really works in the favour of King Plus 1000W LED grow light and what truly makes it one of the best LED grow lights for growing marijuana is the fact that this light has a pretty solid power performance. This grow light can easily replace a traditional High-Pressure Sodium lamp or a Metal Halide lamp equivalent of 600W. While the output you get here is that of 1000W, the actual power draw remains close to 185W from the power socket with an input voltage of AC85-265V. This makes it one of the most power-efficient grow lights in the markets today!

6. PAR Value

While the light and spectrum and coverage and everything else matters, the PAR score is another way to look at a grow light. The better the PAR score, the more light is being absorbed by the plants. Hence, this is critical – because what use is a grow light when the light is not being absorbed by the plants. When it comes to the King Plus 1000W LED grow light, the PAR score stands in at 430 uMols when hung from a height of 18 inches and it comes to 302 when raised to 24”. 

7. Cooling

This grow light offers a pretty good cooling system as well. There are two fans placed on the backside which the company claims do not make any sound. Growers who have used this, however, have said that there is indeed some sound that they generate but not so much that it becomes a distraction. In our review, we have found the fans on the King Plus 1000W LED grow light to be pretty efficient in dissipating the heat. Another smart thing that the manufacturers have done in this grow light is that the front panel has some holes on them, which make sure that the heat is able to flow out. There are multiple heat sinks and the grow light also features upgraded radiators. Having a good heating system ensures that the heat doesn’t remain trapped inside the light and doesn’t damage it!

8. Warranty, Cost, and Delivery

When you buy the King Plus 1000W LED grow light, you get a 3-year professional service for damage that might happen to the grow light. The company claims that they have a team of professionals who would help get things on track as soon as possible. Furthermore, their customer care is also proactive. There is also a 90-day return period on this LED grow light. When it comes to the cost, we believe that it is fairly priced at $112 which isn’t too much to ask for and doesn’t really burden your pocket. The delivery from Amazon is quick and efficient.

Pros and Cons of King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light


  • Comes with VEG and BLOOM switches, which seem to be lacking in many grow lights these days
  • The heat dissipation system is pretty good and neither the plants nor the equipment are at a risk of heat-related damage
  • Decent PAR score, meaning that the light is getting sufficiently absorbed by the plants
  • The presence of full-spectrum lighting is a major plus point
  • Good power performance consumes less than 200W off the power socket
  • The lifespan of 100,000 hours is at par with other standard grow lights
  • 3-year professional service and a 90-day return period.


  • Does not support daisy-chaining, each grow light has to be hooked directly to the power socket
  • Fans not truly noiseless


Final Verdict: King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light – Is it Worth Buying?

When everything else is said and done, the King Plus 1000W LED grow light is indeed one of the best grow lights for indoor growers, and particularly for those who want to grow their plants in a manner that is best to get the maximum yield out of them. These grow lights offer a full-spectrum lighting which is very close to the natural light of the sun, ensuring the proper growth across all phases of the plant’s life cycle. This is one of the best LED grow lights when it comes to power performance as well and when you compare the price to the benefits that you are getting, this is a strongly recommended grow light for all growers!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About King Plus 1000W LED Grow Light

Now that you know what are the features of this grow light, as well as all the pros and cons of using it, we have also attempted answering some basic questions about the King Plus 1000W LED grow light (which actually apply to all grow lights in general). Do go through them as you, too, might be having similar questions:

1. Is it legal to buy a grow light?

Yes. It is completely legal to buy a grow light. Grow lights are never illegal – but what you might be using them to grow might land you in legal trouble. If you are planning to use grow lights to grow marijuana, you’ve got to know your local laws. First off, you need to see if marijuana is legal in the area that you are living in. Then, you need to check if it is legal for medicinal purposes or for recreational purposes as well. Following that, you need to know how much weed you are allowed to grow at home. Growing marijuana is often illegal but using grow lights is not because you might just be using them to grow lettuce or other home-grown plants! 

2. What is the lifespan of this grow light?

LED grow lights generally tend to have a much larger lifespan than compared to regular/old-school grow lights. These LED grow lights from King Plus can last for about 100,000 hours as per the manufacturer. 100,000 hours (if used continuously) is almost equal to 11.4 years of usage. While this might be an overstatement by quite a margin, one must not worry about the lights going bad at least in the first 5 to 7 years.

3. How many plants can be grown using this grow light?

The grow light’s coverage area ranges between 3.5ft x 3.5ft to 4ft x 4ft. You can grow as many plants as you are able to fit here. However, make sure you are not crowding the grow tent too much. It also depends on the method of growth that you are using because there are some method of growing marijuana which require more space than others! 

4. What are the warranty details of this LED grow light?

There’s a 3-year professional service that you get when you purchase the King Plus 1000W LED grow light. In addition to that, if you don’t like the light in the first 90 days of use, you can avail Amazon’s return policies and return the product back to the seller!



To conclude, we believe that the King Plus 1000W LED grow light is an underrated product in the markets and is really a performer that packs in much more than what most would expect of it! Given the affordable price point and the large number of benefits that it brings to your plants, this is a highly recommended grow light for growers planning on growing marijuana indoors! Do let us know in the comments below or drop us a mail if there’s something more that you’d like to know about this grow light or if there’s something that we might have missed out on. 

Happy Growing! 🙂


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